PWN #93

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Hello to all our listeners! Thank you for checking out the show notes for this 93rd edition of the Pagan Weekly News. Zaracon and RevKess do their best every week to bring you news, views, and interviews from the Global Pagan community.

Call for contributors:


There is a lot of news and information to cover and sometimes your hosts need your help. Today we are asking once again for volunteers from the larger Pagan community to help us cover the news that interests them. Z and  RevKess find lots of stories that interest them every week, sometimes more than they can cover in 2-3 hours, but they want to know what you, the listener, want to hear about. Contributions to the show can be either live or recorded (submit mp3s to us at, they can also be submitted in writing and read over the air by either Zaracon or RevKess. If you don’t want to contribute yourself, but know of something that you think we should be covering, email us or message us on Facebook with your suggestion. We want to hear from you!

On to the show:

If you are a regular listener of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel, then you know that on Tuesday 14 May 2013, RevKess and Zaracon did a Brief edition of PWN. For a change, Z was fully awake and coherent and RevKess was tired and scatter brained. Would be nice if both could be full alert and coherent, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Rather than ramble on and be confusing, they decided to do a Briefs. From time to time there will be a Briefs put out, sometimes to fill when the show doesn’t air as it should, and sometimes to bring you up to date on something that is going on that the hosts think is very important.

That being said, PWN #93 is full of information from and about the Pagan community as well as a Pagan perspective on some of the mainstream news coverage you may have already seen, read or heard.



  1. Omnia – Fee Ra Huri – Musick Omnia will be at Faerie Worlds, their US debut.
  2. Wendy Rule – Evolution – The Wolf Sky
  3. Tricky Pixie – Creature of the Wood – Mythcreants
  4. Spiral Dance – Funky Faerie – Notes of Being
  5. Didges Christ Super Drum – Finding Our Way Back OM – Alien Technology 

What we didn’t have time for…


PWN Briefs for 051413

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Greetings, listeners! Tuesday the 14th found Zaracon totally coherent, but RevKess was not with it. They elected to do a Brief instead of a full show. A full edition of PWN will air on Wednesday the 15th at the usual time.



  1. Lorelei Greenwood – Gallimaufry 
  2. Didges Christ Super Drum – Witch Doctor – Alien Technology 

We did say it was a Brief. Tune in at 9am Central on Wednesday 15 May 2013, or in archives at anytime after the show, to catch a full edition of Pagan Weekly News.

PMP: Mother’s Day & Death Rites

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Click to listen.

Hello, listeners! Bet you are wondering how Mother’s Day and Death Rites wound up in the same show. Simple: Today is Mother’s  Day and Thursday saw the death of my tradition’s founding high priest. Now, I don’t want you to get all sympathetic or empathetic with me. I appreciate the sentiment. I’m not looking for expressions of regret or condolences on his passing. The time was oddly appropriate, though.

Some of the best recognized Mother Goddesses are also Goddesses of death and destruction and rebirth. Kali, Sekhmet, Tiamat, just to name a few. In this episode we will not only honor some of the Goddesses of Motherhood, we will also honor some of the Goddesses of Death and Rebirth. Along the way I will share some memories of my high priest, Papa Tom and some of the music that makes me think of him.



  1. Kellianna- Maiden, Mother, Crone – Lady Moon
  2. Queen Mother Imakhu (Imakhu Sekehmet) – Sacred Mother (Anuk Mwt – I Am Mother) – Water Woman
  3. Elaine Silver – Grandmother Moon – The Lady of the Lake
  4. Leigh Anne Hussey – She is Grandmother – Homebrew
  5. Annette Cantor – Gaia – Songs to the Goddess
  6. Lis Addison – Mother Gaia – Crown in the Sky
  7. SJ Tucker – In the House of Mama Dragon – Haphazrd 
  8. Sharon Knight 7 T Thorn Coyle – Ancestor Chant – Songs for the Waning Year
  9. Kellianna – Ancestor’s Song – I Walk with the Goddess
  10. Omnia – Cernunnos – Sine Missione
  11. Omnia – Intro (The Wylde Hunt) – Crone of War
  12. Omnia – The Wylde Hunt – Crone of War
  13. Kellianna – Aphrodite and Pan – Lady Moon
  14. Damh the Bard – The Parting Glass – Tales from the Crow Man  In honor of Tex, Jason McDeavitt and now Papa Tom, all Elders of the Pagan community who at one time or another lived in Lincoln, NE.
  15. Isaac Bonewits – The Thuggee Song – Avalon is Rising!
  16. Michael Brant DeMaria – Danu – Gaia
  17. Shawna Carol – Sacred Pleasure – Goddess Chant
  18. Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – As You Depart – I Am the Goddess

PWN #92

The 92nd edition of Pagan Weekly News started out with a little back slapping from Heather Greene of the Covenant of the Goddess and The Wild Hunt. She wrote an article for PRN and TWH about “What is Pagan media?” Sometime in the very near future Ms Greene will be joining us on either an edition PWN or Pagan-Musings to talk about the Pagan Media and her work with CoG. We would like to have a panel discussion with various members of the Pagan Media, if you are a Pagan media person (journalist, blogger, podcaster, etc) who would like to participate in that conversation you can email us at and we can go from there. Or you can contact us on our PWN Facebook page.

Peter Dybing outside the Glitter Dome, home of Kyrja  and the Friends of Rupert

Peter Dybing outside the Glitter Dome, home of Kyrja and the Friends of Rupert

Peter Dybing called  in during the first half hour of the show to talk about his work with the Lady Liberty League in regards to Kyrja’s situation in Newport Richie, FL. The work that LLL and others have been doing there sounds extraordinary, but Peter stressed that is what is right about the Pagan community that LLL and others can and will step up to show support and provide certain services to others within the community when the need arises.

We later talked about Big Ag and Big Chemical in regards to the decline in the honeybee population world wide, including steps that some countries are taking to prevent that continued decline or assist in preserving the honeybee. We also talked about how religion is addressed in mainstream media and how religious illiteracy can be damaging to the population as a whole. We concluded with a little talk about some of the books that Zaracon and RevKess have been reading recently.

Links and articles:


  1. Didges Christ Super Drum – Stardust+Energy=Me – Alien Technology 
  2. Damh the Bard – Under a Beltane Sun – Antlered Crown & Standing Stone 
  3. Celia – Symbol Song 

Our humble thanks to Peter Beckley for playing fact checker for us on the honeybee topic, the further indented links in the above list are due to his diligence and research.

Lavender Hill 5 May 2013

Close-up of 1st Anniversary CakeLavender Hill is Lincoln, NE’s only (and as far as we know, the first) LGBTQA+ news and talk program. Hosted by Corwin and Phil on KZUM every Sunday at 11am Central, LH brings the listener news, views, and interviews from around the LGBTQA+ community with a focus on Lincoln and Omaha, NE. Only having a thirty minute time slot makes it difficult for Corwin and Phil to cover everything that they want, sometimes they have to gloss over things or just skip them all together. In this posting you will find links to some of the stories that they covered in this week’s edition, as well as one or two that were totally skipped. You can also visit the show’s Facebook page for additional news and opinion pieces, as well as videos and pictures.

The hosts can be reached through email. Feel free to contact them with comments, questions, and suggestions for the show.

The Mess, Beltaine pt 2

ad bannerToday was the second installment of the Mess’s Beltaine celebration for 2013, it was also the Lincoln Marathon (Lincoln, NE). Below you will find the play list from today’s show. Thank you again to *K8 for typing up the list during the show. I have made some minor corrections to her list. Any errors that remain are my own.


  1. Wytches’ Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Faeries
  2. At the Beginning – Dan Kennedy – Intuition
  3. Greening – Masako – Masako
  4. The Story – Terra Guitarra – Dragonfly
  5. The Princess and the Emperor – Al Conti – The Blue Rose
  6. Magnificent Gaia – Lia Scallon – The Luminous Pearl
  7. Middle of a Moment – Stephen Savage – Future Memory
  8. Into the Heart – Budi Siebert – Namaste
  9. Jamboree – David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks – Loveren
  10. Handfast Blessing – SJ Tucker – Blessings
  11. Stop & Go – Lisa Hilton – Getaway
  12. Morning – Chorus of Life – Gaia’s Voice
  13. Behold – Abbi Spinner McBride – Fires of Creation
  14. Goddess of the Seeds – Ancient Brotherhood – Nature Goddess
  15. When it’s Springtime in Alaska – Johnny Horton –
  16. Hand me down my Jogging Shoes – Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert – Singing with You
  17. Seed in the Ground – Heather Bishop – Belly Button
  18. Family Garden – John McCutcheon – Family Garden
  19. Spring Cleaning – John McCutcheon – Four Seasons: Spring Songs
  20. The Reverend Edmund Jones – Anne Lister – Waiting for the Hero
  21. Laptop Unit – Cynthia McQuillin – Bedlam Cats
  22. Lord of the Pounce – Marc Gunn – Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
  23. Black Velvet Band – Isaac Bonewits –
  24. Evolve – Gaia Consort – Evolve
  25. We Come from Monkeys – Emerald Rose – Archives of Ages to Come
  26. House of Mama Dragon – SJ Tucker – Haphazard

I‘ve had a very long weekend. After I have gotten some rest I will gladly insert links and other information for the tracks that were played. Until then, have a blessed week!

PMP: Beltaine 2013

podcastbannerad3May the 4th be with you, as our Star Wars friends are blasting all over social media today. Beltane is here. Many celebrate the festival on the weekend closest to the date of May 1st. Many others have already celebrated, either on the 1st or last weekend. Yet others honor the spirit of the festival in their own way, sometimes through the entire month of May. My own Mother Coven has celebrated today. KaliSara is celebrating the birth of her second child, Lady Bug is no longer a baby.

This edition of Pagan-Musings Podcast brings you a variety of music, tales, and information about Beltane. We hope that you enjoy listening to the wonderful and beautiful finds we have for you. Click here to listen to the broadcast.


  1. Featherscale – Invocation – Gypsy Heart

    May the Passion and Love of the Season guide you on your Journey

    May the Passion and Love of the Season guide you on your Journey

  2. Cernunnos Rising – Blessings of Beltaine – Wild Soul
  3. Omnia – Tine Beltaine (10,000 Lightyears Remix) – cybershaman
  4. Kenny Klein – Queen of Night – Oak and Ash
  5. Kelliannna – Shares Her Love – I Walk With the Goddess
  6. Omnia – Love in the Forest – Wolf Love
  7. Shawna Carol – Sacred Pleasure – Goddess Chant
  8. AO Music – In Loke’Ch – …And Love Rages On
  9. Cernunnos Rising – A Fire Fit for a Queen – Wild Soul
  10. Elvendrums – Walking the Woods – The Dragon
  11. Elvendrums – Stolen Child – The Dragon (inspired by William Butler Yeats)
  12. Jenna Greene – Spring Love – Crossroads
  13. Celia – For the Asking – For the Asking
  14. Celia – Carry Me Home – Carry Me Home
  15. Damh the Bard – Under a Beltane Sun – Antlered Crown & Standing Stone