Sacred Oak Circle #1 Pagan Festivals

Air date: 03/18/14

In this episode we discussed pagan festivals, and the benefits they can provide to a new seeker on the path.  The festivals I mentioned in the show were:

My advice to get the most out of festivals:

  • Go to the workshops – Broaden your horizons, learn about new approaches to the craft, see the craft from a different view point, and learn something new!
  • Go to the rituals – I always go to the opening and closing rituals because they provide a nice context for the festival.  Look at your program/schedule, and attend the other small rituals that may be held during the festival.
  • Camp, and make friends – If you are attending a camping festival, then plan to set up camp and make friends!  We are a nature based religion…so camp and experience nature!
  • Join into discussions – Don’t be afraid to tell people you are new to the pagan path!  We are a friendly lot, and people will be more than happy to answer questions.

Don’t forget the Pagan Pride Days!  These events are designed to share our path with the community.


Music from the show:

  • There is NO Time – Kellianna
  • The Clock Ticks On – Blackmore’s Night
  • Oak Broom and Meadowsweet – Damh the Bard
  • The Return of the Sun – Kellianna

PMP: Sex, ethics and abuse in the magickal world

KaliSara and RevKess attempted to tackle a very difficult topic tonight, especially in light of the recent news that one of the Pagan community’s most well known elders has been arrested and charged with 25 counts of possession of child pornography. Yes, that topic. The one that is on everyone’s minds and lips right now. Kenny Klein, author, musician, teacher and friend to many has apparently let the community down. He was arrested on Tuesday 25 March 2014 at his home in New Orleans.

Joining your hosts for the show were Shauna Aura Knight, who is becoming a regular contributor to PMPChannel, and Taylor Ellwood of Immanion Press / Megalithica Books. Shauna is an author, artist, and workshop facilitator. Taylor is an author and the editor-in-chief of Immanion’s non-fiction section.


  • Oddly enough, back in late October 2013, Shauna Aura Knight wrote an article for covering the topics of sex and ethics in the Pagan world.
  • T Thorn Coyle on her blog Know Thyself speaks to the issues of abuse and ethics in a recent posting, as well as shares two stories of Kenny Klein and makes reference to a series she wrote in 2009 on Gavin and Yvonne Frost (Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3).
  • Cara Schulz PNC-Minnesota was one of the first Pagan media sources to release a story on the Kenny Klein case.
  • Jason Pitzl-Waters of  The Wild Hunt also reported.


  1. Celia – Please Bless This Space – Carry Me Home
  2. Heartbeat – Earth Air Fire Water – Bloodmoon
  3. Lia Scallon – Walk in Beauty – The Luminous Pearl
  4. Jenna Greene – Acceptance – Crossroads
  5. Celia – Metta Prayer – For the Asking


  • Taylor Ellwood, writing as the Blog Admin for Immanion Press’s website made this announcement on 27 March 2014: “The Flowering Rod by Pagan Author and Musician Kenny Klein is being pulled from our line of Esoteric Non-Fiction books as a response to the recent news that Kenny Klein has been charged of downloading and sharing child pornography. Mr. Klein has admitted his guilt in this matter, and we do not feel that we can, in good conscience, continue to publish his book. We are removing the book from our line-up effective immediately. At Immanion Press we do not believe in knowingly supporting acts of behavior that violate the Pagan community or how it is represented to the world by our authors. We are committed to publishing books that help the communities we are a part of, but we also believe that any author is a role model and should behave accordingly. We offer our condolences to people who have been effected negatively by this situation or any other actions Mr. Klein has done.”
  • Writing about the core values of Immanion Press, Ellwood had this to say: “Our fourth and final responsibility is to ourselves, to make a reasonable profit in publishing books, while also staying true to our values and to the services we provide the communities we are a part of. Our profit should never come before the service we provide our readers, community, or authors, but rather should come about as a natural result of showing that we genuinely care about the welfare of our readers, community, and creative authors and artists.” Read the rest of the blog posting for the first three core values.
  • Over on Pagan in Paradise, Pagan activist, minister and member of Lady Liberty League, Peter Dybing addressed the topic in much more general terms: “Frankly, those who engage in these power over relationships, based on wealth, status or influence perpetuate their privilege and support the subjugation of women. Even worse they reinforce the idea that societal power and status is an appropriate currency to purchase sexual relationships. Such actions contribute greatly to rape culture in our communities.

    The messages sent to young men are that women are objects to be possessed by those who are successful or influential. Confronting our own privilege means standing up and proclaiming that such power based relationships are not acceptable in our communities.


    Today I call on my fellow “Old White Guys” to confront these beliefs when you witness them in our collective communities. They represent an abuse of power, a perpetuation of un earned privilege and a disregard of the fundamental human rights of women.”






PMP: Ecology & Environmentalism

KaliSara and RevKess were joined by guests Lupa Greenwolf, Arthur and Shauna Aura Knight for a conversation of ecology and environmentalism from a Pagan perspective, that is from FIVE Pagan perspectives. And what varied perspectives they are! Though all five were pretty much in agreement on the necessity of making changes in how humans interact with nature and their environment, they each brought a different way of looking at how to make those changes. The discussion included talk of the future, working with nature – not against, food costs and other issues.

Links to Articles, etc

Not necessarily in the order they were brought up on the show.

  • KaliSara launched the discussion with a reference to a NASA study that has been bandied about on Facebook and other social media outlets.

  • Lupa brought up the book Last Child in the Woods by author and ecologist Richard Louv. Louv has written many books on ecology and is a favorite go-to reference for Lupa and others when discussing the topic. His latest book The Nature Principle talks about how a sustainable future can be made possible through nature-smart education.
  • We had hoped to have Peter Beckley join us in conversation, but his broadband was too narrow to connect – living as far off the grid as possible can sometimes do that. He was in chat and shared his thoughts with other chatters, including a link to a permaculture training website.
  • Arthur referenced an interview with singer-songwriter and animal rights activist Moby in which he said that the actual cost of beef in the United States is over $30 a pound but that government subsidies have made it so that the consumer is only visibly paying $3-5 a pound. Note the word “visibly”. Tax payer dollars are used to pay those government subsidies. RevKess found an article on from 2011 that sited a non-subsidized cost of $20/pd and KaliSara found one on from 2006 that backs Moby’s claim. The article on NaturalNews indicates that when you factor in the long term environmental and medical costs of subsidized beef could raise the cost per pound to over $200.
  • From beef to aspartame. KaliSara is a huge proponent of being natural with your foods – including your sweeteners. She referenced a 2002 study by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that indicates that aspartame can be linked to multiple physical and mental health issues, from hearing and vision loss to seizures, from memory loss to dementia. RevKess can attest to some of that, he has experienced loss of concentration and memory retention when consuming beverages that contain aspartame.
  • Some how or another the topic turned to women shaving their legs and arm pits and the “necessity” of deodorants. At which point Arthur, who is very good at trivia, pointed out that a World War II propagandist for the Allies had something major to do with the U.S.’s obsession with shaving, masking scents in the pits and even “flower vomit” detergents. Edward Bernays, nephew of Dr. Freud.
  • Shauna brought up an article on about five byproducts of modern living and how we are burying ourselves in garbage.
  • KaliSara and her “flower vomit” detergent thread in the conversation led to the mention of alternative laundry machines and dryers.

Additional Links of Interest

  • Shauna referenced towards the end of the show an article on by Jason Morrow on Cognitive Dissonance. Both Shauna and Lupa made mention of the disconnect that many people have from Nature.
  • It did not come up on the broadcast, but early in the chat conversation KaliSara shared a link to a USA Today article about the Tesla electric car and how it has been shown to be viable for more than in-town and short-distance driving.
  • At some point in the show Arthur mentioned the common crop of corn in Nebraska and elsewhere in the Midwest and how it requires a huge amount of water to cultivate. KaliSara shared this link regarding corn in chat with our live listeners.
  • During the laundry and cleaning tangent, RevKess mentioned that he uses tea tree in his laundry. KaliSara shared in chat a link on growing your own tea tree plants.
  • As has been established, Lupa is a prolific blogger and author. In July 2013 she published an article through the Pagan Newswire Collective’s nature bureau. She asked us to share it here as well. Three things many people buy at the grocery store that they DO NOT need.


  1. Elaine Silver – By the Earth – Faerie Goddess
  2. Wendy Rule – The Earth is Still Part of the Sky – The Wold Sky

It was decided at the end of the show that all three of the guests, and maybe some others, should come back in the near future to do a second installment and talk about the spiritual aspects of ecology and environmentalism.  That date has not yet been set. Check back with the BTR site for updates on scheduled programming.

PWN: Religious & Political News discrimination

RevKess goes solo again for this edition of PWN. That means a little bit more music than you might usually expect, but plenty of news coverage and opinion bits. Zaracon is settling into his new living arrangement and getting used to things there.

RevKess’s work schedule got turned upside down this week, adding to his already hectic schedule with rehearsals for a musical he is in this spring. This and other factors made for a one hour edition of PWN this week.

LINKS to stories and op-ed pieces discussed

  • It is with sadness in our hearts that we make formal announcement of the passing of Donald Michael Kraig. You can read an obituary and comments from loved ones and friends on The Wild Hunt.
  • Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is reported to be dying, according to a Facebook message from his estranged son Nathan Phelps. He was also excommunicated from the WBC back in August 2013, a disagreement with other elders of the church about being “kinder” to others. Update: Since our broadcast Wednesday morning, Fred Phelps has passed away. Stay tuned to for RevKess’s editorial on the life and times of Fred Phelps.
  • Federal Judge rules in favor of the student after a creationist teachers calls his beliefs “stupid” and orders the school staff and faculty be educated on the 1st Amendment by an ACLU approved attorney.
  • St Patrick’s Day parade boycotts in NYC and Boston. Both mayors and three major beer bottlers drop support of the St. Patrick’s Day parades in the cities. Sam Adams, Heineken and Guinness.
  • Cognitive Dissonance on


  1. Damh the Bard – The Parting Glass – Tales from the Crow Man
  2. Heather Dale – Call the Names – Call the Names
  3. Celia – Symbol
  4. Tuatha Dea – Ye Jacobites by Name – Tuatha Dea
  5. Frenchy & the Punk – House of Cards – Happy Madness

PMP: PaganActivist author Lauren talks about Karma

Lauren Nami Ouellette-Bruchez joins KaliSara and RevKess in the studio this evening. Nami is a blog-author on along with regular guest Shauna Aura Knight and RevKess. Nami is a student at the Maetreum of Cybele, Mother Cathryn Platine  has also been a regular guest on the show from 2013, Nami was able to sit in on one of those visits.

Lauren Nami Ouellette-Bruchez

Lauren Nami Ouellette-Bruchez

On March 6, she published an article on about Karma and the Just World Fallacy. This caught KaliSara’s eye. Along the way they discuss the Hindu/Eastern concept of Karma and how it relates/compares/contrasts to the Western concept as well as how it relates to the Wiccan concept of the Three Fold Law.

Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight joined the session around the 45 minute mark to talk about the topic as well as money more specifically. The “obligation of teaching without compensation”. Referencing her own post on and upcoming articles on her own leadership blog.

Hour one focused on the main topic of Karma and the Just World Fallacy. Hour two took the conversation in a totally different direction, one leaning towards leadership. Hour three went even further off the title topic into the realm of marketing, budgeting and the reality of being a person in Western culture.


  1. Omnia – Mercy Seat – Musick and Poetree
  2. Celia – Break These Chains – Carry Me Home
  3. SJ Tucker – Cheshire Kitten (We’re All Mad Here) – Mischief
  4. Damh the Bard – Merlin Am I – The Hills They Are Hollow

Audio note: Nami was not able to use a headset during the show, the echo you heard of KaliSara, RevKess and Shauna was due to them being on a conference call via Skype. You are hearing the delayed echo from everyone  over Nami’s speakers.

Sacred Oak Circle, an introduction with Rev Gary

Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel is pleased to introduce a new program on their schedule. Sacred Oak Circle. Sacred Oak is hosted by Rev Gary, a third degree high priest of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, based out of the Kansas City area. He’s been a producer on Pagans Tonight and has taken a break from podcasting. He’s climbing back into the saddle with PMPChannel with his own bi-monthly program. Sacred Oak Circle will air every other Tuesday starting on  March 18, 2014 at 6pm Central time.

In his introduction he joined RevKess to talk about the concept and format for  Sacred Oak Circle. Rev Gary comes from a Wiccan background, a unique voice to our channel. He’ll be talking about Wicca, the Correllian tradition in particular, reiki, candle magick, gems and crystals and stones and so much more. He’ll have guests on from time to time to talk about various topics and bring their own perspectives to the table.

Rev Gary is also a big fan of Pagan music, so he will be spot lighting various artists and groups and sharing some of his favorites along the way. Who knows, there might even be an interview or several with some of those Pagan musicians!

Tune in every other  Tuesday for Sacred Oak Circle. (A more precise schedule can be found on our BTR page.)


  1. Spiral Dance – Fairy Tale – Magick
  2. Omnia – Wytches Brew – Alive!
  3. Elvendrums – rhymer – The Dragon
  4. Celia – Symbol Song

You can find out more about Rev Gary and Sacred Oak Circle by visiting the Facebook page for the show as well as the blog.

PMP: Chronilus, bards adrift in the ether of a timeless human experience

Chronilus joined KaliSara and RevKess on the show. Focusing on their music and how they are using it to build a tribal feel in the Pagan community.

Chronilus released their first EP in December 2013 to rave reviews. They reached #1 in the Celtic genre for the Seattle area and nationwide at #16 and world wide at #25.  Their music has been peer reviewed on

Their sound is their own. With influences from many musicians and genres, they combine Celtic flavor with Eastern European and African elements. They twist it creatively around the idea of traveling through time (and space) to seek out certain truths and archetypes that outlive civilization. They appeal to history buffs, sociology and psychology interests, sex-positive adults, time travel and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiasts and generally people of wall walks of life and love.

Chronilus were podcast virgins before their visit with PMPChannel.  KaliSara and RevKess were pleased to be the Chronilus bandones to pop their collective cherry for this avenue of social media. Bone Deep the Bard, Manfred, Caera and Sonia were a real joy to have one the show. They talked in depth about their inspirations, aspirations, and beliefs. Representing a true Tribe of people, this quartet of musicians bring their talents to the stage on a regular basis. They are deeply involved in their local community – not just as Pagans, but as members of the local poly community and environmentalists.

They sent along some wonderful music for the hosts to share during the show. Including three pieces that are not yet released on CD. They can be heard on their website, but are not currently available for sale. Heave Home, Longing and The Rede. Christopher Bingham of Bone Poets Orchestra (formerly Gaia Consort) has graciously given Chronilus permission to cover songs from his projects. The Rede being one of those. Longing is a love song, it is not until you reach the third verse that you realize that it is a lesbian love song. Heave Home captures a taste of what Chronilus is.

  1. Heave Home – unreleased
  2. Brigid – Prologue
  3. The Rede (written by Christopher Bingham of Bone Poets Orchestra/Gaia Consort) – unreleased
  4. Longing – unreleased
  5. The Wild Hunt – Prologue

Chronilus EPTheir EP Prologue can be purchased as a CD or digital download from CDBaby. You can find their music on BandCamp and ReverbNation.

On March 21, 2014 they will being doing a benefit concert for Willow Moon, former head of the Everett Pagan Meet Up Group, at Soul Food Coffee House & Fair Trade Emporium in Redmond, WA. For those who cannot make it to the benefit show you can go online and make a donation for Willow Moon. The night of the concert you can also watch it streaming live on the Soul Food site.

UPDATE 3/10/14: Just learned that our friends have reached the #1 slot for Celtic music in the Seattle area again!