Green Egg with Jonathan Sousa

In this podcast the ladies discussed the Pagan Unity Festival in Burns, Tn. Sylveey, Tish, Aradia spoke of their time talking with Selena Fox and how the festival goers banded together against the torrential downpour that occurred. Listeners get the run down on different classes and instructors that were at the festival as well as the music and rituals taking place over the weekend.

They were joined by Jonathan Sousa to discuss Pagans and his curse against the Daesh, which had gained a little infamy. Jonathan shared his heritage in American Italian Witchcraft and journey through Paganism. He is very outspoken on subjects that most Pagans avoid today and isn’t afraid what others think. The ladies and Jonathan spoke of issues in modern Paganism that require attention.

The episode ended on a somber note with the news of a member in the Pagan family passing into the Summerlands. Our thoughts and love are with Connie on the passing of Steffan.

About Jonathan Sousa12006139_882721361804736_1853764339559151008_n

 Jonathan defines himself as ‘first, last, and always’ a Priest(ess) of the Goddess Diana. He approaches that vocation through the initiatory framework of Southern Italian Traditional Witchcraft. Whatever his faults and triumphs, he strives to live his Craft as a credit to his Elders and mentors therein. 


  1. Jason Shaw – Essence
  2. Kellianna – Maiden, Mother, Crone – Lady Moon

About aradialecrawe

I am a mid 20s Pagan who lives in the Appalachian foothills. I work with the Green Egg magazine as an assistant publisher, editor, assistant designer, contributor, assistant webmystress, social media wizard, and resident youngun. I also help run the Pentacle Project blog along with Sylveey Selu.

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