Murphy’s Magic Mess 2/28/16

drunk_dragon_drunkon_by_sssilver_c-d32orugThe following is the set list for both hours of Murphy’s Magic Mess on KZUM Community Radio in Lincoln, NE. This is taken directly from Spinitron. I’d like to know your opinion on the format of the listings. Please comment below.  Thank you.

09:03AM-09:07AM (4:27) S.J. Tucker “In the House of Mama Dragon” from Haphazard (2004) on Young Ave Records

09:12AM-09:17AM (5:14) Ajeet Kaur “Light of my soul” from Darshan (World) on Spirit Voyage Records

09:17AM-09:22AM (4:30) Omneity “From Darkness to Light” from Chants for Meditation(World) on August Son Productions

09:27AM-09:31AM (3:54) J. David Lindsay “Bright Star” from Nightbound (2015) onFallingfoot Records

09:33AM-09:37AM (4:32) Robert Slap “voices from the Past” from Atlantis Trilogy: Brave New World on Highpooch

09:39AM-09:43AM (3:19) Marie Breatnach “Manannan mac lir” from The Voyage of Bran onUniversal Records

09:43AM-09:47AM (4:33) Celia “Song for Manannan” from Celia Sampler 2 (Private, 2015) onCelia Farran

09:47AM-09:50AM (2:50) Anne Lister “Ragnall” from Root, Seed, Thorn and Flower onHearthfire

09:50AM-09:53AM (2:36) Jim Alan & Selena Fox “Talkin’ Wicca Blues” from Circle Magick Music (Other)

09:56AM-10:01AM (5:36) Emerald Rose “Castle of Arianrhod” from Bending Tradition (World) on Emerald Rose

10:03AM-10:06AM (3:28) Calan “Tale of Two Dragons” from Dinas on Sain SCD2715

10:06AM-10:11AM (5:27) Gaia’s Voice “The Magic Wheel” from The Chorus of Life (1990) onGaia’s Voice

10:11AM-10:15AM (4:22) Bran Cerddorion “Pigs Pigs Pigs!” from Four Branches (Private, 2015) on Bran Cerddorion

10:16AM-10:19AM (3:43) Elvendrums “The Dragon” from The Dragon (2000) on Elvendrums

10:19AM-10:25AM (5:25) Tuatha Dea “Celtic Women (Mavis McGee)” from Kith & Kin

10:30AM-10:33AM (3:33) Coyote Run “The Battle of New Orleans” from Coyote Run Pleads the Fifth on Run Wild Records

10:33AM-10:35AM (2:38) Those Damn Accordians “Grodno In the Moonlight!” from Squeeze This!

10:37AM-10:41AM (4:07) Corvus Corax “Ballade de Mercy (live)” from Gaudia Vite (Live)(World) on PICA Records

10:41AM-10:46AM (5:24) Hagalaz Runedance “Where the Lonely Souls Go” from Frigga’s Web on Nebelhexe

10:46AM-10:49AM (3:21) Eivor Polsdottir “Trollabundin” from Composer

10:49AM-10:55AM (6:12) Damh the Bard “Thundersbarrow Hill” from Sabbat (Private, 2015) on Caer Bryn Music

10:57AM-11:00AM (3:39) Inkubus Sukkubus “Belladonna & Aconite” from Away With the Faeries (Rock, 2008) on Resurrection Records

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