Sacred Oak Circle #1 Pagan Festivals

Air date: 03/18/14

In this episode we discussed pagan festivals, and the benefits they can provide to a new seeker on the path.  The festivals I mentioned in the show were:

My advice to get the most out of festivals:

  • Go to the workshops – Broaden your horizons, learn about new approaches to the craft, see the craft from a different view point, and learn something new!
  • Go to the rituals – I always go to the opening and closing rituals because they provide a nice context for the festival.  Look at your program/schedule, and attend the other small rituals that may be held during the festival.
  • Camp, and make friends – If you are attending a camping festival, then plan to set up camp and make friends!  We are a nature based religion…so camp and experience nature!
  • Join into discussions – Don’t be afraid to tell people you are new to the pagan path!  We are a friendly lot, and people will be more than happy to answer questions.

Don’t forget the Pagan Pride Days!  These events are designed to share our path with the community.


Music from the show:

  • There is NO Time – Kellianna
  • The Clock Ticks On – Blackmore’s Night
  • Oak Broom and Meadowsweet – Damh the Bard
  • The Return of the Sun – Kellianna

Sacred Oak Circle, an introduction with Rev Gary

Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel is pleased to introduce a new program on their schedule. Sacred Oak Circle. Sacred Oak is hosted by Rev Gary, a third degree high priest of the Correllian Nativist Tradition, based out of the Kansas City area. He’s been a producer on Pagans Tonight and has taken a break from podcasting. He’s climbing back into the saddle with PMPChannel with his own bi-monthly program. Sacred Oak Circle will air every other Tuesday starting on  March 18, 2014 at 6pm Central time.

In his introduction he joined RevKess to talk about the concept and format for  Sacred Oak Circle. Rev Gary comes from a Wiccan background, a unique voice to our channel. He’ll be talking about Wicca, the Correllian tradition in particular, reiki, candle magick, gems and crystals and stones and so much more. He’ll have guests on from time to time to talk about various topics and bring their own perspectives to the table.

Rev Gary is also a big fan of Pagan music, so he will be spot lighting various artists and groups and sharing some of his favorites along the way. Who knows, there might even be an interview or several with some of those Pagan musicians!

Tune in every other  Tuesday for Sacred Oak Circle. (A more precise schedule can be found on our BTR page.)


  1. Spiral Dance – Fairy Tale – Magick
  2. Omnia – Wytches Brew – Alive!
  3. Elvendrums – rhymer – The Dragon
  4. Celia – Symbol Song

You can find out more about Rev Gary and Sacred Oak Circle by visiting the Facebook page for the show as well as the blog.