PMP: Marion Zimmer Bradley, sex abuse, separate the art from the artist

KaliSara and RevKess find themselves once again delving into a dark and touchy subject. That of child molestation and abuse. Earlier this year they talked frankly about predators in the Pagan community after the news broke that well known author, musician, and teacher Kenny Klein had been arrested on over 20 counts of possession of child pornography, with the intent to distribute. That lead to his ex-wife Tzipora Katz and their son Jo Pax visiting with Ariel Monserrat of Green Egg Magazine during a special live broadcast of the Green Egg Radio Hour here on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. Earlier this month it was brought back into the world view of fandom and Pagandom that author Marion Zimmer Bradley was also involved in such activities.


Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of such books as Darkover and Mists of Avalon (and their related series), famed science fiction and fantasy author, died in 1999. Fifteen years later her books are still successful and influential to both the sci-fi/fantasy community (the fandom) and to the Pagan community. Co-founder of the Society for Creative Anachronisms, she is lauded by thousands as an influential figure in the latter half of the 20th Century. But she had a dark side, not the least of which being married to Walter Breen, known pedophile and child abuser.

Below you will find links to articles, accounts, and other information pertaining specifically to MZB and to Kenny Klein. You will also find links to previous broadcasts on PMPChannel related to the topics of abuse, ethics, and how they effect the Pagan community.

At the time of this posting RevKess is awaiting a statement from Diana L. Paxson, the author who has continued the Darkover and Mists of Avalon series since MZB’s passing. Paxson was a friend as a well as a professional associate of MZB.

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Kenny Klein

  • KaliSara and RevKess’s first episode regarding Kenny Klein and the charges of possession of child pornography with intent to distribute.
  • Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel played host The Green Egg Radio Hour with their special guests Tzipora Katz and Jo Pax to talk frankly about their lives with Kenny Klein. Tzipora is his exwife, Jo is his son.
  • RevKess and KaliSara did a follow up episode as a second part to the sex abuse and ethics in the Pagan community.

Separating the Artist from the Art


  1. Brian Henke – Dancing with the Child in You – A Child’s Garden
  2. Avalon Rising – God Walks Among Us – Songs off the Goddess: A Pagan Music Compilation
  3. Cernunnos Rising – Wise  Old Yew – Urban Druid

A note about the music: The music choices had nothing to do with the topic.

RevKess and KaliSara would like to thank Shauna Aura Knight for her contribution in the second half of this episode.

PWN S4E4: Seekers Temple Updates & Religious Discrimination Around the World

On Thursday 19 June 2014 Zaracon and RevKess hosted Bert Dahl, high priest of the Seekers Temple in Beebe, Arkansas. The news broke in Pagan media early last week that the Seekers Temple, established in 2009 in El Paso, Arkansas and seeking to relocate permanently to Bee, had become the target of apparently systematic religious discrimination from the office of the mayor and the town’s council. A nearby church had also begun focusing alleged harassment on the Dahl family by shining the light of a bright lighthouse sculpture through their windows.

On Monday 23 June 2014 Zaracon hosted a music and call-in show to support the Seekers Temple while they were attending the June Beebe Town Hall Meeting.  The original intent of Monday’s show was for someone with Seekers Temple to be dialed into the show so that everyone listening could hear exactly what happened at the meeting. Unfortunately that did not happen.

According to HP Dahl, the mayor and the town of Beebe has given them a new option, to have their property rezoned and restructured to build a separate building after dividing the property into two properties. An option that really is not an option, a minimum investment of $250,000 to do such a project. Seekers Temple was opened on 13 December 2008 in El Paso. No apparent issue there. It was only after the Pagan community asked the Dahls to move their residence and the Temple to Beebe and the Mayor (9 months later) figured out that Seekers Temple is a Pagan church.

Monday the 23rd was the monthly Town Council Meeting in Beebe, AR. Record-setting attendance at the meeting wowed citizens and the mayor, but little real resolution resulted. Christians gathered on the lawn of the town hall and prayed around the flag pole while Pagans (including several from the Southern Delta  Church of Wicca – ATC) gathered around a tree and sang songs and chants. Bert Dahl was allowed a private backroom meeting with the city zoning committee, but not allowed to speak before the open assembly. Local media source Arkansas Matters had this brief report on the meeting.

It would appear that Pagans are not the only ones who face religious discrimination in Beebe. Catholics and other non-Protestant religionists have contact Seekers Temple saying that they have been denied a church or been subjected to some form of religious persecution. To the best of PWN’s knowledge, only Protestant institutions exist in Beebe.

Dahl repeatedly stated during his visit today that letters, emails, and phone calls of support are welcome. He also emphasized that any contact with the Mayor, the town council, or other governmental entities in Beebe and the state of Arkansas should be written or conducted in a calm, civil manner. An example of how visitors to the Beebe area who are Pagan can help is to shop the local businesses and somehow indicate that you are Pagan or Pagan-friendly.

Continued support for the Dahls and the Seekers Temple can be sent via email at Funds can be donated via PayPal at, all funds raised are used by the Temple, not the Dahls themselves. Some of the funds may also be used to help with the legal costs related to this situation, up to and including the criminal case for “disorderly conduct” filed against HP Dahl. To date, the largest single donation to the Temple after the news broke was from an atheist.

Links to other Religious Discrimination related articles

  • A growing coalition of politics is urging the Obama administration to drop a  Bush-era exemption on religious discrimination when it comes to religious based organizations that receive government grants. On Patheos, apparently conservative Christian blogger Gene Veith writes in his posting on this issue “A major take away for religious organizations: Don’t take federal funds!” RevKess would agree, but for different reasons: religious organizations should be privately funded, not government funded.
  • Political and religious refugees from around the world may also experience religious discrimination when seeking asylum. On World Refugee Day, a Sudanese refugee in Israel talked with the media about how he is treated in the Israeli refugee camp in Holot as a Muslim and a black man.
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing a New York-based insurance company for firing employees who decline to participate in religious activities on company time.
  • In Missouri, a proposed Student Religious Liberty Act would clearly define and combine state and federal laws that prohibit religious discrimination in public schools.
  • Obama’s recent executive order to prohibit federal contractors from discriminating against LGBTQ employees has led to a debate about religious discrimination. The debate hinges on the idea that the owners/operators of a business who have strong religious beliefs against LGBTQ people should have the exemption and ability to hire and fire based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • A recent study of religious discrimination in hiring and firing in the Southern U.S. indicates that those who list some form of religious affiliation on their resume are 26% less likely to be contacted by an employer – unless they are Jewish.


Kept to one artist for this  broadcast. Damh the Bard, a Druid in the UK and a podcaster, was one of the first Pagan musicians to give PMPChannel permission to air his music. We would like to extend another hearty thank you to Damh for his willingness to share his  music in this manner. Visit his website for more of his music, his podcast, and to keep tabs on what is going on in the UK with Pagan and specifically Druid issues.

  1. Damh the Bard – Pipes of Pan – Herne’s Apprentice
  2. Damh the Bard – Sons & Daughters of Robin Hood – Antlered Crown & Standing Stone
  3. Damh the Bard – Pagan Ways – Cauldron Born

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PMP: Using Your Sixth Sense(s)

In this episode RevKess and KaliSara talk about using what we commonly call the “sixth sense.” The conversation started out with a brief discussion of the five basic human senses and the other senses that humans have. Yes, there are more than five senses.

ESP – Extrasensory perception may be a better term to use than “sixth sense”. What your hosts focused on were senses that go beyond what is commonly accepted by “normal” or “mundane” people. Telepathy, empathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance. These are just a few of the terms people are familiar with when it comes to ESP. Aura sight, intuition, and other senses go beyond what is generally accepted by most people.

Most everyone has some form of ESP, whether they know it or not. Intuition is perhaps the most common sense that people have. An innate ability to sense what is going on in any given situation, or the ability to “read” a person’s body language. In these cases, perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that these are extensions of the “normal” five senses.

Other forms ESP are precognitive abilities, these can include those used in psychic dreaming and even various forms of divination. The reading of body language falls into the intuition category of ESP. Professional intuitives combine their psychic abilities with body language, voice inflection and other cues to interpret their medium – tarot, runes, bones, etc. The TV program Lie to Me uses these verbal and nonverbal cues in almost psychic manner, inspired by the work of Paul Ekman and the Facial Action Coding System he intuited.

KaliSara and RevKess spent some time talking about empathy, aura sight, and other forms of ESP that they or people they know possess. Along with the acceptance that these abilities exist, they emphasized two basic concepts in “using your sixth sense(s).” Practice, practice, practice! Everyone has their own skills/talents/abilities.

Long time listener and former guest on the show, Faith Hamilton (Grandmother Oak Sanctuary), shared some exercises with us on our Facebook page last weekend. These exercises all go towards the concept of practice.

So I hear you’re doing a show on the 6th sense […]. I don’t have a mic or I’d join you in chat. However I do have some original content I will share with you to use if you like. I’ve been teaching others how to use their 6th sense for years and how to recognize auras and sense energy. It is not an easy task to undertake. Some people catch on very naturally. Others just don’t get it and probably never will. The most important thing to remember is that every one has talents. Just like some people can sing, while others can not; some people have gifts that others will not. Whether or not they can learn them without having the talent naturally, is totally up to the determination of the person trying to learn.

I have found that the most successful way to raise your 6th sense is to practice raising the other 5- sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. There are many exorcises you can do to raise these that are simple to do and when practices regularly can prove to show really good results. For example. On a good clear night when you have a clear view of the night sky and stars, make yourself comfy and relax. Now pick out a nice bright star. Watch it flicker, try to focus only on it for a few moments. Then widening your vision slightly as if you were looking over the star’s shoulder, pick a star that is almost behind it, but not as bright. Now focus on it until you see it clearly- then do the same thing again, picking a dimmer star and focusing on it. Do this until the star you are focused on is hard to look at because it is so dim. Stay focused as long as you can, then without losing that focus, very slowly widen your vision to look at the entire night sky. You should, if you did it right, see more stars than you ever imagined.

Gazing at stars like that helps strengthen your eyes and your awareness, because before you started, you would not have been aware of all the other stars up there. Now you can see millions more. Another exorcise helps your sense of touch. Save your pennies in a jar. Just pennies- no dimes, nickels or other coins. When you get a good hand full of them, drop them in a pouch or bag you can easily reach in to. Now sit at a table or on the floor and close your eyes. Pull each penny out one at a time. Feel its texture. Is it smooth? Does it have rough edges? Does it feel heavy, or lighter? Then try your best, without looking, to put the pennies in order by date in front of you. Its very hard, but amusingly fun. You may be surprised at your results.

Another exercise requires a friend and some pre-planning. Have your friend fill paper bags with different objects for you to smell. You have to figure out what they are by smell alone. A slice of apple? A rose?

For hearing you need a place where things come and go. An example would be a less traveled road. Or if you live on a farm like I do, you can listen for humming birds to come to the feeder or bumble bees. The point is to focus on the sound and follow the sound for as long as you can. Just like with the stars exorcise, at one point, things will become very loud. I once followed the sound of a truck for several miles only to have a bug fly by my ear that sounded so loud I thought a jet went by.

As your 5 senses develop, your 6th sense will develop naturally to compensate. You will notice shadows easier. You will pick up on sounds not heard before. You will see movement you may have not noticed at other times. You might feel changes in air pressure, or taste moisture in the air.

Psychic etiquette. Boundaries, permission. Another concept of using ESP that RevKess and KaliSara focused on was that of etiquette in regards to ESP. Consent. Respecting boundaries. Getting permission. Karen Harrison has a section in her book Everyday Psychic that details some of the psychic etiquette that was spoken.

Two examples of boundary crossing were brought up, both dealing with informed consent. Your hosts have a friend who is a talented and strong healer. She desires to freely give her gift to those she sees who are in need. She tends to assume that they will want this healing and will often begin work without asking. Another example is of someone who has an “allergic” reaction to certain forms of energy manipulation, including reiki. This is where the informed part comes in with the consent.


It was at this point that KaliSara posed a question to RevKess that he couldn’t answer. In regards to children, who determines consent for them? RevKess couldn’t answer because he is not a parent. The best correlation he could draw was to his experience babysitting. When a child comes to you complaining of a pain they are asking you to do something to fix it. KaliSara, who is a mother of two, freely admits that she does psychic, energetic, or magickal work on her children. This of course raises the question of interference with the child’s free will – something which KaliSara feels she, as the mother, has the right to do. Limiting or interfering with the free will of a child is something that parents do all the time. Making them ride in a car seat or wear a seat belt even when they don’t want to, not letting them play in the street, not letting them play with matches, etc.

Other resources: Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit by Rose Rosetree, view the author’s blog.  The book is currently out of print, used copies can be found on Amazon starting around $40,  it is also available for Nook at $10. A more easily accessible book might be The Everyday Psychic: a Practical Guide for Activating Your Psychic Gifts  by Karen Harrison. Read RevKess’s review of the book.


  1. Paradiso & Rasamayi – Power – 3rd Eye Rising
  2. Cernunnos Rising – Hear it with My Heart (Awen) – Wild Soul
  3. Spiral Dance – Feel the Clay – Through a Sylvan Doorway
  4. Celia – I Still Feel You – Breathe

Lavender Hill: Heartland Pride & More


Click to Listen

Anthony Tirendi, president of Heartland Pride in the Omaha, Ne metro area, joined Corwin and Phil in the studio this week for a conversation about Pride, specifically about Heartland Pride. Anthony had never been on the radio before, but he did well. Pride this year in the Omaha air covers three days of official Heartland activities. Some of the local bars, churches and other organizations may also be hosting pride events around the metro area.

  • THURSDAY JUNE 26th: 8:00 PM Candlelight vigil and 9:00 PM viewing of the movie “MILK” atHeartland Pride 2014 logo Hanafan Park in Council Bluffs, IA
  •  FRIDAYJUNE 27th: 6:00 PM Youth Pride festival and evening dance at Hanafan Park in Council Bluffs, IA
  • SATURDAY JUNE 28th: 10:00 AM Heartland Pride Parade in Council Bluffs, IA followed by:  11:00 AM Festival and Entertainment to begin after the parade at Stinson Park in Omaha, NE

The Saturday festival has three main musical acts, all local to the area. Eckophonic, Voodoo Method!, and Recess Girls. The Recess Girls will also be in the Kid Corner after their stage appearance to meet with fans.

There is a small entry fee to attend the main event. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the website for $5 or at the gate for $10.

Lavender Hill being a news program, as well as a talk show, the hosts had some local, national and world news to talk about. Not nearly as much time for news as usual, but they squeezed some things in. It should be noted that many of the below links will take you to stories Corwin and Phil did not have to talk about this week.

Links to News Stories Covered During the Show

Marriage Equality

  • A brief opinion piece from the Lincoln Journal Star expresses the disappointment many have with the recent decision to deny the divorce of a lesbian couple in Nebraska.
  • Opponents to marriage equality in Pennsylvania missed the deadline to file an appeal to the decision to over turn the ban on same-sex marriage. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum remains largely silent on the matter despite his past vocal stance on the issue.
  • South Dakota attorney general files to dismiss “implausible” marriage case. You can read the motion here.
  • The Presbyterian Assembly affirms that same-sex marriage is Christian. A vote is pending from all 172 presbyteries over the course of the next year to make it official. Until then, effective now is an amendment to the church constitution allowing ministers to perform gay marriages in state and municipalities where it is legal with approval from local congregational leaders.
  • A Michigan man is “shunned” by St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Marquette after his commitment ceremony shows that he “acts on’ urges.
  • The National Organization for Marriage claims 10.000 people attended their anti-gay marriage rally in D.C. last week. More accurate estimates say between two and six thousand attended.

Across the United States


  • The Senate made history last Tuesday by confirming, unanimously, the first openly gay African American judge to a high court. Darrin Gayles now sits on the bench for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.
  • The Texas GOP has some wacky ideas on their current political platform. Everything from pornography, the elderly, immigration and marriage equality.
  • Senator Ed Markey (D-Mass) has introduced a new bill that would create a special envoy for LGBT rights in foreign affairs. The International Human Rights Defense Act already has 20 co-sponsors, all Democrats.
  • CNBC’s Joe Kerner schools Texas Gov. Rick Perry on-air after Perry’s statements in California that copared homosexuality to alcoholism.

Queer World News

Health & Science

Arts & Entertainment

  • A Kickstarter campaign. is in full swing to support the filming of the first transgender comedy, staring Canada’s first transgender lingerie model Julie Vu.

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MMM: Soundbackers Union 2014

ad bannerLast year started a new membership drive at KZUM, the Soundbackers Union. An exclusive group of member-listeners who get special benefits from KZUM – including discounted concert tickets, elite swag, and other exciting benefits. For one week every June the station does a fund raising campaign for the Soundbackers Union. Murphy’s Magic Mess put together a special playlist for  the event. The campaign for the 2014 membership of the Soundbackers ends on the 23rd at midnight Central time, but KZUM is always open to new member-listeners and donations to support Nebraska’s first and only community radio station.

Tracks 7 and 8 were arranged in honor of Sparky T. Rabbit, one of the voices of Lunacy. Sparky passed away a little over two weeks ago. As Murf said during the show, “what is remembered never dies.”

  1. God is Alive, Magic is Afoot – Buffy St. Marie – Best of Buffy Sainte-MarieSoundbackers-Final
  2. The Gift – Louis Colaiannia – Closer
  3. Orange Sky – John Luttrell – The Dream Exchange
  4. Summer Reunion – Jennifer DeFrayne – by a wire
  5. Songbird in the Morning – Larken Lyre – Extraordinary Voyage
  6. One and Only – Lisa Hilton – Kaleidoscope
  7. For the Love of All Who Gather/Floor of Heaven – Betsy Tinney – Release the Cello
  8. Shango – Lunacy – Lunacy
  9. Noon of the Solstice – Damh the Bard – Spirit of Albion
  10. Down in the Garden – Damh the Bard – Antlered Crown and Standing Stone
  11. Flowers to Make into Wine – Alan Austin –
  12. Flower of Ireland – Spiral Dance – Over Nine Waves
  13. Family Garden – John McCutcheon -Family Garden
  14. Crying for the Honey Bee – Cernunnos Rising – (unreleased)
  15. The Garlic Waltz – Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt –
  16. Salad of Doom – SJ Tucker – Mischief
  17. Fin and the Old Man – John Redbourn – Wheel of Fortune (story)
  18. White Rabbit – Tuatha Dea – The Tribe
  19. Little Which House – Serpentine – Rock the Goddess
  20. Pagan Born – Inkubus Sukkubus –
  21. House of Mama Dragon – SJ Tucker –  Haphazard

Murphy’s Magic Mess airs  live every Sunday morning at 9am Central, bringing the listener two hours of new age and Pagan music from around the world. Celebrating 20 years with KZUM, Murf, *K8, and Phil are thrilled to bring you a unique collection of music every week!

PWN S4E3: Trouble in Beebe – Persecution of Seekers Temple

On June 17, 2014, Jason Pitzl-Waters of the Wild Hunt reported that the High Priest and High Priestess of the Seekers Temple in Beebe, AR had run into some major snags in establishing their church within the town. Zaracon immediately jumped in and contacted Bert and Felicia Dahl about visiting with he and RevKess on the Pagan Weekly News. This morning we made that happen.

Bert Dahl, photo courtesy

Seekers Temple, originally from El Paso, Ar, has been around for five years. By the request of many members of the Temple, Bert and his wife moved the church to Beebe. After nine months of paper work and leg work, it was only when the Temple applied for a permit to use a local park for an outdoor event that the city of Beebe realized  they were Pagans.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the FBI, and Lady Liberty League have all been informed of what is taking place. The ACLU has a limited budget and is at this time monitoring the situation. The FBI cannot act at this time as their has not been any violence involved (thankfully). Lady Liberty League coordinator, Selena Fox, called Bert personally after the story broke to the media and stated that LLL is very much aware and is continuing to monitor the situation as well. Zaracon contacted the Mayor’s office and has not yet received a response. You can also contact the Mayor, but please remain civil and rational in any correspondence. His email is

Zaracon and RevKess opened the show up to Bert, allowing him a venue for voicing what is going on in Beebe. A detailed timeline of events can be found at the Seekers Temple website.

On Monday July 23, 2014 at 6:30pm is the monthly Beebe City Council meeting. The Dahls will be attending and ask that any Pagan or supportive ally who is in the area and wishes to attend do so as well. In previous meetings, Bert has been denied his request to speak to the City Council. Perhaps with a showing of support from other Pagans and our allies, his request to speak will be granted with this month’s meeting.

A search on Google, Bing, or your favorite browser should produce a number of links to more information. One of those would be some video coverage from ArkansasMatters.


  1. Ian Corrigan – A Charm for Religious Liberty – (single, released through Creative Commons via
  2. Celia – Build the Wall – Military Religious Freedom Foundation
  3. Celia – Symbol
  4. Big Bad Gina – Freedom Connection – Lake of Dreams

Donations can be sent via PayPal at or direct through mail at Seekers Temple, 608 E DeWitt Henry Dr., Beebe, AR 72012. Emails can be sent to

PMP: Erick DuPree

KaliSara and RevKess invited Erick DuPree to join them on the show for a conversation about men in Goddess spirituality, religion. Erick had already been invited on the show by the time Devin Hunter made the following status update on Facebook: “I am not a ‘male priestess.’ That’s quite offensive, the term is Priest of the Goddess. We exist, matriarchy, we exist. Calling me a male priestess is a bit like spiritual castration.” That comment led to a great conversation on his page that included both men and women, priests and priestesses alike. It also lead to the creation o a group page on Facebook called Project Pagan Priest.

Erick DuPree, the author of Alone in Her Presence, The Hero Within: Reframing Masculinity with the Goddess (to be released in 2015), and a blogger is editing the upcoming anthology Finding the Masculine in the Goddess’ Spiral: Men in Ritual, Community and Service to the Goddess. The call for submissions is open until July 30th.

The full submission guidelines can be found on Erick’s webpage. In brief, those who wish to submit and article, essay, poem, or ritual are wide open on what they can write about. The only restrictions, if you will, for submissions be that the author identifies as male. Erick and the publishers at Immanion/Megalithica want to keep the submissions open to men – straight, gay, bi, trans – of all walks of life. The commonality of the contributors is simple this: self-identified as male with a connection to the Goddess in her myriad forms, names, and manifestations.

When I’m alone with her 
My soul learns worship 
In spirit and in truth 
Peace fills my heart 
Joy reigns and rules there 
Nothing but love overflows 
And Her truth clearly shown 
When I’m Alone in Her Presence

— Erick DuPree

Erick DuPreeErick is a contributor to the anthologies Rooted in the Body, Seeking the Soul: Magic Practitioners Living with Disabilities, Addiction, and Illness edited by Tara ‘Masery’ Miller; Bringing Race to the Table: An Exploration of Racism in the Pagan Community (late 2014, early 2015 release) edited by Crystal Blanton, and the book Universally Unique: Homilies, Lessons, and LoreHe also writes for Witches&Pagans’ online presence under the heading of Wisdom Within. Listen to  his conversation with Devin Hunter on the Modern Witch Podcast and read his interview with Tara Miller on Staff of Ascelpius.


  1. Elaine Silver – The Lady of the Lake – The Lady of the Lake
  2. Damh the Bard – Morrighan – Spirit of Albion
  3. Annette Cantor – Kuan Yin – Songs to the Goddess
  4. Cernunnos Rising – A Fire Fit for a Queen – Wild Soul
  5. Lis Addison – Hearts & Bones – Crown in the Sky

Lavender Hill for 15 June 2014

LHv6AAs usual, Corwin and Phil tried to cram a lot of news into one hour, almost having to skip some of the music they had planned for the day. Rest assured, they did get all five pieces of music played. You can find the list of music at the end of this posting. Unfortunately the jump drive Phil was using to record the show malfunctioned, so there is not a podcast feed of the show at this time.

The lead story on Sunday 15 June 2014 was an update on the divorce appeal case before the Nebraska State Supreme Court. A lesbian couple wed in Iowa in 2009 filed for divorce in Lancaster County Nebraska. The divorce was denied on the grounds that it would require the state to recognize the marriage in the first place. Bonnie Nichols, one of the women involved, filed appeal with the State Supreme Court. According to an Associated Press article, the appeal was denied by the State with some wiggle room for a new appeal. LGBTQNation carried the article, along with many online and print media sources.


(not all were referred to during the broadcast) in no particular order


  1. Ryan Amador & Jo Lampert – Define Me – Ryan Amador
  2. Candye Kane – I Didn’t Listen to MY Heart – Songs from the Stage
  3. Sam Smith – Stay with Me – In the Lonely Hour
  4. Doug Strahm – Slumbertown – Freedom Rings
  5. Patricia Barber – You Don’t Me – Night Club

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MMM: “All-Father’s Day” Playlist

ad bannerFather’s Day on the Mess was a fun and sometimes confusing mess. The Mama Dragon had two master discs to play from, so Phil found himself bouncing back and forth between the two. Along with those two masters was the collection of new age music for the first half hour and a variety of other selections from the KZUM stacks and the random CDs all three brought with them. The below playlist is courtesy the efforts of *K8, Phil has made any minor corrections that were needed.

  1. Wytches’ Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the FairiesBuff All-Father w Wolf
  2. The Dreamer – Peter Calandra – Inner Circle
  3. Heartstrings – Matt & Rebecca Stuart – Minstrel Streams
  4. Sunrise to Sunset – Jennifer DeFrayne – By a Wire
  5. Wondering – John Luttrell – The Dream Exchange
  6. Paso Doble – Bob Ardern – Craftsman
  7. Kaleidoscope – Lisa Hilton – Kaleidoscope
  8. Lord Fenugreek – Sharon Knight – Incantation
  9. Waltzing with Bears/the Neat thing about my Father was… – Rosalie Sorrels – What does it mean to love?
  10. Daddy’s Little Girl – Heather Bishop – Taste of the Blues
  11. The Undertaker’s Daughter – Mama Gina – The Undertaker’s Daughter
  12. Ink Bah Tah/Horned Lover/7-fold Chant – Lady Rhiannon – Covenant of Kernunnos Chants (rough cut)
  13. Sky Father – Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – I Am the Goddess
  14. Mother Earth, Father Sky – Teresa Spirit Song – Hand of Time
  15. He’s a pretty good man, if you ask me – Buffy Sainte-Marie – Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie
  16. My Dad – Ray Stevens – All Time Hits
  17. Dad’s Got that Look – John McCutcheon – Family Garden
  18. Talkin’ to the Wrong Man – Eddie Blazonczyk’s (Sr. & Jr.) Versatones – Music Music Music
  19. Man with the Weird Beard – Heather Bishop – Belly Button
  20. Hymn to Herne – SJ Tucker – Blessings
  21. Some Fathers Have Gone to Glory – Sally Rogers and Claudia Schmidt –
  22. Alester’s Wake – Haze – Book of Shadows
  23. Brothers Fallen – Saor Patrol and the Dolmen – Crann Tara
  24. Cernunnos – Faith and the Muse – Shoumei
  25. What’s up yours – Barleyjuice – The Barleyjuice Collection

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MMM: *K8’s 3rd Dozen

drunk_dragon_drunkon_by_sssilver_c-d32orug*K8 celebrated her birthday over the weekend, which means that it was her birthday show! She turned 3 dozen and had a lot of fun putting music together for the show. The new age segment of the show was planned out, for the most part, by Phil – otherwise the show was *K8’s.

A special note about Track 11: The Kirtan Aid CD is a special compilation put together to benefit the children of an orphanage in Rishikesh, India. From the back of the CD case: “Kirtan Aid isthe music of yoga in service to the planet. 100% of the profits from this album will build a shelter for homeless orphans at a sanctuary for children called Ramana’s Garden in Rishikech, India.” You can learn more about the Sat Nam Foundation’s Kirtan Aid projects at

PLAYLIST for 8 June 2014

  1. Unreleased Backgrounds – Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
  2. By a Wire – Jennifer DeFrayne – By a Wire
  3. Sailing – Louis Colaiannia – Closer
  4. Orange Sky – John Luttrell – The Dream Exchange
  5. Bele Cheri – Mike Rayburn – Wooden Voices
  6. I Remember Summer – Carl Weingarten – Life Under Stars
  7. So Much to Say – Peter Calandra – Inner Circle
  8. Back to the Sea – Mark Barrott – Sketches From an Island
  9. Golden Amrit – Ashana – River of Light
  10. Guru Brahma – Manish Vyas – Shivoham: A Journey Into Bliss
  11. Kashi Vishwanath Gange – Krishna Das – Kirtan Aid
  12. Donnar, Norse – God of Drum – Get Tribal
  13. Soulful Old Man Sunshine – Beach Boys – Endless Harmony
  14. Eagle – Life in General – No Need to be Lonely disc 2
  15. The Battle of TYR – Black Sabbath – TYR
  16. Neptune – SJ Tucker – Mischief
  17. Poseidon – Kelly Andrew – Olympus
  18. One tin Soldier – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Have a Ball
  19. the Tsamikos – Brave Combo – the Exotic Rocking Life
  20. Pagan Polka – SONA – Spoonwalk
  21. Vitame Vas – Frenchy & the Punk – Happy Madness
  22. Highly Illogical – Leonard Nimoy – Spaced Out: the very best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner
  23. Miss Conception – Leslie Fish – Chickasaw Mountain
  24. Chasing the Beer – Saor Patrol – Black Bull
  25. The Gods aren’t Crazy – Leslie Fish – Avalon is Rison
  26. Pije Kuba – Brave Combo – Polkas for a Gloomy World
  27. Is anything better than Beer – Big Lou – Dogs Playing Polka
  28. Let’s Go Beer Drinking – New Generation Band – This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Polka

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