PMP: Beltaine 2013

podcastbannerad3May the 4th be with you, as our Star Wars friends are blasting all over social media today. Beltane is here. Many celebrate the festival on the weekend closest to the date of May 1st. Many others have already celebrated, either on the 1st or last weekend. Yet others honor the spirit of the festival in their own way, sometimes through the entire month of May. My own Mother Coven has celebrated today. KaliSara is celebrating the birth of her second child, Lady Bug is no longer a baby.

This edition of Pagan-Musings Podcast brings you a variety of music, tales, and information about Beltane. We hope that you enjoy listening to the wonderful and beautiful finds we have for you. Click here to listen to the broadcast.


  1. Featherscale – Invocation – Gypsy Heart

    May the Passion and Love of the Season guide you on your Journey

    May the Passion and Love of the Season guide you on your Journey

  2. Cernunnos Rising – Blessings of Beltaine – Wild Soul
  3. Omnia – Tine Beltaine (10,000 Lightyears Remix) – cybershaman
  4. Kenny Klein – Queen of Night – Oak and Ash
  5. Kelliannna – Shares Her Love – I Walk With the Goddess
  6. Omnia – Love in the Forest – Wolf Love
  7. Shawna Carol – Sacred Pleasure – Goddess Chant
  8. AO Music – In Loke’Ch – …And Love Rages On
  9. Cernunnos Rising – A Fire Fit for a Queen – Wild Soul
  10. Elvendrums – Walking the Woods – The Dragon
  11. Elvendrums – Stolen Child – The Dragon (inspired by William Butler Yeats)
  12. Jenna Greene – Spring Love – Crossroads
  13. Celia – For the Asking – For the Asking
  14. Celia – Carry Me Home – Carry Me Home
  15. Damh the Bard – Under a Beltane Sun – Antlered Crown & Standing Stone