PWN 2015.4.5: Listen to the Heartbeat of the Earth

On Thursday 30 April 2015, RevKess and KaliSara sought to discuss some of the many natural disasters that have recently hit the globe. The volcanic eruptions in Chile and elsewhere, the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, and other disasters. Though they had intended to spend the bulk of the show on these topics, other things came to the fore in the news that took the spotlight. Namely the Baltimore Uprising (or riots, as they are called by mainstream media) following the death of a young Black man while in police custody.

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Ironically, the uprising/riot began within 24 hours the podcast conversation with Crystal Blanton, Taylor Ellwood, and several of the contributors to Bringing Race to the Table: Racism in the Pagan Community. The peaceful demonstrations began the previous Friday, turning violent on Monday following the funeral. Shauna Aura Knight published an article Monday 27 April about rioting, oppression, and compassion on Pagan Activist as a Pagan response to the violence and uprising. On Wednesday Heather Greene of The Wild Hunt posted an article with quotes from Pagans who were on the ground in Baltimore.

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