The Mess, Beltaine pt 2

ad bannerToday was the second installment of the Mess’s Beltaine celebration for 2013, it was also the Lincoln Marathon (Lincoln, NE). Below you will find the play list from today’s show. Thank you again to *K8 for typing up the list during the show. I have made some minor corrections to her list. Any errors that remain are my own.


  1. Wytches’ Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Faeries
  2. At the Beginning – Dan Kennedy – Intuition
  3. Greening – Masako – Masako
  4. The Story – Terra Guitarra – Dragonfly
  5. The Princess and the Emperor – Al Conti – The Blue Rose
  6. Magnificent Gaia – Lia Scallon – The Luminous Pearl
  7. Middle of a Moment – Stephen Savage – Future Memory
  8. Into the Heart – Budi Siebert – Namaste
  9. Jamboree – David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks – Loveren
  10. Handfast Blessing – SJ Tucker – Blessings
  11. Stop & Go – Lisa Hilton – Getaway
  12. Morning – Chorus of Life – Gaia’s Voice
  13. Behold – Abbi Spinner McBride – Fires of Creation
  14. Goddess of the Seeds – Ancient Brotherhood – Nature Goddess
  15. When it’s Springtime in Alaska – Johnny Horton –
  16. Hand me down my Jogging Shoes – Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert – Singing with You
  17. Seed in the Ground – Heather Bishop – Belly Button
  18. Family Garden – John McCutcheon – Family Garden
  19. Spring Cleaning – John McCutcheon – Four Seasons: Spring Songs
  20. The Reverend Edmund Jones – Anne Lister – Waiting for the Hero
  21. Laptop Unit – Cynthia McQuillin – Bedlam Cats
  22. Lord of the Pounce – Marc Gunn – Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
  23. Black Velvet Band – Isaac Bonewits –
  24. Evolve – Gaia Consort – Evolve
  25. We Come from Monkeys – Emerald Rose – Archives of Ages to Come
  26. House of Mama Dragon – SJ Tucker – Haphazard

I‘ve had a very long weekend. After I have gotten some rest I will gladly insert links and other information for the tracks that were played. Until then, have a blessed week!

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