Devin Hunter & The Modern Witch

podcastbannerad3It has been two Saturdays since our last broadcast on Pagan-Musings Podcast and we wanted to explain why. April 20th found us vending at ConStellation IV in Lincoln, NE. We had intended to put together a recorded show, but it just didn’t happen. And the 27th found RevKess working his bills-paying-job and KaliSara under doctor’s orders to not talk much. 

Devin Hunter

Luckily for us, and for our listeners, Devin Hunter was willing to reschedule for Tuesday the 30th. So, here we are with the show  notes for that episode of PMP.

Listen to the show.

Music Played:

  1. Lis Addison – New World – Crown in the Sky
  2. Wendy Rule – Oh How I Dreamed – Deity
  3. Spiral Dance – The Spirit of Albion/Wooden Box (featuring Damh the Bard) – Through a Sylvan Doorway
  4. Jenna Greene – Mating Dance (Beltane) – Crossroads

Links to material discussed or resources for more information:

  • Modern Witch Online: The online home for just about everything that Devin Hunter is involved in. Here you can learn about Devin and the other contributors to his podcast and the magazine.
  • PantheaCon: Devin attended PantheaCon this year and wrote about it on the blog portion of Modern Witch Online. Read part 1 and part 2
  • The Mystic Dream: Devin works as the House Medium and manager of the Mystic Dream, one of the oldest metaphysical stores in the United States. He’s been there for ten years. Listen to the show for the story behind how he landed that position and what it is that he does for the store. 
  • Modern Witch Podcast: Devin’s podcast, finishing up it’s fourth season, can be heard on Pagan Radio Network or in archives through Podbean.

RevKess and Devin had a wonderful chat. Bouncing around from talking about PantheaCon and Modern Witch Online to some of their similar experiencing meeting Pagans that many of us look up to. The conversation was rather smooth and we feel informative. Sometime in the near future, RevKess will be appearing on the Modern Witch to share about himself and answer some of the question that Devin has for him.

MMM Playlist 04/28/13

Would seem that Phil’s radio blog has gone MIA, or at least his ability to post it, and since the promoters and the musicians have been chomping at the bit to see playlists posted somewhere, he will be posting them to this blog site until he can either rectify the situation or decides on if he wants to recreate that radio blog. 

Nadine Murphy, host of MMM at the boards.

Nadine Murphy, host of MMM at the boards.

*K8 of Murphy’s Magic Mess on KZUM has been so kind as to enter in the playlist as it happens on Facebook. So it has become even easier for the weekly playlist to be made available to everyone. Her formatting is different than mine, though. She does song title, artist, album. Which is fine, it is all there. We all (Murf included) hope that you enjoy and appreciate these playlists. If time allows when I post them to this blog I will also include links to some or all of the musicians’ pages.

Sunday, 28 April 2013 was the first of two Beltaine shows for the gang on MMM. Looking at the music we played should make that obvious, but you never know…. *wink* In this list you will find some “classic” Pagan pieces as well as some brand new pieces that had arrived for either Phil or Murf in recent weeks. As always, the first 30-45 minutes of the program includes new release New Age music that is sent to us either by the radio promoter for the album or the musician themselves. 

  1. Wytches’ Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Fairies
  2. Love Always Waits – David Arkenstone & Charlee Brooks – Loveren (released March 2013)
  3. Whisper from Whithin – Catherine Marie Charlton – River Flow (released April 2013)
  4. Hokulea – AO Music – Hokulea (Released March 2013)
  5. New World – Lis Addison – Crown in the Sky (released 2013, click here to read Phil’s review)
  6. Leaf on a Stream – Stephen Savage – Future Memory (original release December 2012, arrived for us April 2013)
  7. Stop & Go – Lisa Hilton – Getaway (released April 2013)
  8. I am the Goddess – Spiral Rhythm – Roll of Thunder
  9. Gaia (Introduction) – Monica Richards – Infra Warrior
  10. Bird of Spring – Woodland – Seasons in Elfland
  11. Beltane Lullaby – Clarsa McElhaney – Storyteller
  12. On Mayday Eve – Peggy Monahan – Seasons of the Witch
  13. Song for Beltaine – Victoria Parks – Wild English Rose
  14. Pan – Chorus of Life – Gaia’s Voice
  15. Song of Beltane – Crow Women – Crow Voice
  16. May Queen – Three Weird Sisters – Hair of the Frog
  17. Merry May Folk – Emerald Rose – Bending Tradition
  18. Our Maypole Waits – Francesca DeGrandis – Pick an apple from a tree
  19. The Maypole – T. Thorn Coyle – Songs for the Strengthening Year
  20. Mystic Rituals – Didges Christ Super Drum – Alien Technology (released April 2013)
  21. New Age Pagan Rag – Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – Swede Hollow
  22. Tine Bealtaine – Omnia – Pagan Folk
  23. Jack the Slob and the Goddess of love – Leslie Fish – Avalon is Rising
  24. Penguin Lust – Annwn – Anarchy and Rapture
  25. Black Velvet Band – Isaac Bonewits

An added bonus, a video of Lisa Hilton’s Getaway.

PWN #90: Kyrja, Boston & Witch Hunts

The 90th edition of the Pagan Weekly News was full of emotional content. Zaracon and RevKess visited with Kyrja, author of the KyrjaRupert’s Tales series for children regarding the hate crime attacks on her and her community. As we discussed in a recent episode of the Pagan-Musings Podcast, Kyrja has been under attack from unknown assailants for several months. The attacks escalated from verbal abuse in December to shots being fired at her home in March and more recently chemical bombs being lobbed at her home on April 15, 2013. Her step daughter was harmed in that attack, chemical inhalation damaging her lungs. You can hear straight from Kyrja what is going on in this edition of PWN. (You can also hear KalisSara and RevKess’s interview with Kyrja earlier this month.)

Leading into Kyrja’s visit your hosts talked briefly about the new CD release by Didges Christ SuperDrum, Alien Technology. A selection from that CD was played during the program. They also talked about ConStellation IV, in which KaliSara and RevKess participated as Pangaia Metaphysical Store.

Right before Kyrja’s call, Zaracon and RevKess spoke up the recent developments with the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation. Both suspects have been apprehended, two brothers by the name of Tsarnaev from Chechnya. One brother was killed in a gun fight with law enforcement officials while the other was later taken into custody after receiving multiple gunshot wounds, he was later officially charged while in hospital.

Later in the show the hosts talked about the fertilizer plant explosion outside Waco, TX last week and information regarding the 30 Days of Advocacy Against With Hunts in South Africa, including part of a letter sent by SAPRA executives to the government regarding the exclusion of recognition of Pagan religions by the government.

Table 4Ending the show on a more positive note, there was talk of the 4th anniversary of Pangaia Metaphysical Store and Raymond Buckland’s recent foray into iPhone/iPad apps with his Romani Tarot application.

See below for a listing of topics and links that were discussed as well as a listing of the music played during this edition of PWN.

Z and Kess would like to thank all the live and archive listeners for tuning in and sharing in the information and news that they have for you each and every week on Pagan Weekly News and encourage you to visit their advertisers and supports. Tune in next week for another edition of the Pagan Weekly News with Zaracon and RevKess.



  1. Lorelei Greenwood – Gallimaufry
  2. DidgesChrist Super Drum – Stardust + Energy = Me – Alien Technology
  3. Celia – Build the Wall
  4. Isaac Bonewits – We Won’t Shave Any Longer

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