PWN #91: SAPRA and Witch Hunts

Every April Pagans around the world, especially in South Africa, pay extra attention to the tragedy of modern witch hunts in what some in the United States and Europe would call “under developed” or “third world” countries.

Music Played:

  1. Telergy -Scene 1 – Legend of Goody Cole Scene 1 contains dramatized “accusations” against Eunice Cole. Tune into our special edition on Memorial Weekend to hear an interview with Robert McClung, the man behind Telergy and learn more about Goody Cole and all the players and musicians inolved in the creation of this astounding CD.
  2. Telergy – Incarceration – Legend of Goody Cole This track’s music gives the listener a feel for the emotions that Eunice Cole may have been experiencing during her imprisonment. 
  3. Celia – Beltane Song/Dance the Night Away (rough cut) Final version of the song released in time for Beltaine 2013. Visit Celia’s website to purchase/download the final cut of this beautiful and fun song.

Links and Resources:

sapralogoThe South African Pagan Rights Alliance (SAPRA) was founded in 2004 as a grass roots reaction to the outdated anti-witchcraft laws in the SA constitution. For many years native Africans have been accusing their neighbors of “witchcraft”, attacking them, beating, raping, murdering these accused witches. These attacks have nothing to do with what many modern Pagans consider to be witchcraft. They are based on tribal or ancient traditions, predating the introduction of Christianity and other monotheistic religions into these parts of the world. Many of these people who are accused of witchcraft are actually accused of what Damon Leff calls “fabricated” witchcraft. Faith healers, traditional healers, tribal and native spiritual leaders. These people do not consider themselves to be witches, even though Christians lump those works and followers of traditional African religions into the same category as “devil worshippers” and “witches”.

For more information on SAPRA and witch hunts around the globe, please visit their website. Zaracon and RevKess would like to thank Damon Leff for his continued work towards a better global community and a safer environment in South Africa for native religionists and Pagans. They would also like to thank all of their listeners for their continued support with PWN and PMPChannel.

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