PWN #44: RevKess and KaliSara at Heartland

Over Memorial Weekend, RevKess and KaliSara went to Heartland Pagan Festival outside McClouth, KS. For RevKess it was his first visit, for KaliSara it had been 15 years since had gone. On Tuesday, 29 May 2012, they discussed their experiences on PWN. Zaracon joined in on the line about 1.5 hours into the show. Both will be blogging and writing articles about their experiences over the next couple of weeks. Please check back with this posting for links to those articles and blog posts. In the meantime, visit the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel on BTR to hear their talk and listen to some great music.

Play List from PWN #44

  1. Wendy Rule – Deity – Deity
  2. Paradiso – Ancient Waterways – Shaman’s Trance
  3. Blackmore’s Night – Be Mine Tonight
  4. Wendy Rule – Shine
  5. Celia – Connected – For the Asking