PMP: PaganActivist author Lauren talks about Karma

Lauren Nami Ouellette-Bruchez joins KaliSara and RevKess in the studio this evening. Nami is a blog-author on along with regular guest Shauna Aura Knight and RevKess. Nami is a student at the Maetreum of Cybele, Mother Cathryn Platine  has also been a regular guest on the show from 2013, Nami was able to sit in on one of those visits.

Lauren Nami Ouellette-Bruchez

Lauren Nami Ouellette-Bruchez

On March 6, she published an article on about Karma and the Just World Fallacy. This caught KaliSara’s eye. Along the way they discuss the Hindu/Eastern concept of Karma and how it relates/compares/contrasts to the Western concept as well as how it relates to the Wiccan concept of the Three Fold Law.

Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight joined the session around the 45 minute mark to talk about the topic as well as money more specifically. The “obligation of teaching without compensation”. Referencing her own post on and upcoming articles on her own leadership blog.

Hour one focused on the main topic of Karma and the Just World Fallacy. Hour two took the conversation in a totally different direction, one leaning towards leadership. Hour three went even further off the title topic into the realm of marketing, budgeting and the reality of being a person in Western culture.


  1. Omnia – Mercy Seat – Musick and Poetree
  2. Celia – Break These Chains – Carry Me Home
  3. SJ Tucker – Cheshire Kitten (We’re All Mad Here) – Mischief
  4. Damh the Bard – Merlin Am I – The Hills They Are Hollow

Audio note: Nami was not able to use a headset during the show, the echo you heard of KaliSara, RevKess and Shauna was due to them being on a conference call via Skype. You are hearing the delayed echo from everyone  over Nami’s speakers.

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