PMP: Marion Zimmer Bradley, sex abuse, separate the art from the artist

KaliSara and RevKess find themselves once again delving into a dark and touchy subject. That of child molestation and abuse. Earlier this year they talked frankly about predators in the Pagan community after the news broke that well known author, musician, and teacher Kenny Klein had been arrested on over 20 counts of possession of child pornography, with the intent to distribute. That lead to his ex-wife Tzipora Katz and their son Jo Pax visiting with Ariel Monserrat of Green Egg Magazine during a special live broadcast of the Green Egg Radio Hour here on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. Earlier this month it was brought back into the world view of fandom and Pagandom that author Marion Zimmer Bradley was also involved in such activities.


Marion Zimmer Bradley, author of such books as Darkover and Mists of Avalon (and their related series), famed science fiction and fantasy author, died in 1999. Fifteen years later her books are still successful and influential to both the sci-fi/fantasy community (the fandom) and to the Pagan community. Co-founder of the Society for Creative Anachronisms, she is lauded by thousands as an influential figure in the latter half of the 20th Century. But she had a dark side, not the least of which being married to Walter Breen, known pedophile and child abuser.

Below you will find links to articles, accounts, and other information pertaining specifically to MZB and to Kenny Klein. You will also find links to previous broadcasts on PMPChannel related to the topics of abuse, ethics, and how they effect the Pagan community.

At the time of this posting RevKess is awaiting a statement from Diana L. Paxson, the author who has continued the Darkover and Mists of Avalon series since MZB’s passing. Paxson was a friend as a well as a professional associate of MZB.

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Kenny Klein

  • KaliSara and RevKess’s first episode regarding Kenny Klein and the charges of possession of child pornography with intent to distribute.
  • Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel played host The Green Egg Radio Hour with their special guests Tzipora Katz and Jo Pax to talk frankly about their lives with Kenny Klein. Tzipora is his exwife, Jo is his son.
  • RevKess and KaliSara did a follow up episode as a second part to the sex abuse and ethics in the Pagan community.

Separating the Artist from the Art


  1. Brian Henke – Dancing with the Child in You – A Child’s Garden
  2. Avalon Rising – God Walks Among Us – Songs off the Goddess: A Pagan Music Compilation
  3. Cernunnos Rising – Wise  Old Yew – Urban Druid

A note about the music: The music choices had nothing to do with the topic.

RevKess and KaliSara would like to thank Shauna Aura Knight for her contribution in the second half of this episode.

PMP: Sex, ethics and abuse in the magickal world

KaliSara and RevKess attempted to tackle a very difficult topic tonight, especially in light of the recent news that one of the Pagan community’s most well known elders has been arrested and charged with 25 counts of possession of child pornography. Yes, that topic. The one that is on everyone’s minds and lips right now. Kenny Klein, author, musician, teacher and friend to many has apparently let the community down. He was arrested on Tuesday 25 March 2014 at his home in New Orleans.

Joining your hosts for the show were Shauna Aura Knight, who is becoming a regular contributor to PMPChannel, and Taylor Ellwood of Immanion Press / Megalithica Books. Shauna is an author, artist, and workshop facilitator. Taylor is an author and the editor-in-chief of Immanion’s non-fiction section.


  • Oddly enough, back in late October 2013, Shauna Aura Knight wrote an article for covering the topics of sex and ethics in the Pagan world.
  • T Thorn Coyle on her blog Know Thyself speaks to the issues of abuse and ethics in a recent posting, as well as shares two stories of Kenny Klein and makes reference to a series she wrote in 2009 on Gavin and Yvonne Frost (Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3).
  • Cara Schulz PNC-Minnesota was one of the first Pagan media sources to release a story on the Kenny Klein case.
  • Jason Pitzl-Waters of  The Wild Hunt also reported.


  1. Celia – Please Bless This Space – Carry Me Home
  2. Heartbeat – Earth Air Fire Water – Bloodmoon
  3. Lia Scallon – Walk in Beauty – The Luminous Pearl
  4. Jenna Greene – Acceptance – Crossroads
  5. Celia – Metta Prayer – For the Asking


  • Taylor Ellwood, writing as the Blog Admin for Immanion Press’s website made this announcement on 27 March 2014: “The Flowering Rod by Pagan Author and Musician Kenny Klein is being pulled from our line of Esoteric Non-Fiction books as a response to the recent news that Kenny Klein has been charged of downloading and sharing child pornography. Mr. Klein has admitted his guilt in this matter, and we do not feel that we can, in good conscience, continue to publish his book. We are removing the book from our line-up effective immediately. At Immanion Press we do not believe in knowingly supporting acts of behavior that violate the Pagan community or how it is represented to the world by our authors. We are committed to publishing books that help the communities we are a part of, but we also believe that any author is a role model and should behave accordingly. We offer our condolences to people who have been effected negatively by this situation or any other actions Mr. Klein has done.”
  • Writing about the core values of Immanion Press, Ellwood had this to say: “Our fourth and final responsibility is to ourselves, to make a reasonable profit in publishing books, while also staying true to our values and to the services we provide the communities we are a part of. Our profit should never come before the service we provide our readers, community, or authors, but rather should come about as a natural result of showing that we genuinely care about the welfare of our readers, community, and creative authors and artists.” Read the rest of the blog posting for the first three core values.
  • Over on Pagan in Paradise, Pagan activist, minister and member of Lady Liberty League, Peter Dybing addressed the topic in much more general terms: “Frankly, those who engage in these power over relationships, based on wealth, status or influence perpetuate their privilege and support the subjugation of women. Even worse they reinforce the idea that societal power and status is an appropriate currency to purchase sexual relationships. Such actions contribute greatly to rape culture in our communities.

    The messages sent to young men are that women are objects to be possessed by those who are successful or influential. Confronting our own privilege means standing up and proclaiming that such power based relationships are not acceptable in our communities.


    Today I call on my fellow “Old White Guys” to confront these beliefs when you witness them in our collective communities. They represent an abuse of power, a perpetuation of un earned privilege and a disregard of the fundamental human rights of women.”