PMP: Lupa Greenwolf and The Tarot of Bones

Lupa Greenwolf, author and artist, joined RevKess and KaliSara for a fantastic conversation about her newest projects. The main focus was on her art and Tarot project The Tarot of Bones which she is doing an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce 78 one of a kind images for the deck. As of the end of this broadcast she had reached 112% of her goal in less than seven days. That doesn’t mean the campaign is over, far from it. Her modest goal of $5000 only really covers the cost of materials and the shipping for the perks associated with the campaign. Producing 78 pieces of art is not an inexpensive project and on her behalf the hosts and producers of PMPChannel ask that you take a look at the campaign and add to her totals. She is plotting some really interesting stretch goals and new perks to be added to the site.

This was not Lupa’s first visit to the channel, nor will it be her last. With several wonderful art and book projects already produced and more on the way, Lupa will be visiting with the channel again in the near future. At the very least in January 2016 when her next book from Llewellyn Worldwide is released. You’ll have to tune in and find out what that is about – she gives us a teaser in this episode.


  1. Cernunnos Rising – Greenman (Last Tree Falling) – Wild Soul
  2. Mama Gina – Hummingbirds – Goddess Kiss’d
  3. Omnia – I Don’t Speak Human – Musick & Poetree
  4. Wendy Rule – Home – Black Snake

Taken from Lupa’s website:

About Lupa


Lupa Greenwolf, photo from her website

You know that kid who spent all her free time outdoors, turning over rocks, catching garter snakes, and learning the names of the trees? I’m that kid, all grown up. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon, though I am frequently found in the wilderness areas infusing and surrounding the metro area. I also garden, create kitchen alchemy (also known as “cooking”), and read as much as I’m able to make time for.

Most other relevant information about me and what I do can be found scattered throughout this site. Suffice it to say that I aim to be a creative polymath with a wellspring of ideas and inspirations, and I am restricted primarily by time. I am fortunate enough to be fully self-employed through my creative endeavors, and I greatly appreciate those whose purchases and other support have made that possible.

Artist’s StatementWe live in a time and place of convenience; everything is neatly packaged and sanitized, and we acquire our food, shelter, medicine and other needs with relative ease. In the process, we have lost touch with where these things come from, where in the earth, water and air they have originated. We forget that we are Animalia Chordata Mammalia Primates Hominidae Hominini Homo sapiens sapiens–in short, the last remaining human ape. And in our forgetting, we have enacted some great atrocities on our planet, our fellow beings, and ourselves.

Through my art, I am a voice crying out in this silicon and concrete wilderness we’ve built for ourselves. I use three-dimensional sculptures as statements on the problems we face, pairing aesthetic attraction with harsh realities. But I also invite others to seek solutions, offering relationships with sacred artifacts and the transformational rites they may incite in one’s life. I draw on the tradition of the wunderkammer, the cabinet of natural curiosities that serves as a personal museum, to encourage people to bring reminders of the nonhuman world even into their very homes. And I write about it all, through pixels and pages, sharing my path with whoever will walk it with me, even for a little while.

For it is not enough to merely rail about the tragedies. One must have hope, and must know that it is not too late to rebuild connections long lost. Through reclaiming discarded materials and showing them respect, through encouraging a more mindful and eco-conscious view of the world, and through offering an invitation to return to the greater communities of ecosystems and the planet itself, my creations serve as a bridge between us and everything else, and I am the intermediary setting the sacred space for that process of healing.

PMP: Why we do what we do

It has been five years since RevKess dragged KaliSara online to do the first episode of Pagan-Musings. Hard to believe it has been that long! And yes, RevKess had to “drag” KaliSara. He was unemployed and going stir crazy, trying to find something to fill his time while waiting for potential employers to get back with him. So he asked her, “Wanna sit in on my first podcast? I don’t know what I am doing, but it could be a lot of fun!” Five years later and they’ve hardly missed a week (those that have been missed have been due to technical difficulties).

Both hosts enjoy doing the show. They enjoy the music and meeting them musicians. They enjoy the books and talking with the authors. They enjoy sharing news and information with their listeners. On a deeper level, RevKess feels that the show, indeed almost everything he does with PMPChannel, is part of a calling that he has to teach. For KaliSara she feels that she has something to share with others, with the hopes that what she shares will be of benefit to others.

Along the way both hosts shared some of their favorite topics and guests. As you can see from the list below, PMPChannel plays host to other shows, some of them as one-off’s, some as series. PMPChannel plays home to the podcast version of Murphy’s Magic Mess and Lavender Hill from KZUM.


  1. Cernunnos Rising – The Witches Tree – Urban Druid
  2. Leigh Ann Hussey – Greenmantle – Homebrew
  3. Damh the Bard – Raggle Taggle Gypsies – Herne’s Apprentice
  4. SJ Tucker – Cheshire Kitten – Mischief
  5. Celia – Everyday Goddess – Breathe
  6. Lon Milo DuQuette – Sweet Babalon – I’m Baba Lon

PMP: Ecology & Environmentalism

KaliSara and RevKess were joined by guests Lupa Greenwolf, Arthur and Shauna Aura Knight for a conversation of ecology and environmentalism from a Pagan perspective, that is from FIVE Pagan perspectives. And what varied perspectives they are! Though all five were pretty much in agreement on the necessity of making changes in how humans interact with nature and their environment, they each brought a different way of looking at how to make those changes. The discussion included talk of the future, working with nature – not against, food costs and other issues.

Links to Articles, etc

Not necessarily in the order they were brought up on the show.

  • KaliSara launched the discussion with a reference to a NASA study that has been bandied about on Facebook and other social media outlets.

  • Lupa brought up the book Last Child in the Woods by author and ecologist Richard Louv. Louv has written many books on ecology and is a favorite go-to reference for Lupa and others when discussing the topic. His latest book The Nature Principle talks about how a sustainable future can be made possible through nature-smart education.
  • We had hoped to have Peter Beckley join us in conversation, but his broadband was too narrow to connect – living as far off the grid as possible can sometimes do that. He was in chat and shared his thoughts with other chatters, including a link to a permaculture training website.
  • Arthur referenced an interview with singer-songwriter and animal rights activist Moby in which he said that the actual cost of beef in the United States is over $30 a pound but that government subsidies have made it so that the consumer is only visibly paying $3-5 a pound. Note the word “visibly”. Tax payer dollars are used to pay those government subsidies. RevKess found an article on from 2011 that sited a non-subsidized cost of $20/pd and KaliSara found one on from 2006 that backs Moby’s claim. The article on NaturalNews indicates that when you factor in the long term environmental and medical costs of subsidized beef could raise the cost per pound to over $200.
  • From beef to aspartame. KaliSara is a huge proponent of being natural with your foods – including your sweeteners. She referenced a 2002 study by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that indicates that aspartame can be linked to multiple physical and mental health issues, from hearing and vision loss to seizures, from memory loss to dementia. RevKess can attest to some of that, he has experienced loss of concentration and memory retention when consuming beverages that contain aspartame.
  • Some how or another the topic turned to women shaving their legs and arm pits and the “necessity” of deodorants. At which point Arthur, who is very good at trivia, pointed out that a World War II propagandist for the Allies had something major to do with the U.S.’s obsession with shaving, masking scents in the pits and even “flower vomit” detergents. Edward Bernays, nephew of Dr. Freud.
  • Shauna brought up an article on about five byproducts of modern living and how we are burying ourselves in garbage.
  • KaliSara and her “flower vomit” detergent thread in the conversation led to the mention of alternative laundry machines and dryers.

Additional Links of Interest

  • Shauna referenced towards the end of the show an article on by Jason Morrow on Cognitive Dissonance. Both Shauna and Lupa made mention of the disconnect that many people have from Nature.
  • It did not come up on the broadcast, but early in the chat conversation KaliSara shared a link to a USA Today article about the Tesla electric car and how it has been shown to be viable for more than in-town and short-distance driving.
  • At some point in the show Arthur mentioned the common crop of corn in Nebraska and elsewhere in the Midwest and how it requires a huge amount of water to cultivate. KaliSara shared this link regarding corn in chat with our live listeners.
  • During the laundry and cleaning tangent, RevKess mentioned that he uses tea tree in his laundry. KaliSara shared in chat a link on growing your own tea tree plants.
  • As has been established, Lupa is a prolific blogger and author. In July 2013 she published an article through the Pagan Newswire Collective’s nature bureau. She asked us to share it here as well. Three things many people buy at the grocery store that they DO NOT need.


  1. Elaine Silver – By the Earth – Faerie Goddess
  2. Wendy Rule – The Earth is Still Part of the Sky – The Wold Sky

It was decided at the end of the show that all three of the guests, and maybe some others, should come back in the near future to do a second installment and talk about the spiritual aspects of ecology and environmentalism.  That date has not yet been set. Check back with the BTR site for updates on scheduled programming.