Lavender Hill #124: Post Star City Pride

On 14 July 2013, Corwin and Phil hosted the 124th edition of Lavender Hill on KZUM in Lincoln, NE. This was their post-Star City Pride show. During the show they talked about their experiences at SCP as well as covered several stories from the news that effect the LGBTQA community. *K8 (a fellow minion on Murphy’s Magic Mess) sat in on the show and can be heard laughing at Corwin and Phil’s banter in the background as well as makes a few comments along the way.

Lavender Hill airs live on KZUM every Sunday at 11am CT. You can find the show on Facebook and email the hosts at with questions, comments or suggestions.

Before we get into everything we talked about on the show, Phil wanted to mention that he has been playing catch up on some sound editing for The Wimmins Show. You can catch podcasts of three new segments from TWS. Women Out Loud with Amy Plettner, an acoustic session with Claudia Nygaard and right after this edition of Lav Hill, indie rock group Lakookala.

Stories and Links

The Music

  1. Rufus Wainright – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – (live) House of Rufus (2011) 
  2. Me’Shell NdegeOcello – A Tear and a Smile – Peace Beyond Passion

Just for grins….

MMM 7/14/13: Transitions

Murf's Blue DragonPost Star City Pride here in Lincoln, Ne. Phil over slept. He woke up 15 minutes into today’s Mess. Murf and *K8 were doing fine without him, but luckily they called to make sure he was on his way. If for no other reason than to arrive at the studio in time to do Lavender Hill. Even with him being late, he was able to get the whole play list entered into the Facebook notes for Murphy’s Magic Mess and get all situated for the long day at KZUM – he stayed to help engineer a special musical guest for The Wimmins Show.

Saturday was the marriage of two long time KZUM listeners, particularly of the Mess. And recently Murf lost a friend who was an English professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Much of today’s show was in dedication to all three of those wonderful people. A bit sad at times, but also a lot of fun at others.

The Music

(Playlist formatting note, *K8 enters information in a different order and Phil continued with that after his arrival. The order is Song title, Artist, CD.)

  1. Wytches’ Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Faeries
  2. Naked Love – Fiona Joy Hawkins – 600 Years in a Moment
  3. Beginning the Journey – Pure Heart Ensemble – Bliss of Being
  4. Dancing with Tinkerbell – Jami Sieber – Timeless
  5. The Blue Rose – Al Conti – the Blue Rose
  6. Undulant Sea – Meg Bowles – The Shimmering Land
  7. Dulcimer in G – Dan Kennedy – Lantern
  8. Massif Central Polka/Boy’s Lament for His Dragon/Polka Piquee
  9. Dancer and the Moon – Blackmore’s Night – Dancer and the Moon
  10. The Celtic Passage – Gerry Marchand – The Hooded Man
  11. the Lake of Innisfree – The Waterboys – An Appointment with Mr. Yeats
  12. Aeolis the Wind – Ruth Barrett & Cynthia Smith – The Heart is the Only Nation
  13. Handfasting Blessing – SJ Tucker – Blessings
  14. Love is Your Magic – Michelle Mays – The Promise
  15. Frey and Freya – T Thorn Coyle and Sharon Knight – Songs for the Strengthen Sun
  16. The Sweet Irlandaise – Alan Stivell – Again
  17. The Kirk  Douglas Ghoullie – North Sea Gas – The Caledonian Collection
  18. Bodhran – The Young Dubliners – Red
  19. Finn and the Old Man’s House – John Renbourn Robin & Williamson – The Wheel of Fortune
  20. The Hosting of the Sidhe – The Waterboys – An Appointment with Mr Yeats
  21. Danny Boy – Tuatha Dea – Tuatha Dea
  22. Salad of Doom – SJ Tucker
  23. What Up Your’s? – Barley Juice – The Barley Juice Collection

Musica Pagani Video Bonuses #2: Globe Trotting

MPBTRadbannerIn the first posting of the MP Video Bonuses, RevKess treated you to a collection of New Age/Pagan rap and hip hop music. Now he’s going to go globe trotting and bring you foreign language videos.

First out the gate is Faun with “Diese kalte Nacht” from Von den Elben. 

Though the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel does have permission to play this next group, and it does not contain any lyrics, it is still a good match for a collection of videos from around the world. Omnia’s “The Sheenearlahi Set” live recording from a concert in Cologne, Germany. You can find this on Omnia’s Live on Earth album as well. 

RevKess was recently listening to a new program on his local community radio station, KZUM, and discovered some really different First Nations music with a club flavor. A Tribe Called Red was featured at the end of one of the episodes of The Language of Music. Here is a sampling of their music for you enjoy.  Here is a live “in-studio” recording from Studio Q. 

Corvus Corax is a favorite of Murf’s over on Murphy’s Magic Mess on KZUM. She let RevKess borrow their Sverker CD this past weekend. Here is the title track in a live performance. 

Alash Ensemble is Tuvan throat singing with instruments. They have been on tour in the US and during their visit to Lincoln, NE they stopped by KZUM and one of RevKess’s local stores, Bodhi Imports. Here is their tribute to the Anasazi. 

A little blast from the past for RevKess, he learned this song while attending a public high school. His mixed chorus did a concert that included songs in French, Latin, and Hebrew. This is Dundai, a children’s dance. No lyrics to this video, but it certainly is fun. 

That does it for this Video Bonus from Musica Pagani. Hope you have enjoyed!

Extra Special Bonus Video

While browsing around preparing for this posting, RevKess came across the concert video of Gregorian – The Dark Side of the Chant 2011 tour. Pop music done in the Gregorian chant style with epic instrumentation. 

PWN #101: Soap Box Frenzy

Due to some work conflicts for RevKess, this week’s edition of PWN was delayed by a day. Everyone at PMPChannel apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone. Zaracon was unavailable for this week’s edition.

RevKess feels he may have gone a little Rachel Maddow in the show, but he was on a roll. Sometimes being wore out from work loosens the tongue. He sure was up on his soap box a lot during the show!


the Music

  1. Paradiso & Rasamayi – Harmonic Ascension – Attuning to Oneness
  2. Omnia – I Don’t Speak Human – Musick and Poetree 
  3. Dragon Ritual Drummers – Tuatha de Danann – Passage
  4. Heather Dale – Odin’s Other Eye – The Gabriel Hounds
  5. Lon Milo DuQuette – Roman Rider – I’m Baba Lon
  6. Featherscale – Gypsy Heart – Gypsy Heart
  7. Mama Gina – Summer of the Fae – Goddess Kiss’d
  8. Lis Addison – Crown in the Sky – Crown in the Sky

News and Links that didn’t air….

There was a lot of ground to cover with #101 this week. Many things may have been missed or just didn’t make the cut for the live broadcast. Below you will find links and short info snippets on some of those topics and issues that just didn’t make it into the show. Not because they aren’t important, but because RevKess sometimes goes on tangents or looses steam before he can cover everything.

Musica Pagani #6

Sunday 7 July 2013, the sixth edition of the rebooted Musica Pagani on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. An extra long edition of the show this time around. RevKess had to do tracking for Murphy’s Magic Mess on KZUM, which means longer tracks to make it easier to track. So, still in the mood for long pieces of music, that is where he began for MP.

Introducing some new artists to PMPC and new music from some other artists, is what happens the beginning of every month. July being no exception. Fiona Joy Hawkins has a new release called 600 Years in a Moment and Craig Urquhart sent out his latest, First Light, for sharing on the show. Blackmore’s Night also has a new CD out this summer called Dancer and the Moon. New artists to the collection include Meg Bowles, Sensitive Chaos and Mama Gina. Rounding out the show are some old favorites, Tuatha Dea, Frenchy and the Punk and some lighter music from Michael Brant DeMaria.

As it is a new month, RevKess has picked a new opening and closing piece. Opening the show for the month of July will be Jenna Greene’s “Rise Up Singin'” from her Crossroads CD. Finishing off the show will be “The Blessing” from Tuatha Dea’s The Tribe. (Read RevKess’s review of The Tribe over at RevKess Reviews.)

The Music

  1. Jenna Greene – Rise Up Singin’ – Crossroads
  2. Meg Bowles – Venus Rising – The Shimmering Land
  3. Meg Bowles – Beneath Radiant Stars – The Shimmering Land
  4. Meg Bowles – Undulant Sea – The Shimmering Land
  5. Sensitive Chaos – Contemplation of One’s Place in the World – Amerisynthecana
  6. Sensitive Chaos – (Put Out) The House of Fire – Amerisynthecana
  7. Sensitive Chaos – Amerisynthecana (extended edit) – Amerisynthecana
  8. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Ancient Albatros – 600 Years in a Moment
  9. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Captured Freedom – 600 Years in a Moment 
  10. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Earthbound – 600 Years in a Moment
  11. Craig Urquhart – First Light – First Light
  12. Craig Urquhart – The Wanderer – First Light
  13. Craig Urquhart – Contentment – First Light
  14. Blackmore’s Night – Dancer and the Moon – Dancer and the Moon
  15. Blackmore’s Night – Troika – Dancer and the Moon
  16. Blackmore’s Night – The Moon is Shining (Somewhere Over the Sea) – Dancer and the Moon 
  17. Tuatha Dea – Khawuleza (featuring Spiral Rhythm) – The Tribe
  18. Tuatha Dea – The Hunt (Corners) – Kith & Kin
  19. Tuatha Dea – Granny’s Bedtime Tonic – Tuatha Dea 
  20. Mama Gina – Persephone – Goddess Kiss’d
  21. Mama Gina – Summer of the Fae – Goddess Kiss’d
  22. Mama Gina – Song of Atonement – Goddess Kiss’d
  23. Frenchy and the Punk – Hey Hey Cabaret – Hey Hey Cabaret 
  24. Frenchy and the Punk – Tie You Up – Hey Hey Cabaret
  25. Frenchy and the Punk – Oh Gypsy (as the Gypsy Nomads) – At The Carnival Eclectique
  26. Michael Brant DeMaria – Grandfather – Siyotanka 
  27. Michael Brant DeMaria – Mysterious Stranger – The Maiden of Stonehenge
  28. Michael Brant DeMaria – Moonlit Sea – Ocean
  29. Tuatha Dea – The Blessing – The Tribe

Bonus Material

(Not included in the podcast.)

  • Robert Gass- Ancient Mother 
  • Walter Thompson III – Cloned Hearts in Love (#2) 
  • Walter Thompson III – When All is Bare 
  • An interview segment with Frenchy and the Punk from AnachroCon 2013, featuring the title track from their Elephant Uproar.  Soon to be added to the PMPC music line up.

Musica Pagani Celebrates Independence

RevKess would like to say happy 4th of July to all the listeners in the United States and all of those who appreciate the freedoms and independence that they have or want to have. Every year on the 4th of July, millions of people celebrate the freedom and independence that they have in the United States. Even with the inequities that barrage US citizens on a regular basis, people in the US have much more freedom than most other places around the globe. It is due to the long battle that the US people have waged for centuries that they can celebrate on this day, and any other day of the year. Religious freedom, sexual equality (a work in progress), workers’ rights, voters’ rights, property and inheritance rights, all those things that many in the US take for granted. They are all reasons to celebrate.

Though Musica Pagani is a music program, as the name suggests, RevKess wanted to share that Crystal Blanton is a new staff writer for the Wild Hunt. Her first article for TWH was published for the 4th of July and it pertains to the celebration in the United States as well as the major disappointment that many have with the Supreme Court of the United States after their decision to over turn Section 4 of the Voters Rights Act on June 25, 2013 – one day before their major decision regarding Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. In the article she quotes such figures of the Pagan community as T Thorn Coyle, Peter Dybing, Yeshe Rabbit and Erick DuPreee.

This 4th of July, Musica Pagani celebrates freedom, diversity and independence with music and song.

The Music

  1. Celia – Lady Liberty 
  2. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Freedom – Live at the Q
  3. Stephen DeRuby – Freedom – Awakening
  4. Celia – Red Alabaster & Blue – Red Alabaster & Blue 
  5. Gaia Consort – Cry Freedom – Secret Voices
  6. Big Bad Gina – Freedom Connection – Lake of Dreams 
  7. Lis Addison – My Big Community – Grace of the Green Leaf
  8. Ian Corrigan – A Charm for Religious Liberty 
  9. Celia – Build the Wall – Military Religious Freedom Foundation 
  10. Celia – Symbol Song 
  11. Heather Dale – Brother Stand Beside Me – The Green Knight 
  12. Tron Syversen – Freedom Song – Piano Poems 
  13. Emerald Rose – Hills of America – Bending Tradition 
A special thank you to the editors and collectors of sound effects over at for some of the sounds you heard on this special edition of Musica Pagani.

Home of the Ancestors – Interview with Eric Hill – Hellenic Polytheism

In this episode of HotA, Julian sat down with Eric Hill to discuss the basics of Hellenismos (Greek polytheism) and the philosophy behind the practice.  Eric discussed the importance of both having ritual and philosophy in balance as well as the analogy of the Tripod of Hellenic polytheism.

Some Resources

Baring the Aegis –


A Beginner’s Guide to Hellenismos by Timothy Jay Alexander

Question for this episode

The proposed question for this episode is: If one feels no connection whatsoever to blood ancestors, how does one go about creating a relationship? Please post your responses on the Home of the Ancestors Facebook page  or email them to You can of course post your responses and comments directly to this blog by clicking “comments” below.

On our last show I proposed the the Question: “Briefly, how do you honor your Ancestors?” Here are some of the responses:

Phil from Pagan Musing Podcast Channel Wrote:

I have a wall-altar to my ancestors. I gaze upon it daily and meditate about their influences on my life. I also spend some quiet time with myself and my ancestors when things are getting out of my control. Asking them what it is I should do to get a handle on things again.

Ash Ashtore from Facebook writes:

Due to the fact that I work in retail and my time is pretty erratic right now I really don’t have a daily practice in place right now. Most of my practice revolves around the group high days I participate in. Song brings me closer to the devine than anything else and honors my ancestors in a major way because I was surrounded by song and words during my childhood. My mom’s apple pie and Chocholate eggs both make appearance in what I bring to the potlucks after ritual. These actions bring memories with them that I can then share and cherish even when the people who showed them to me are long gone. In the future I would love to bring some of these aspects into my daily life. SImple things like a daily prayer or meditation might be a good way to start a daily practice. Honoring the ancestors might also be a simple twist of this simple start, I could sing the prayer before I meditate, for example. I’m just beginning so simple is best.

Crystal from Facebook writes:

Using practices,Teaching my kids the ways of my people an Keeping their ways alive an install respect for the earth an all that is on it


  1. Issac Bonewits – We Won’t Shave Any Longer
  2. Acoustic Ocean –Under the Starlit Sky – Chimes of the Spirit

Bonus Feature

The lyrics to “We Won’t Shave Any Longer”, just for fun:

We have trusted no man’s razors, we have nicked and cut ourselves.

We’ve been stung by all the aftershaves upon the drugstore shelves.
And our patience and endurance from late puberty till now
Have given us the strength to make this vow:

We won’t shave any longer, our beards are stronger than before.
We won’t shave any longer, our beards are stronger!

We have shaved away our stubble and have scraped away our skin.
We have cut and hacked and sliced and diced and raised an awful din.
And on every weekday morning we’d be bloody nervous wrecks
Sticking wads of toilet paper to our necks!

Now the ladies too have suffered in their armpits and their legs,
Just to wear those pantyhose that come in little plastic eggs.
But we think it’s time to tell them that we Pagan men don’t care
If they throw away their Zipwax and their Nair!

Through the ages many faces have arisen and have gone.
And the male ones all looked better with a beard and mustache on!
So the time has come to throw our styptic pencils on the floor,
And refuse to wreck our faces anymore!

[2 choruses]

Words by Jeff Kalmar & Isaac Bonewits, �1990, 2001 c.e.
Music by Gwyddion Penderwen (“We Won’t Wait Any Longer”)

Musica Pagani wants you (to tell us who you want to hear)

MPBTRadbannerRevKess would like to know who you want to hear on Musica Pagani. He’s not just talking about the music. Who do you want to hear an interview with? Respond to this poll and give him some ideas of who to do an interview with in an upcoming edition of MP. Vote on the already listed musicians or add your own suggestions.

PWN #100

The 100th edition of the Pagan Weekly News aired late this week. RevKess has been working odd hours, more so than usual, at his bills-paying-job and was completely wiped at 9am CT Tuesday the 2nd of July. Zaracon was off celebrating the birth his new grandson and unavailable to contribute to this landmark edition. The birth of a new child is truly  more important than sharing in the general news of the Pagan community. Family is one of those things that can and often does out weigh the needs of the many. Congratulations to Z, his daughter, his new grandson and indeed to the whole family!

This past week brings us a lot of news from the political and governmental realms as well as equality issues from around the world and lots of news and events from the Pagan community. We will start as we did with the archived edition of PWN and move into some of the stories that RevKess did not find time for in the broadcast.


  • The Pagan community reacts to the SCOTUS decisions, an article edited by Jason Pitzl-Waters on the Wild Hunt.
  • A follow-up from June 27th on the Wild Hunt, further reactions. This article contains a segment of an email that RevKess sent to Jason Pitzl-Waters with his first thoughts and reactions to the rulings.
  • Amy Howe’s “in plain English” brief on the DOMA decision from SCOTUS.
  • T Thorn Coyle’s article on her blog from March in which she speaks about her stance on marriage equality.
  • A brief article on Doreen Valiente and how she stood in the face of resistance.
  • Phyllis Currot, Vice Chair for the Parliament for World Religions posted this to her Facebook stream on 2 july 2013: “THANK YOU – from the bottom of my heart – o everyone who helped save the Parliament by donating, by getting the word out, by sending your thoughts and prayers!! Last week we all signed the Settlement Agreement in the Barcelona case and today the Judge signed the order dismissing it. Finally, our lawyers said that we could publicly make a formal announcement that the Barcelona debt has been paid and the battle is over!
    Collectively, and from all over the world, the Wiccan/Pagan community donated over $26,000 to pay off the debt that could have bankrupted the Parliament – that’s 10% of the total debt and an incredible, strong demonstration of our community’s appreciation for CPWR and our ability to give when we are needed.! We consistently led the way in fundraising, inspiring other faith communities to organize and donate. Wiccans, Pagans, shamanic practitioners, members of every tradition around from Italy, Brazil, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Mexico and all over South America, Canada and of course the US made generous contributions.
    I’m so proud to be a member of this amazing community and to serve as Vice Chair of the Parliament. So many more opportunities await us as we take our rightful place on the global stage of world religions. Blessings to you all and endless gratitude.”

    • Read the statement from the CPWR here.
  • The Argus has an article about Doreen Valiente.
  • Over on the blog HecateDemeter you can read on perspective on why it is not a good idea to fall into the “denial” mode when discussing your Pagan path with others. “As long as you’re denying that you worship Satan (a Christian demi-god in whom Pagans don’t even believe; Satanism is a branch of Christianity), or eat babies, or cut the eyes out of newts for your potions, you, like LBJ’s opponent, are losing.”
    • Peter Dybing has a similar post on his Pagan in Paradise blog. “The time has come for our community to engage an alternative approach to these conversations. Answering the “devil” question should be viewed as a catastrophic way forward.  Alternative responses include, “Let me explain what the Wiccans I know believe” or even better “ Let me tell you a little about what Wiccans do”.  We must as a religious community cease to respond to the outlandish if we are to be viewed as a credible religious movement by wider society.  Such responses just feed the idea that Wiccans are the “other” and not engaged in a theology that has depth and meaning.”
  • Professor Ronald Hutton takes some of his epertise on various topics to the small screen with a new 12 part series on British television.
  • Some news of the weird from Nottinghamshire in England.
  • Harvey Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk,  speaks up on marriage equality and other LGBT issues during the San Francisco Pride events.
  • The National Geogrpahic website has an article about the recently discovered moons of Pluto and their new official names, William Shatner was disappointed with the final decision.
  • The United Church of Christ (UCC) votes to divest itself of holdings in fossil fuels, make them the first Christian denomination in the US to take a stand on such ecological matters.
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif) full survivor benefits for LGBT partners and families.


  1. Celia (as the Trestlefoot Faerie) – I’m Not Homophobic – Naughty in Pink
  2. Leigh Anne Hussey – Harper David – Homebrew
  3. Paradiso – Truth of Nothingness – Shaman’s Trance
  4. Lorelei Greenwood – Gaullimaufry
  5. Wendy Rule – Out of the Dry Summer – Guided by Venus 
  6. Elaine Silver – Don’t You Know – Faerie Goddess
  7. Heartbeat – Creation
  8. Tuatha Dea – Hypocritical Mass – The Tribe (featuring Murphey’s Midnight Rounders)

Stories we didn’t have time for….