Musica Pagani Video Bonuses #2: Globe Trotting

MPBTRadbannerIn the first posting of the MP Video Bonuses, RevKess treated you to a collection of New Age/Pagan rap and hip hop music. Now he’s going to go globe trotting and bring you foreign language videos.

First out the gate is Faun with “Diese kalte Nacht” from Von den Elben. 

Though the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel does have permission to play this next group, and it does not contain any lyrics, it is still a good match for a collection of videos from around the world. Omnia’s “The Sheenearlahi Set” live recording from a concert in Cologne, Germany. You can find this on Omnia’s Live on Earth album as well. 

RevKess was recently listening to a new program on his local community radio station, KZUM, and discovered some really different First Nations music with a club flavor. A Tribe Called Red was featured at the end of one of the episodes of The Language of Music. Here is a sampling of their music for you enjoy.  Here is a live “in-studio” recording from Studio Q. 

Corvus Corax is a favorite of Murf’s over on Murphy’s Magic Mess on KZUM. She let RevKess borrow their Sverker CD this past weekend. Here is the title track in a live performance. 

Alash Ensemble is Tuvan throat singing with instruments. They have been on tour in the US and during their visit to Lincoln, NE they stopped by KZUM and one of RevKess’s local stores, Bodhi Imports. Here is their tribute to the Anasazi. 

A little blast from the past for RevKess, he learned this song while attending a public high school. His mixed chorus did a concert that included songs in French, Latin, and Hebrew. This is Dundai, a children’s dance. No lyrics to this video, but it certainly is fun. 

That does it for this Video Bonus from Musica Pagani. Hope you have enjoyed!

Extra Special Bonus Video

While browsing around preparing for this posting, RevKess came across the concert video of Gregorian – The Dark Side of the Chant 2011 tour. Pop music done in the Gregorian chant style with epic instrumentation. 

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