PMP: Using Your Sixth Sense(s)

In this episode RevKess and KaliSara talk about using what we commonly call the “sixth sense.” The conversation started out with a brief discussion of the five basic human senses and the other senses that humans have. Yes, there are more than five senses.

ESP – Extrasensory perception may be a better term to use than “sixth sense”. What your hosts focused on were senses that go beyond what is commonly accepted by “normal” or “mundane” people. Telepathy, empathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance. These are just a few of the terms people are familiar with when it comes to ESP. Aura sight, intuition, and other senses go beyond what is generally accepted by most people.

Most everyone has some form of ESP, whether they know it or not. Intuition is perhaps the most common sense that people have. An innate ability to sense what is going on in any given situation, or the ability to “read” a person’s body language. In these cases, perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that these are extensions of the “normal” five senses.

Other forms ESP are precognitive abilities, these can include those used in psychic dreaming and even various forms of divination. The reading of body language falls into the intuition category of ESP. Professional intuitives combine their psychic abilities with body language, voice inflection and other cues to interpret their medium – tarot, runes, bones, etc. The TV program Lie to Me uses these verbal and nonverbal cues in almost psychic manner, inspired by the work of Paul Ekman and the Facial Action Coding System he intuited.

KaliSara and RevKess spent some time talking about empathy, aura sight, and other forms of ESP that they or people they know possess. Along with the acceptance that these abilities exist, they emphasized two basic concepts in “using your sixth sense(s).” Practice, practice, practice! Everyone has their own skills/talents/abilities.

Long time listener and former guest on the show, Faith Hamilton (Grandmother Oak Sanctuary), shared some exercises with us on our Facebook page last weekend. These exercises all go towards the concept of practice.

So I hear you’re doing a show on the 6th sense […]. I don’t have a mic or I’d join you in chat. However I do have some original content I will share with you to use if you like. I’ve been teaching others how to use their 6th sense for years and how to recognize auras and sense energy. It is not an easy task to undertake. Some people catch on very naturally. Others just don’t get it and probably never will. The most important thing to remember is that every one has talents. Just like some people can sing, while others can not; some people have gifts that others will not. Whether or not they can learn them without having the talent naturally, is totally up to the determination of the person trying to learn.

I have found that the most successful way to raise your 6th sense is to practice raising the other 5- sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. There are many exorcises you can do to raise these that are simple to do and when practices regularly can prove to show really good results. For example. On a good clear night when you have a clear view of the night sky and stars, make yourself comfy and relax. Now pick out a nice bright star. Watch it flicker, try to focus only on it for a few moments. Then widening your vision slightly as if you were looking over the star’s shoulder, pick a star that is almost behind it, but not as bright. Now focus on it until you see it clearly- then do the same thing again, picking a dimmer star and focusing on it. Do this until the star you are focused on is hard to look at because it is so dim. Stay focused as long as you can, then without losing that focus, very slowly widen your vision to look at the entire night sky. You should, if you did it right, see more stars than you ever imagined.

Gazing at stars like that helps strengthen your eyes and your awareness, because before you started, you would not have been aware of all the other stars up there. Now you can see millions more. Another exorcise helps your sense of touch. Save your pennies in a jar. Just pennies- no dimes, nickels or other coins. When you get a good hand full of them, drop them in a pouch or bag you can easily reach in to. Now sit at a table or on the floor and close your eyes. Pull each penny out one at a time. Feel its texture. Is it smooth? Does it have rough edges? Does it feel heavy, or lighter? Then try your best, without looking, to put the pennies in order by date in front of you. Its very hard, but amusingly fun. You may be surprised at your results.

Another exercise requires a friend and some pre-planning. Have your friend fill paper bags with different objects for you to smell. You have to figure out what they are by smell alone. A slice of apple? A rose?

For hearing you need a place where things come and go. An example would be a less traveled road. Or if you live on a farm like I do, you can listen for humming birds to come to the feeder or bumble bees. The point is to focus on the sound and follow the sound for as long as you can. Just like with the stars exorcise, at one point, things will become very loud. I once followed the sound of a truck for several miles only to have a bug fly by my ear that sounded so loud I thought a jet went by.

As your 5 senses develop, your 6th sense will develop naturally to compensate. You will notice shadows easier. You will pick up on sounds not heard before. You will see movement you may have not noticed at other times. You might feel changes in air pressure, or taste moisture in the air.

Psychic etiquette. Boundaries, permission. Another concept of using ESP that RevKess and KaliSara focused on was that of etiquette in regards to ESP. Consent. Respecting boundaries. Getting permission. Karen Harrison has a section in her book Everyday Psychic that details some of the psychic etiquette that was spoken.

Two examples of boundary crossing were brought up, both dealing with informed consent. Your hosts have a friend who is a talented and strong healer. She desires to freely give her gift to those she sees who are in need. She tends to assume that they will want this healing and will often begin work without asking. Another example is of someone who has an “allergic” reaction to certain forms of energy manipulation, including reiki. This is where the informed part comes in with the consent.


It was at this point that KaliSara posed a question to RevKess that he couldn’t answer. In regards to children, who determines consent for them? RevKess couldn’t answer because he is not a parent. The best correlation he could draw was to his experience babysitting. When a child comes to you complaining of a pain they are asking you to do something to fix it. KaliSara, who is a mother of two, freely admits that she does psychic, energetic, or magickal work on her children. This of course raises the question of interference with the child’s free will – something which KaliSara feels she, as the mother, has the right to do. Limiting or interfering with the free will of a child is something that parents do all the time. Making them ride in a car seat or wear a seat belt even when they don’t want to, not letting them play in the street, not letting them play with matches, etc.

Other resources: Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in Spirit by Rose Rosetree, view the author’s blog.  The book is currently out of print, used copies can be found on Amazon starting around $40,  it is also available for Nook at $10. A more easily accessible book might be The Everyday Psychic: a Practical Guide for Activating Your Psychic Gifts  by Karen Harrison. Read RevKess’s review of the book.


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