MMM: Freedom to Be (Who and What We Are)

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Notes for 29 September 2013

KZUM promotes diversity and the Mess is a prime example of that diversity. If you listen to KZUM often you know that Sundays are an interesting combination of programming. The Glorious Gospel is from 6-9am and immediately followed by Murphy’s Magic Mess from 9-11am. Two polar opposite programs back to back. There is very little, if any, tension between the programmers for these two shows.

To share in that diversity, Murf, *K8 and Phil decided to do a show filled with songs about diversity and songs that address the discrimination that unfortunately still exists in the world. You can see that by the variety of songs that were picked for the show.

  1. God is Alive, Magick is Afoot – Buffy Sainte-Marie – Illumination
  2. Ancient Paths – Stanton Lanier – Open Spaces
  3. Valhalla – Stephen DeRuby – Sacred Spaces
  4. Day of Celebration – James Sera – Reality of the Fantasy
  5. Goddess Rising – Paradiso & Rasamayi – Attuning to Oneness: the Harmonic Ascension
  6. Malaika – Wouter Kellerman – Mzansi
  7. Rag Klem – David Vito Gregoli – Primordial Sonics
  8. Burning Times – Charlie Murphy & Circle Magic Music – Circle
  9. By Our Own Fear – The Wyrd Sisters – Inside the Dreaming
  10. Scott & Jamie – Fred Small
  11. Homophobes in Robes – Romanovsky & Phillips – Let’s Flaunt It
  12.  I’m Not Homophobic – The Trestle Foote Faerie – Naughty in Pink
  13. The Heart is the Only Nation – Ruth Barrett & Cynthia Smith – The Heart is the Only Nation
  14. Silent No Longer – Emma’s Revolution – Roots, Rock and Revolution
  15. Feel the Colors – Ubaka Hill – Dance the Spiral Dance
  16. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee – Buffy Sainte-Marie – Up Where I Belong
  17. All My Relations – Ulali – Mahk Jchi
  18. We Won’t Wait Any Longer – Gwyddion Pennderwen – The Faerie Shaman
  19. Everyday Goddess – Celia – Breathe
  20. Burning Times – Spiral Dance – Magick

Murphy’s Magic Mess for 11 August 2013

MysteriesOfHeavenIt was another one of those lovely tracking weeks at KZUM. Not that big of a deal, after having done it for so long. Still a bit of a headache as we have to get start and finish times, record labels and the like. Oh, well. Makes it a bit more of a challenge and quite educational.

Phil cut’n’pasted the Artist, Track, and CD  Title frames from the spread sheet he used, so things look a little different. We hope that you can still figure everything out okay. The format is the same as usual, just not numbered.

T Thorn Coyle & Sharon Knight Blessing Waltz Songs for the Strengthening Sun
Anima Inner Light (Aluna Mix) Light of Aluna
Takashi Suzuki The Unknown Sight Voyage: Hiroshima Eternal
Stephen DeRuby Kundalini Rose Awakening
Craig Urquhart Summer Waltz First Light
Sherry Finzer & Darin Mahoney Confused Transformation
David Vito Gregoli All Sentient Beings Primodial Sonics
Lia Scallon Healing Waves The Luminous Pearl
Kellianna & Wendy Rule Early One Morning Traditions
Murphey’s Midnight Rounders Hey Mama (I’m a Real Live Witch) Swede Hollow
Mama Gina Summer of the Fae Goddess Kiss’d
Deva Premal Om Kama Pujitayei Namaha (Sacred Love Making) Mantras for Precarious Times
Nancy Bloom Fire in the Desert Sweet Sacred Mystery
Abbi Spinner McBride I Am the Fire Fire of Creation
Rosin Coven The Zookeepers Awkening Sing Me Malaise
Alexander James Adams What Are We Doing? What Are We Doing?
Cernunnos Rising Urban Druid Urban Druid
Blackmore’s Night Locked Within the Crystal Ball Secret Voyage