PWN 2016.1.2: 2016 US Presidential Campaign Season

KaliSara and RevKess talked politics in this edition of the Pagan Weekly News. As the show went live the Republican debate was nearing its close. Both your hosts had been watching the debate up until show time and were prepared to talk about some of the same issues that were brought up on Fox Business Network’s sponsored debate. RevKess and KaliSara had also watched the State of the Union earlier in the week.


Listed here are some of the links to articles, issues, and topics that were discussed during this edition of PWN:

And here some of the stories the hosts ran out of time for:

Samuel Wagar & Formalizing Wicca

Canadian Samuel Wagar joined RevKess and KaliSara for another conversation, this time with a focus on formalizing Wicca – or creating Wiccan Churches. Samuel is the founder of the Congregationalist Witchcraft Association of Canada (1991) and its British Columbia provincial daughter (2004). He’s currently HP of Ravenwood Temple of the Alberta branch of his church (2007 – there is also as Saskatchewan branch, founded in 2014) and the Wiccan Chaplain at the University of Alberta. He is enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry program at St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton, studying the evolution of a fraction of the Wiccan community toward more formal ‘church-like’ service to the larger community, a process he’s been involved with now for more than a quarter century. Author of four books on theology, ritual, church organization, and a memoir.

From an article on Vue Weekly:

Wagar has been practicing Wicca since 1982. He founded a federally recognized Wiccan church, the Congregationalist Witchcraft Association of Canada, back in 1991. He also currently serves as the first Wiccan chaplain at the University of Alberta, where he provides spiritual support for the faculty, staff and students in the pagan faith, education for the general public about Wicca and engages in interfaith work. He has also been involved in activism for both religious and feminist causes for some time. He ran as an NDP candidate in BC in 1994 but was stripped of his candidacy after it became public that he was Wiccan; he took the BC NDP (then the governing party) before the Human Rights Council and won a full apology in 1995.

Hammington has been practicing Wicca since her early 20s. After moving from the strong pagan community in Winnipeg to Edmonton—where the vast majority of Wiccans and pagans were still deep in the “broom closet”—she began hosting open circles and working with various organizations to build up a community here. She founded a Wiccan church in 2007 at the provincial level, the Congregationalist Wiccan Assembly of Alberta (CWAA—essentially the provincial equivalent of the one that Wagar founded federally). There are also sister chapters in BC (2004) and Saskatchewan (2014).

Samuel talks frankly and openly about the joys and struggles of operating a Wiccan church, from the beginning of things to the present day. Like most mature Pagans, he’s not afraid to speak his mind. For that we are thankful.

Just passed the start of the second hour, Samuel mentioned a book by Nancy Tatom Ammerman: Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes: Finding Religion in Everyday Life. He suggests the book to those who are interested in learning how formalized community structures can greatly benefit the average person. Not just churches, but community structures in general.


  1. Damh the Bard – The Cauldron Born – The Cauldron Born
  2. Omnia – Earth Warrior – Earth Warrior
  3. Rowena of the Glen – How Did We Get This Far – Book of Shadows
  4. Emerald Rose – Fire in the Head – Songs for the Night Sky

As a bonus, the oft mentioned Tengger Cavalry:

Denice Garrou: Teaching Paganism through Fiction

(RevKess grew a brain again and decided to try doing show notes during the show! Bear with him.)

KaliSara and RevKess were joined by Denice Garrou, a visionary author who uses the written word to share her understanding of Paganism, spirituality, and magic with her reading audience. Denice grew up with horses and uses the horse as her muse. That is evident with her Dragonhorse Saga:

“What if who you truly are is lost from your memory just to keep you alive? A love story that must endure the transcendence of time and dimensions. Young Shion’s life ripped from her, bound by a prophecy she herself had made a lifetime before, has become a seeker of the forgotten knowledge. She must fulfill her quest to relearn and regain her inherent power, before she can reclaim her life and the memory of her one true love. A thought provoking jaunt, back to a time when magic was forbidden, gypsies and witches were hunted, and dragons no longer lived, or didn’t they?.”

Denice Garrou

Denice Garrou, from her author page.

Sumayah, book two in the Dragonhorse Saga:

“Would you forsake your life and your love to save those you have never met?
Book 2 takes us back to how it all began; back to Shion’s lifetime as Sumayah. She is caught in a web of two loves; the mysterious one promised to her and the Fae Prince trying to save his realm. This tale of love begins in the ancient realm of Lemuria, a realm of unspeakable beauty and magic thought to be only a myth by the human race.
But, there is blood on the moon as impending invasion threatens the lives of those who live there.
Sumayah soon learns her life is not her own and is thrust into a world of uncertianties and sacrifices.”

Her target audience starts at age 14, but she has won some measure of success with readers of all ages – especially women over 50. Listening to her speak about her experience as a writer and where her ideas come from it can become clear as to why she has gained such popularity.

In her writing Denice brings in Lumeria, the Illuminati, and much more including the mythic city at the center of the Earth – Agartha.

Denice also has delved into what she calls “light romance” that turned out to be a little bit more than just a romance. Candlelight and Cobwebs: “Curses are real . . .
Rosalind never thought about ancestral curses until she inherited an estate called Wynterhaven in the mountains of Colorado, from a family she never knew she had.
Upon entering this sprawling estate, she is hit with visions, déjà vu, and plenty of bumps in the night. She soon finds her new home is inhabited by a gift-bearing raven, an extremely large black cat, and a talking skull.
Through the candlelight and cobwebs, she finds her great-grandmother’s diary, a book of shadows that takes her back to 1918 and a time of heightened interest in archaeology, spiritualism, and secret societies. Learning of her great-grandmother’s previous life as an Oracle of Delphi, Rosalind takes yet another step back in time to the ancient Greece of Alexander the Great, finding a time of misogyny, sexual freedom, and the continual political binding and dissolution of Goddess worship.
Follow along with Rosalind as she is taken through the forbidden history of her lost past and discovers curses, the occult, mystery, and a love story that transcends time and mortality.”

Denice spoke at length about fellow author Dolores Cannon, an early hypnotherapist that specialized in past life regressions. One book in particular was mentioned, The Search for Hidden Secret Knowledge. She also spoke of her own regression.


  1. Wendy Rule – Firehorse – The Wolf Sky
  2. Nathaniel Johnstone – Stone Woman – The Antithythera Mechanism
  3. Spiral Dance – The Ninth Wave/Over the Nine Waves – Notes of Being

MMM 6/7/15: Wonders of the Moon & Balance

*Image result for balance of the moonK8 celebrated her birthday recently and Murf and Phil tortured her with Hoppy Birdies early in the show. Sir Fluffy Bunny also dropped in on the Mess after *K8 ran away to brunch with her family. Michelle is under the weather and was unable to join the Mess.

With the recent full moon and Mercury coming out of retrograde, the gang of the Mess thought it would be appropriate to use music that shares the balance of the moon.  Featuring new music from various New Age and Pagan musicians as well as some classic pieces from Murf’s collection, this episode of the Mess brought you some fun and balance in this interesting astrological time.

1. Peter Kater – Innocence – Love NEW
2. Ryan Stewart – Windows of Time – One Journey NEW
3. Kerani – Boudicca, Heart of Fire – Equilibrium NEW
4. Christine Brown – Chasing the Moon – Souvenirs NEW
5. Kerani – Hypatia’s Universe – Equilibrium NEW
6. Mary-Kathryn – Mediterranean Passage – Wonders in the Deep NEW
7. Abbi Spinner McBride – We Walk – Fire of Creation
8. Crow Women – Is, Was, and Shall Be – Crow Goddess
9. Heather Jinmaku – Blessed Be – The Balance
10. Angela Masciale – Something Will Stick – Ancient Voices
11. Anne Lister – Dragons – Spreading Rings
12. Heather Dale – Fair Folk – Fairytale
13. Elvendrums – Between the Worlds – Wildly to the Night
14. Damh the Bard – Thundersbarrow Hill – Sabbat
15. Kari Tauring – Voluspakariola (with intro) – Live at the Capri New to the Mess
16. Coyote Run – Battle of New Orleans – Pleads the Fifth
17. Michael Longcor – Chant for Confusing the Enemy – Storm, Wind and Flame
18. Heather Alexander – Witch of the Westmereland – A Gypsy’s Home
19. Telergy – Astronomer – Hypatia Not yet released
20. Heather Jinmaku – Ding Dong the Witch Ain’t Dead – The Balance

Tune in Sundays at 9am Central on KZUM for two hours of some of the best in New Age and Pagan music. Murphy’s Magic Mess is the world’s longest running Pagan content radio program.

PWN 2015.4.5: Listen to the Heartbeat of the Earth

On Thursday 30 April 2015, RevKess and KaliSara sought to discuss some of the many natural disasters that have recently hit the globe. The volcanic eruptions in Chile and elsewhere, the 7.8 earthquake in Nepal, and other disasters. Though they had intended to spend the bulk of the show on these topics, other things came to the fore in the news that took the spotlight. Namely the Baltimore Uprising (or riots, as they are called by mainstream media) following the death of a young Black man while in police custody.

Articles Related to the Heartbeat of the Earth

Ironically, the uprising/riot began within 24 hours the podcast conversation with Crystal Blanton, Taylor Ellwood, and several of the contributors to Bringing Race to the Table: Racism in the Pagan Community. The peaceful demonstrations began the previous Friday, turning violent on Monday following the funeral. Shauna Aura Knight published an article Monday 27 April about rioting, oppression, and compassion on Pagan Activist as a Pagan response to the violence and uprising. On Wednesday Heather Greene of The Wild Hunt posted an article with quotes from Pagans who were on the ground in Baltimore.

Related Articles

Tune in every week for more news and views from Pagan Perspectives.

PMP: Lupa Greenwolf and The Tarot of Bones

Lupa Greenwolf, author and artist, joined RevKess and KaliSara for a fantastic conversation about her newest projects. The main focus was on her art and Tarot project The Tarot of Bones which she is doing an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce 78 one of a kind images for the deck. As of the end of this broadcast she had reached 112% of her goal in less than seven days. That doesn’t mean the campaign is over, far from it. Her modest goal of $5000 only really covers the cost of materials and the shipping for the perks associated with the campaign. Producing 78 pieces of art is not an inexpensive project and on her behalf the hosts and producers of PMPChannel ask that you take a look at the campaign and add to her totals. She is plotting some really interesting stretch goals and new perks to be added to the site.

This was not Lupa’s first visit to the channel, nor will it be her last. With several wonderful art and book projects already produced and more on the way, Lupa will be visiting with the channel again in the near future. At the very least in January 2016 when her next book from Llewellyn Worldwide is released. You’ll have to tune in and find out what that is about – she gives us a teaser in this episode.


  1. Cernunnos Rising – Greenman (Last Tree Falling) – Wild Soul
  2. Mama Gina – Hummingbirds – Goddess Kiss’d
  3. Omnia – I Don’t Speak Human – Musick & Poetree
  4. Wendy Rule – Home – Black Snake

Taken from Lupa’s website:

About Lupa


Lupa Greenwolf, photo from her website

You know that kid who spent all her free time outdoors, turning over rocks, catching garter snakes, and learning the names of the trees? I’m that kid, all grown up. I currently reside in Portland, Oregon, though I am frequently found in the wilderness areas infusing and surrounding the metro area. I also garden, create kitchen alchemy (also known as “cooking”), and read as much as I’m able to make time for.

Most other relevant information about me and what I do can be found scattered throughout this site. Suffice it to say that I aim to be a creative polymath with a wellspring of ideas and inspirations, and I am restricted primarily by time. I am fortunate enough to be fully self-employed through my creative endeavors, and I greatly appreciate those whose purchases and other support have made that possible.

Artist’s StatementWe live in a time and place of convenience; everything is neatly packaged and sanitized, and we acquire our food, shelter, medicine and other needs with relative ease. In the process, we have lost touch with where these things come from, where in the earth, water and air they have originated. We forget that we are Animalia Chordata Mammalia Primates Hominidae Hominini Homo sapiens sapiens–in short, the last remaining human ape. And in our forgetting, we have enacted some great atrocities on our planet, our fellow beings, and ourselves.

Through my art, I am a voice crying out in this silicon and concrete wilderness we’ve built for ourselves. I use three-dimensional sculptures as statements on the problems we face, pairing aesthetic attraction with harsh realities. But I also invite others to seek solutions, offering relationships with sacred artifacts and the transformational rites they may incite in one’s life. I draw on the tradition of the wunderkammer, the cabinet of natural curiosities that serves as a personal museum, to encourage people to bring reminders of the nonhuman world even into their very homes. And I write about it all, through pixels and pages, sharing my path with whoever will walk it with me, even for a little while.

For it is not enough to merely rail about the tragedies. One must have hope, and must know that it is not too late to rebuild connections long lost. Through reclaiming discarded materials and showing them respect, through encouraging a more mindful and eco-conscious view of the world, and through offering an invitation to return to the greater communities of ecosystems and the planet itself, my creations serve as a bridge between us and everything else, and I am the intermediary setting the sacred space for that process of healing.

PMP: Bone Poets Orchestra

Christopher Bingham and Sue Tinney of Bone Poets Orchestra joined RevKess and KaliSara for a fun conversation about their music and more. Right off the bat, at the request of several listeners, RevKess asked Sue if she is related to our musical friend Betsy. The answer is yes. They are sisters-in-law.

Even with some connection and technical issues, everyone had a great chat about the music, the history, and the future of BPO. KaliSara was quiet for the show as she was battling a head cold.

Chris and Sue spoke at length about the history of Bone Poets and the music that Chris writes for the eight piece band. Once called Gaia Consort, BPO evolved into what it is today. With a collective of talented artists and 40 years of musical experience behind him, Chris has developed a sound that is uniquely Bone Poets. You can find some of Chris’s early solo work at his own website. He’s also been working on an orchestral piece for the last 35 years. The Octava Chamber Orchestra performed the working piece last summer and he is looking forward to the opportunity to have it performed in its entirety by a full orchestra sometime in the near future.

When asked about touring outside of the Pacific Northwest, Chris and Sue said that the would love to. But, the expense of transporting all the instruments, the band members, and tech crew is rather expensive. Got $13,000 to spare? BPO will perform anywhere in the lower 48 for that fee. Not exactly affordable, but not entirely out of the question for a music festival.

All eight members of the band have a long background in music, many of them with degrees related to music.

  1. Bone Poets Orchestra – Seven Sisters – Ecstasy in the Ruins
  2. Gaia Consort – Cry Freedom – Secret Voices
  3. Bone Poets Orchestra – Yes Yes Yes! – Belladonna Smiles
  4. Bone Poets Orchestra – Why Can’t We Just – single
  5. Gaia Consort/Bone Poets Orchestra – Face in the Clouds – Vitus Dance
  6. Gaia Consort – Ravens (live 2007)

BPO is working on their next album. Six songs have been written, one has been recorded already. Check back with the BPO website frequently for updates and find out how you can adopt a track and help the Poets record their next album!