Devin Hunter & The Modern Witch

podcastbannerad3It has been two Saturdays since our last broadcast on Pagan-Musings Podcast and we wanted to explain why. April 20th found us vending at ConStellation IV in Lincoln, NE. We had intended to put together a recorded show, but it just didn’t happen. And the 27th found RevKess working his bills-paying-job and KaliSara under doctor’s orders to not talk much. 

Devin Hunter

Luckily for us, and for our listeners, Devin Hunter was willing to reschedule for Tuesday the 30th. So, here we are with the show  notes for that episode of PMP.

Listen to the show.

Music Played:

  1. Lis Addison – New World – Crown in the Sky
  2. Wendy Rule – Oh How I Dreamed – Deity
  3. Spiral Dance – The Spirit of Albion/Wooden Box (featuring Damh the Bard) – Through a Sylvan Doorway
  4. Jenna Greene – Mating Dance (Beltane) – Crossroads

Links to material discussed or resources for more information:

  • Modern Witch Online: The online home for just about everything that Devin Hunter is involved in. Here you can learn about Devin and the other contributors to his podcast and the magazine.
  • PantheaCon: Devin attended PantheaCon this year and wrote about it on the blog portion of Modern Witch Online. Read part 1 and part 2
  • The Mystic Dream: Devin works as the House Medium and manager of the Mystic Dream, one of the oldest metaphysical stores in the United States. He’s been there for ten years. Listen to the show for the story behind how he landed that position and what it is that he does for the store. 
  • Modern Witch Podcast: Devin’s podcast, finishing up it’s fourth season, can be heard on Pagan Radio Network or in archives through Podbean.

RevKess and Devin had a wonderful chat. Bouncing around from talking about PantheaCon and Modern Witch Online to some of their similar experiencing meeting Pagans that many of us look up to. The conversation was rather smooth and we feel informative. Sometime in the near future, RevKess will be appearing on the Modern Witch to share about himself and answer some of the question that Devin has for him.

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