PWN #97

The 97th edition of PWN is all wrapped up for your listening pleasure. Zaracon was unavailable this week, but RevKess muddled through with news and talk about many issues. From Trayvon Martin to household incomes to government scandals to Target taking aim at Pagans. A little more music than usual was included.

Articles and Links Discussed

Music Played

  1. Spiral Dance – Tolven Stone – The Quickening
  2. Frenchy and the Punk – Catapult to the Highlands – Thread & Stone
  3. Kenny Klein – Rowan and Bracken – Fairy Queen
  4. Damh the Bard – Save Me – Spirit of Albion
  5. Telergy – Incarceration – Legend of Goody Cole
  6. Leigh Anne Hussey – Meet Me By The Standing Stones – Homebrew

Articles and Links We Didn’t Get To or Thought Were Interesting Enough to be Listed Here