Mother’s Day on the Mess – 051213

ad bannerHello, my friends! Sorry for any delay in the posting of the play list from Mother’s Day. Been a rather hectic week. But it is here, finally!

As you may recall, 12 May 2013 was Mother’s Day. It was also the start of a tracking week at KZUM. So, the play list has an obvious theme and reads a little differently. The theme was Mothers and Mother Goddesses. For good reason. And as you can see by looking at the list, we included the recorded label, recording company, or the artist’s name again if it was a self=published CD. This is the first time the list has been posted in this format, we hope you might find it useful.

Any errors are mine. I would appreciate any corrections that you might catch. You can comment to this posting with those corrections.

Mother’s Day Playlist

  1. Wytches Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Faeries – Resurrection Records
  2. at the beginning – dan kennedy – intuition  -Mt Pollux Music
  3. Talking Rocks – Stephen Savage – Future  -Memory Danforth
  4. Moon and Stream – Masako – Masako – Masako 
  5. Whispered From Within – Catherine Marie Charlton  -River Flow: Sanctuary – Birds Flower Music
  6. Gaia – Annette Cantor – Songs for the Goddess – Source Being Productions
  7. Mother Gaia – Lis Addison – Crown in the Sky – LAZZ Promotions
  8. Silk and Jasmine – Al Conti – The Blue Rose – Shadowside Music
  9. Joyful Inspiration – Lia Scallon – The Luminous Pearl – Sounds of Sirius
  10. Itu Lagu – AOMusic – Hokulea – Arcturian Gate
  11. Arms of the Mother – Abbi Spinner McBride – Enter the Center – Abbi Spinner McBride
  12. Good Mother Honey – Carolyn Hillyer – Grandmother Turtle – Seventh Wave Music
  13. Ancient Mother – Amikaeyla and Ariana – Oshun Gaia – Amikaeyla and Ariana
  14. Earth Mother – Desert Wind – Return to the Goddess: In Chants & Song – Alan Scott Bachman
  15. Mother of the World – Sharon Knight – Incantation – Trance Jam
  16. The Earth is Our Mother – Carien Wijnen – Womyn with Wings – Carien Wijnen
  17. Heart of the Mother – Elaine Silver – Lady of the Lake – Silver Stream Music
  18. A Mother’s Love – Gwydion Pendderwen – The Faerie Shaman – Serpentine Music
  19. The Goddess Suite – Kirshna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Triloka 
  20. My Mother’s Song – Rowena – My Mother’s Song – Spiral Gate Records
  21. GenIsis – Goddess Alchemy Project – Frequencies of the Motherland – Goddess Alchemy Project
  22. Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone – Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – Swede Hollow – MMR Music

Wanted to include more video links, but either YouTube is being stubborn or these particular tracks have not been set to video.

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PMP: Mother’s Day & Death Rites

Click to listen,

Click to listen.

Hello, listeners! Bet you are wondering how Mother’s Day and Death Rites wound up in the same show. Simple: Today is Mother’s  Day and Thursday saw the death of my tradition’s founding high priest. Now, I don’t want you to get all sympathetic or empathetic with me. I appreciate the sentiment. I’m not looking for expressions of regret or condolences on his passing. The time was oddly appropriate, though.

Some of the best recognized Mother Goddesses are also Goddesses of death and destruction and rebirth. Kali, Sekhmet, Tiamat, just to name a few. In this episode we will not only honor some of the Goddesses of Motherhood, we will also honor some of the Goddesses of Death and Rebirth. Along the way I will share some memories of my high priest, Papa Tom and some of the music that makes me think of him.



  1. Kellianna- Maiden, Mother, Crone – Lady Moon
  2. Queen Mother Imakhu (Imakhu Sekehmet) – Sacred Mother (Anuk Mwt – I Am Mother) – Water Woman
  3. Elaine Silver – Grandmother Moon – The Lady of the Lake
  4. Leigh Anne Hussey – She is Grandmother – Homebrew
  5. Annette Cantor – Gaia – Songs to the Goddess
  6. Lis Addison – Mother Gaia – Crown in the Sky
  7. SJ Tucker – In the House of Mama Dragon – Haphazrd 
  8. Sharon Knight 7 T Thorn Coyle – Ancestor Chant – Songs for the Waning Year
  9. Kellianna – Ancestor’s Song – I Walk with the Goddess
  10. Omnia – Cernunnos – Sine Missione
  11. Omnia – Intro (The Wylde Hunt) – Crone of War
  12. Omnia – The Wylde Hunt – Crone of War
  13. Kellianna – Aphrodite and Pan – Lady Moon
  14. Damh the Bard – The Parting Glass – Tales from the Crow Man  In honor of Tex, Jason McDeavitt and now Papa Tom, all Elders of the Pagan community who at one time or another lived in Lincoln, NE.
  15. Isaac Bonewits – The Thuggee Song – Avalon is Rising!
  16. Michael Brant DeMaria – Danu – Gaia
  17. Shawna Carol – Sacred Pleasure – Goddess Chant
  18. Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – As You Depart – I Am the Goddess