PWN #104: 2 Years Running

For two years RevKess and Zaracon have presented the Pagan Weekly News. In the 104th edition of that show they were joined by Rev. Peter Dybing, Deirdre Heber of PaganFM, and Amber Roth of Pagan Centered Podcast.

Peter Dybing is an activist and works closely with the Lady Liberty League. He recently met with Christian ministers in the Lake Okochobee area of Florida to show them that Pagans are not bad people and persuade them not to stage protests during the first Lake Okochobee Pagan Summer Solstice Festival. He is also a disaster relief specialist who has been on the ground in Haiti and all around the United States after numerous natural disasters. You can read some of his thoughts on activist issues at his personal blog Pagan In Paradise.

Deirdre Hebert is the host of PaganFM out of Portsmouth, NH. PaganFM has been on for seven years and ranks as the second longest Pagan content terrestrial radio broadcast in the world. Deirdre has also been a guest co-host on the Pagan Weekly News.

Amber Roth (aka Amber Rose) is one of the cast of hosts from Pagan Centered Podcast, currently out of production. She works with the Native American community on the East Coast. Amber has also been a guest co-host on the Pagan Weekly News.

Unlike the usual format for PWN, this edition was a free flowing discussion with minimal guidance from RevKess and Zaracon. Topics discussed included:

  • Activism
  • Pagan Media
  • Taboo issues in the Pagan community
  • The internet and Paganism
  • Use of “little p” and “big P” Pagan in mainstream media

Other topics were touched upon, including the recent shut down Pagan Radio Network and the future of Paganism.


  1. Kellianna – This New Day
  2. Omnia – Mercy Seat – Musick & Poetree
  3. Elaine Silver – In Days Gone By – Faerie Goddess
  4. Damh the Bard – Green and Grey – Cauldron Born

PWN #59: Guest Host Deirdre Hebert

Pagan Weekly News #59, live air date 09/10/12, 7pm Central

Deirdre Hebert, host of PaganFM on WSCA-LP Community radio out of Portsmouth, NH, sat in for Zaracon on this week’s edition of the Pagan Weekly News. The theme of the show was especially intriguing to her and made her acceptance of RevKess’s invitation that much easier. What was the theme? “Politicians at War with Liberal America?”

Topics that were addressed during this edition included:

  • The War on Women
  • The War on Terrorism
  • The War on Drugs
  • The War on Religion
  • The Republican National Convention
  • The Democratic National Convention
  • The 2012 Paralympics in London, UK and the British  Druid Order’s involvement.
  • The novels and non-fiction works of Ellen Evert Hopman
  • and many other sub topics and points of interest

Listeners in the chat room brought up some interesting points, including the use of the phrase “war on…” being a misnomer and just adding confusion to the whole idea of handling these various issues in the political arena.

PMP: Addiction, Possession & Obsession

The Pagan in Recovery, available on Amazon and Lulu

Saturday, 21 April 2012: RevKess and KaliSara were joined by Deirdre Hebert, author of The Pagan in Recovering: 12 Steps from a Pagan Perspective. This episode focused mainly on the aspect of addiction, with approximately 1h45m talking about Dee’s book and her own perspectives on addiction.

Dee has been on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel a time or two, either as a call-in guest or a participant in the BTR chat for the show. She is also the host of PaganFM! on WSCA-LP 106.1FM in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Thursdays from 10-midnight, Eastern). You can learn more about Dee and PaganFM by visiting their website. Dee has appeared on KZUM‘s Lavender Hill to discuss transgender issues.

Along with substance abuse, the hosts discussed with Dee and the chat room participants other forms of addiction. Including sex addiction, addiction to people and ideas. A brief run down of the 12 steps from a Pagan perspective was discussed as well as a means of incorporating each step into a person’s spiritual life.

Listen to the show in archives for full details and remember to keep your eyes open for future installments of this series.

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Play List for this episode:

  1. Spiral Dance – Shadow Wood – Magick
  2. Kellianna – The Ancient Ones – The Ancient Ones
  3. SJ Tucker – Salad of Doom – Mischief
  4. SJ Tucker – In the House of Mama Dragon – Haphazard

Tune in on Saturday, 28 April 2012 for guest Boudica Foster!