PWN #102: After the Trial

Late in the evening on Saturday July 13, 2013, a six woman jury in the state of Florida announced their verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. Over a year ago, George Zimmerman was working his post as a neighborhood watchman in a gated community when he took notice of a young black man who looked “suspicious” to him. Against the advice of police dispatch, he pursued this young man, resulting in the shooting death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. The only eye witness to the confrontation (also an ear witness to the shooting) could only testify that for the brief time he observed the fight between Zimmerman and Martin the boy was “on top”. The charge against Zimmerman was Murder 2, the jury had the option to convict on involuntary manslaughter. Zimmerman’s attorneys used the Florida statue “stand your ground” as his defense. The verdict, unanimously reached, was “not guilty”.

Many people have expressed their dissatisfaction with the verdict, some rather vocally in print, televised and radio press. All over the internet you can read postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and elsewhere expressing anger and disappointment at the verdict. You can also find postings expressing satisfaction as well as complacency regarding the same verdict.

Peter Dybing

Peter Dybing

Rev. Peter Dybing writes on his personal blog site about his feelings:

“Deep inside of me there is the belief that if my child were to meet an untimely end at the hands of a stranger there would be justice.  Police would investigate; prosecutors would involve me as the parent of the victim.  My community would recognize the tragedy.
“In my grief I would be comforted. Words of compassion would wash over me. The disbelief of everyone I know would remind me that in this nation we can seek justice, expect action, find closure.
“But of course I AM WHITE.”
Luisah Teish wrote on her Facebook page:

Luisah Teish

Luisah Teish

“I am so disgusted with the outcome of the trial. It is yet another blow to the possibility of justice in America and kinship in the world.“Everyday I say a prayer and sign a petition. Everyday I work to maintain my sanity and do something to improve the world.“Those of us who are sane and who want to live in harmony with nature and each other, need to pool our resources, protect ourselves, focus our energies and stand fast against the evil walking on two legs that seeks to destroy us and this planet.“Resist depression (although its natural) focus anger(its divine fire) and set an intention to make change. Doing this will reveal new perspectives,new approaches,and new actions that we can take to change the energy field we are moving through.”

T Thorn Coyle

T Thorn Coyle

T Thorn Coyle writes on her Know Thyself blog:

“When we live in states of fear, we forget the flow of love. When we create systems that are infused with racism, that end up teaching black teens that they are only worthy of being feared, and not worthy of being loved and protected, we darken the illumination in our hearts. We fail to recognize, over and over, that spirit joins us.

“We are tearing ourselves asunder. The cost is high. Systemic racism means that every 36 hours an African American is killed by police or private security forces. Systemic racism means that when a black woman fires a warning shot into the air in an attempt to scare off her violent husband, she gets 20 years, despite the same Stand Your Ground Laws at play in the Zimmerman trial. Systemic racism means that every black and brown man in New York City has been stopped and frisked multiple times for no cause. Systemic racism means that African Americans are four times as likely to be arrested and jailed for marijuana possession than whites. Systemic racism means that more African Americans are in prison than were ever held as slaves.”

Crystal Blanton wrote on Daughters of Eve this past Saturday, after hearing the verdict:

Crystal Blanton

Crystal Blanton

“Tonight I have enough rage to fuel a revolution.

This moment happened right after I watched the verdict come in, and my children came home from the park. I looked at the variation of brown-colored faces that walked through the doors and I thought to myself, “I don’t know how to convince my children that they matter…” and the realization that I cannot keep them safe was staggering. My older son said to me tonight, after hearing the verdict, “it seems like it is getting worse. It is so scary….””

The Mead Muse has this and much more to say in her first posting on the Trayvon Martin matter:

Mead Muse

Mead Muse

“Racism is no more epidemic or prevalent in Florida than it is in any other state.  We are proud to be Floridians, but we also accept that our state has issues just like any other state does.  It is inappropriate to characterize an entire state or its residents by isolating a few events as being the standard just as it would be inappropriate to cast a blanket judgment on California or New York on the basis of the racially motivated deaths that occurred there.”

New York Times Op-Ed columnist Charles M. Blow, in a video talks about the Politics of Black Masculinity. (The video’s encryption keeps us from posting it to the blog.) Read his column on the NYTimes website.


In other news….

What we didn’t have time for…..



  1. Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – Make a Chain Across the World – I Am the Goddess
  2. Wendy Rule – The Earth is Still Part of the Sky – The Wolf Sky
  3. Frenchy and the Punk – Elephant Uproar – Elephant Uproar

Murphy’s Magic Mess pays Musical Tribute to Freedom & Independence

Right up at the top of the hour, the Mama Dragon and her minions took over the boards from the Glorious Gospel. Kate and Murf put together a wonderful set of military and patriotic music to celebrate the freedoms that we as Americans have fought so long and hard for.

This time Phil typed up the play list and *K8 got to hang out at the boards. Some information is missing as *K8 doesn’t always provide full track info. Phil did what he could to find the missing information, but it was not enough. If you have correct track information, please leave it in comments below so the posting can be corrected.

  1. USMC-Military – Reveille – Bugle Calls
  2. USMC-Military – Reveille – Bugle Calls
  3. Jimi Hendrix – the Star Spangled Banner – Live at Woodstock 
  4. Irving Berlin – Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning – This Is The Army (movie soundtrack) 
  5. Joanne Shenandoah – One Real American –
  6. Three Weird Sisters – Rite of Passage – Rite the First Time
  7. Saeidina – Warrior, Father, Sage – From Within
  8. Murphey’s Midnight Rounders – Maiden Warrior Mother Crone – Swede Hollow
  9. Bryan Bowers – Battle Hymn of the Republic – live performance 
  10. Brave Combo – America the Beautiful –
  11. Anne Lister – Spreading Rings – Spreading Rings
  12. David Davidson – Farmer’s Hands –
  13. Alabama – 40 Hour Work Week –
  14. Emerald Rose – Hills of America – Bending Tradition
  15. Dragon Ritual Drummers – Pagan Soldier – Passage
  16. US Army Ceremonial Band – The Army Goes Rolling Along –
  17. USAF Heritage of America Band – Off We go (Into the Wild Blue Yonder) –
  18. United States Marine Corps – Halls of Montezuma –
  19. Navy Band – Anchors Aweigh –
  20. Blackmore’s Night – March the Heroes Home – 
  21. Damh the Bard – Green Fields of France –
  22. North Sea Gas – Hawks and Eagles Fly Like Doves – Glenncoe Masacre
  23. Staff Sgt. Barry Sadler – The Ballad of the Green Berets –
  24. (audio clip from TV show M*A*S*H) – Incoming Wounded
  25. Johnny Mandel – Suicide is Painless (Theme from M*A*S*H) 
  26. Anne Lister – A Call To Arms – Waiting for the Heroes
  27. The Andrew Sisters – Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy – Buck Privates (movie soundtrack) 
  28. T Thorn Coyle & Sharon Knight – Force of Nature – Songs for the Strengthening Sun
  29. Johnny Horton – The Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits 
  30. Chorus of Life – Star Spangled Pagan – Gaia’s Voice
  31. Spiral Rhythm – My Country Freedom – Roll of Thunder
  32. Gaia Consort – Cry Freedom – Secret Voices
  33. Brave Combo – Precious Freedom – Holidays
  34. – Taps – 

Pagan Video Archives Vol 1

11661263-green-dragon-is-in-the-twilight-and-watch-tv-eating-popcornRevKess has been scouring the interwebs this summer and coming across a number of interesting videos on YouTube and Vimeo and other places. Some of these videos are television interviews from the 1970’s, some are more recent educational pieces or interviews with Elders of the Pagan community.

We’ll start out with a 1974 interview show hosted by Tom Snyder called “Tomorrow with Tom snyder”. Around Halloween ’74, Tom Snyder had Ed Fitch, Isaac Bonewits, Fred Adams, and Carroll “Poke” Runyon on the show to talk about Paganism, Witchcraft and Magic.   Along with the information imparted by the guests, the video includes the original TV commercials that aired with the program. They are humorous, to say the least.

Keepers of the Flame has a wonderful series of interviews with  Elders from the Pagan community. This one is the third in the series and is an interview with Queen Zanoni of the Georgian Tradition.  RevKess was a member of the Georgian Tradition at one point. Zanoni declared him a “heretic”  because of his willingness to teach students via the internet. This was in the late 1990’s.

Earlier in the series, Keepers of the Flame included this video of Maxine Sanders, widow of Alex Sanders, from an a lecture she did at Beltaine: a Pagan Odyssey Festival in Oxford, CT from 2007. The lecture is called “Initiation”. 

Many moons ago, Llewellyn Publications worked with Raymond Buckland on a video. Here is that video, “Witchcraft Yesterday and Today”.  Nearly twenty years ago, RevKess was introduced to this video, and others, by his High Priestess. At the time it was available through a branch of his local public library.

Here is another video that RevKess discovered through his HPS and the public library. This one is Scott Cunningham’s “Herb Magic”, a video companion to his Complete Incense, Oils, and Brews

Keep checking back with for more video archives from the Pagan community.

Falling Behind & Playing Catch Up

Greetings, friends and listeners. RevKess here.

We’ve been very bad about posting to the site this summer. It has been one very busy summer. With fall just around the corner, I think it is time that we all buckle down and see what we can do to make this site what it is meant to be.

What we have been good about is producing the shows on a regular basis and mostly on schedule. I say mostly because the Zaracon Show has been a hit or miss this summer. Our good friend and fellow PMPC host has been experiencing some health issues all summer long and been unable to produce his show with any consistency. He has even elected to take a hiatus from all podcasting during the month of September.

Over the next several weeks, I will be going back through the shows we have aired and at the very least providing music play lists and important links for our listeners to catch on this site. In the mean time, my friends, please continue to bear with us as we attempt to build and grow this site to meet the standards that we (and we hope you) expect from such an informational page.

Thank you all for listening and sharing our show with your friends and family!


Musica Pagani: Music of the Divine Feminine

On Wednesday, April 11, RevKess hosted a special edition of Musica Pagani with guest Jenna Greene. It was a special edition because it was done live. Musica Pagani is usually recorded in advance, but this time RevKess had a guest host with him and wanted to do it live and raw for the listeners.

Jenna Greene is a wonderful guest to have on the show, and this was her third or fourth appearance on the Channel. She’s released two CD’s and is already working out ideas for a third. Crossroads, her debut album, is a beautiful collection of songs showing some of her vocal talent and sharing her song writing skills with the world. Her second album, Wild Earth Child, has just been released and has more of a world fusion feel to the instrumentals, but continues to display her vocal talents.

Jenna joined RevKess to talk about some of the music written, recorded, or produced by Pagan women. After talking a little about each of the artists featured a selection from one of their albums was played for listener enjoyment.

Play List

  • The Gypsy’s Ribbon – A Perfect Blend – A Taste of the Ribbon
  • Leigh Ann Hussey – Greenmantle (ritual mix) – Homebrew
  • Shawna Carol – Sacred Pleasure – Goddess Chant
  • Wendy Rule – Deity – Deity
  • T Thorn Coyle & Sharon Knight – Ancestor Chant – Songs for the Waning Season
  • Pandemonaeon – Song of Mari – Dangerous Beauty
  • Blackmore’s Night (featuring Candice Night) – Play Minstrel Play
  • Jenna Greene – Brigid – Wild Earth Child
  • SJ Tucker – Ravens in the Library – Mischief
  • Donna Fullman – Oh the Words – Lyrically Speaking
  • The Gypsy’s Ribbon – Cosmic Beat – A Taste of the Ribbon

You can listen to the full episode here.

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