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2014 brought us many disappointments, but out of those cloudy events there is a silver lining.

The arrest of Kenny Klein on multiple counts of possession with intent to distribute child pornography, and the subsequent allegations of abuse of underage women and girls; the in your face reminder of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s complacency and alleged participation in child molestation while with her husband; continued discussion of Gavin and Yvonne Frost’s supposed support of the use of sexual initiation for minors; the list could go on and on.

As a response to these and other incidents within the Pagan community several organizations have been forming anew or adding councils and committees to address these types of situations. The Council of the Phoenix, started in part by Ariel Monserrat and Literata Hurley; the direct involvement of such groups and organizations at Pantheon Foundation and Covenant of the Goddess; state and regional groups such as Pagan Elders of Colorado. These and others have been forming or addressing this issues on their own.

Dia CrabtreeDia Crabtree and a team of others have taken a different approach and are working on creating an online database of elders, leaders, teachers, authors, performers, etc. This database would include background information and verification of claims regarding education, lineage (where applicable), curriculum vitae and much more. In other words, PaganPro.org would be available to the community as a means to vet leaders, elders, presenters, etc. Visit the site in progress to learn more and participate in surveys that can help build the site. Listen to the show in archives and hear Dia explain the reasons behind PaganPro and how the site will work when completed.


  1. Damh the Bard – Save Me – Spirit of Albion
  2. Omnia – Earth Warrior – Earth Warrior
  3. Cernunnos Rising – The Great World Tree – Urban Druid

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