MMM: Moon Warrior 12/7/14

This week on the Mess we celebrated both the Full Moon and honored the memory of those who died in the bombing of Pearl Harbor 73 years ago. Phil supplied the Moon music and Murf the Warrior music (with two exceptions in the Warrior set). *K8 handled typing up the original set list for posting to our Facebook page. Next week will return us to our usual format, featuring 15-45 minutes of NEW new age music in the first hour.

  1. Belladonna & Aconite – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Fairies
  2. Shine On Full Moon – Gandalf – Between Earth and Sky
  3. Crystal Moon – Ricky Kej & Wouter Kellerman – Winds of Samsara
  4. Lady of the Moon – Kate West & The Hearth of Hekate – Elements of Chant
  5. Moon Path – Kiva – A Call to Beauty
  6.  Hail to the Moon – Wendy Rule – World Between Worlds
  7. Wolf to the Moon – Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Stranger in Us All
  8. Silent Moon – Damh the Bard – Antlered Crown & Standing  Stone
  9. Mouse and the Moon/Ink Pah Tdah – Dovie Thomason & Ulali – Lessons from the Animal People
  10. Siren Moon – Sharon Knight – Song of the Sea
  11. Drawing Down the Moon – Gaia Consort – Evolve
  12. A Flame in Avalon – Anne Lister – A Flame in Avalon
  13. Mort d’Arthur – Anne Lister – A Flame in Avalon
  14. Avalon is Calling – Peter Conover – Metamorphic
  15. The Last Hero – Michael Longcor – Boarding Party
  16. Battle of the Clampherdown – Michael Longcor – Boarding Party
  17. Battle of New Orleans – Coyote Run – Coyote Run Pleads the Fifth
  18. Among the Heroes – SJ Tucker – Ember Days (Original motion picture soundtrack)
  19. Coloured Ribbons & Tarnished Brass – The Cundeez – (single release)
  20. Warrior Queen – Kellianna – Lady Moon
  21. Earth Warrior – Omnia – Earth Warrior
  22. All My Relations – Ulali – Mahk Jehi

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