Veterans’ Day on the Mess

ad bannerHello, all. I’ve been rather remiss of late when it comes to sharing our play lists and other notes from the shows, both those on PMPChannel and the shows I am involved in on KZUM. We’ll see what we can do to rectify that.

Here is the playlist from Murphy’s Magic Mess on the 10th. It was our Veterans’s Day celebration, so much of the music fits into that theme. It was also one of our SoundExchange tracking weeks, so the format of the playlist is taking straight from the tracking spreadsheet. I had the pleasure of selecting the music, and these 20 tracks are just half of what I selected. We also had a nice little visit with Josh Bivins of UNL Pagan Life, the Pagan student group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Song Title Featured Artist Album
Warrior Queen Kellianna Lady Moon
From Cradle to Coffin Isadar The Purple Heart
Flowers of Edinburgh Bill Leslie Scotland: Grace of the Wild
Dark Afternoon David Nevue Open Sky
Stone Circle Al Jewer & Andy Mitran Music of the Earth
Peaceful Warrior Chant Ruth Barrett The Year is a Dancing Woman: Vol. 1
Warrior’s Prayer Wil Kanim Firewater
Prayers for the Warriors Sophia Emergence
RED Alabaster & Blue Celia Red Alabaster & Blue
Cad Goddeu (Battle of the Trees) Dale Bacon Poems
Cad Goddeu (Battle of the Trees) Hugin the Bard Bardic Tales of the Mabinogian
The Bold Fenian Men Omnia Crone of War
Battle Hymn Faith and the Muse :Shoumei:
Coloured Ribbons & Tarnished Brass The Cundeez Coloured Ribbons and Tarnished Brass EP
The Battle of New Orleans Coyote Run Pleads the 5th
The Green Fields of France Dropkick Murphys The Warrior’s Code
I Am Warrior Monica Richards InfraWarrior
Maiden, Warrior, Mother, Crone Murphey’s Midnight Rounders Swede Hollow
Sink the Bismark Johnny Horton Battle of New Orleans
Don’t Call My Name In Battle Heather Alexander Songsmith: From Andre Norton’s Wit

Murphy’s Magic Mess 6/2/13

ad bannerOn Sunday the 2nd of June, Murf decided that the show would focus on animals. So, *K8 and Phil joined up with her for a fun show of animal music and stories.

Next Sunday the gang from the Mess will be celebrating *K8’s birthday. She gets to pick most of the music, as has become tradition on the show over the last four years. Looking forward to finding out what she picks out for you all to hear.

*K8 has taken on the task of typing up the music list as it plays in the studio and she posts it to the show’s FaceBook page every week. It is also shared here:

  1. Wytches’ Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Faeries
  2. A Tale of Lonely Otter – Masako – Masako
  3. River Flow – Catherine Marie Charlton – River Flow
  4. Painted Vase – Al Conti – The Blue Rose
  5. Kundalini Rose – Stephen DeRuby – Awakening
  6. Mystery of Life – Lia Scallon – The Luminous Pearl
  7. Owl & Raven – Scott Helland – Earth Bound
  8. Snake Root – Lis Addison – The Song of the Tree
  9. Fur & Feathers – Anne Hill – Circle Round and Sing
  10. Children’s Totem Chant – Spiral Rhythm – Live ’05
  11. Little Fuzzy Animals – Frank Hayes – Never Set the Cat on Fire
  12. Waltzing with Bears – Priscilla Herdman – Starbeams
  13. Them Doggone Cats! – Oscar Brand – I Love Cats
  14. Cat Rap – Oscar Brand – I Love Cats
  15. Dog – Bryan Bowers – By Heart
  16. Like Animals – Monica Richards – InfraWarrior
  17. Mouse and the Moon – Dovie Thomason – Lessons for Animal People
  18. Sheik Shaboom – Heather Bishop – Daydream Me home
  19. We Come from Monkeys – Emerald Rose – Archives of Ages to Come
  20. Hot Frogs on the Loose – Fred Small – Everything Possible: Fred Small in Concert
  21. Cat and the Fiddle – Heather Alexander – Life’s Flame
  22. Least of My Kind – Dale Bacon
  23. House of Mama Dragon – SJ Tucker – Haphazard