Mama Dragon, Tell me a Story

Show notes from Murphy’s Magic Mess, 26 January 2014. Listen every Sunday at 9am Central for two hours of new age and Pagan music from around the world.

Murf, Phil and *K8 had a grand time putting together a selection of music and stories for you this week. It was so fun that they are going to do it again in the very near future! Charles, from the Red Grail, stopped in about half way through the show. You’ll probably be hearing more of him on the show in the near future.

  1. Storyteller – Heather Alexander – Wanderlust
  2. Marble Falls – Cornell Kindernecht & Martin McCall – Dreamtime
  3. Higher Power – Phoenix Rising – Mystic Places
  4. Ameno Amen – Akasa – Portal
  5. Mellow – Ricky Kej – Shanti Orchestra
  6. Othello’s Dream – Andre Feriante – Novella-Ukulele Mosaique
  7. Antlered Crown and Standing Stone – Damh the Bard – (title)
  8. Hunter’s Moon* – Gale Perrigo – Never Again the Burning
  9. Curnunnos – Kate West – Elements of Chant
  10. Kerplunk* – Amy Friedman – Tell Me a Story 2: Animal Magic
  11. Possum’s Last Dance  – Blackmore’s Night – Shadow of the Moon
  12. Ceileidh and the Night – Clan na Gael – Keepers of the Wind
  13. Piper and the Puca* – Ralf Weihrauch Trio & Mick Fitzgerald – (title)
  14. King of the Fairies – Horslips – Dance Hall Sweetheart
  15. Dance of Bride – Jana Runnalls – Return to the Goddess
  16. The Bride of the Forest* – Steven Porsch – Radio Paganistan
  17. Ancient Circle – 2002 – A Word in the Wind Disc 1
  18. Elephant’s Reward* – Amy Friedman – Tell Me a Story 2: Animal Magic
  19. Elephant – Heather Dale – the Green Knight
  20. Elephant Power – Bhagavan Das & MC Yogi – (title)
  21. Ganesh and Karthik, the Golden Mango* – Phil
  22. Ganesh is Fresh – Jai Uttal & MC Yogi – Elephant Power


Musica Pagani Video Bonuses

MPBTRadbannerOn Musica Pagani we bring you music from New Age and Pagan Artists that have graciously given us their permission to podcast their music. But there is so much more music out there than we currently have permissions to air. From time to time, RevKess will bring you a selection of music videos (either slide show, still, or motion picture) that features some of the music out there he doesn’t yet have permission to podcast.

First up on that list is MC Yogi. Taking the stories, myths, and mantras of Hindu spirituality and meshing them with rap music, MC Yogi has brought the ancient to the modern. Here is his rendition of the story of Ganesha, Son of Shiva.

The Goddess Alchemy Project is another group that brings the flavor of rap and hip hop to New Age music. Here is their Science of a New Time off Frequencies of the Motherland. 

There seems to be a trend with this first edition of the MP Video Bonuses – Rap and hip hop…. Next up is the Lost Children of Babylon with “The Venus Project” from their Zeitgeist: The Spirit of the Age release. 

Kellee Maize is an out Pagan rapper. Yes, you read that right. Pagan and a rapper. She has also given us permission to add her music to our podcast play list. While waiting for that to happen, here is a sample of her work.  You can get free downloads of Kellee’s music through her website.

Four looks like a good place to stop for this first Musica Pagani Video Bonuses. MC Yogi, The Goddess Alchemy Project, Lost Children of Babylon and Kellee Maize are just some examples of the R&B, hip hop and rap styles for Pagan and New Age music. Hope you enjoyed.

You can follow what is going on with New Age and Pagan music on MP’s Facebook page and listen to the show on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel live on Sundays at 7pm CT or in archives.