PMP: Enough is enough!

Show notes for Pagan-Musings Podcast, Sunday 12 January 2014:

RevKess and KaliSara call it as they see it in this edition of Pagan-Musings Podcast. Inspired in part by a blog entry on Radical Wind, your hosts stroll down the lane of radical thinking. The hosts did not set out to bash on Witch Wind or even on Z Budapest, but to call them out on the hypocrisy of their words and how those words hurt more than heal. They also covered some of the intersections of discrimination.

The topic focused heavily on the concepts introduced by Witch Wind’s blog article. “All intercourse is rape.” “Men crave power over women.” And other similar concepts. As well as talking about how Z Budapest has said that all men are secretly gay and are a danger to woman as they forcibly have sex with them to hide their gayness. (Unfortunately the article of Budapest’s that states is no longer online, but you can read segments of it in one of KaliSara’s blog posts from February 2012.)

The thrust of the topic addresses “intersectionality”. Wikipedia’s article on intersectionality begins: Intersectionality (or Intersectionalism) is the study of intersections between different disenfranchised groups or groups of minorities; specifically, the study of the interactions of multiple systems of oppression or discrimination.

KaliSara and RevKess would like to say thank you to their friend Arthur for sharing much of the below listed articles as well as many more.

Additional links pertaining to intersectionality


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One thought on “PMP: Enough is enough!

  1. Eilish Niamh says:

    I am new to this podcast and love the points you’ve made here. I went to a transgender day of remembrance in November, and was floored by the amount of discrimination, hate, and murder that goes on in the name of prejudice and normalization. Your perspective on the interconnectedness of discrimination is one that I have witnessed, encountered in what I’ve seen and herd, and know wll too well. I am totally blind, so I have had my share of discrimination due to having a body that is not culturally sanctioned. Others have also sometimes treated me as if I must be asexual because of my disability. People who have a disability, are of a minority race or ethnicity, are transgendered or intersexed, or are of different sexual orientations are all discriminated against, stigmatized, and marginalized because of how they are embodied in the world. Only bodies that are normal, typical, or culturally sanctioned are beyond alienation and hatred. Good on you for calling out those in our community whose radical and destructive messages about men and women, and those in the LGBT community continue to damage not only the people making such claims but those they try to target, as well as any effort to put an end to such senseless and disturbing hatred. I have learned that a problem of discrimination for anyone is the concern of everyone. If, as you mentioned, someone is going to advocate for the rights of men, he or she should fight for the rights of every man. Perhaps people like Z hide behind their wounds as if they were a shield, only serving to cut themselves off from who they are, but that is the saddest alienation I think. I loved KaliSara’s response to WitchWind. Tell it like it is, sister! May we come to recognize every human being we meet as a second self and end any need to malign, oppress, belittle, shame, label, exclude, hate, or discriminate against anyone because they are different than we are, or live in a body that is very unlike our own.

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