1st Harvest on the Mess

12385dragons_historyMurf, *K8 and Phil had a blast bringing you a celebration of the first harvest on Murphy’s Magic Mess. They also had some healin vibes. *K8’s sister recently had surgery and she wanted to send some healing her way. As well as send some healing to all those who may be in need of it.

Murphy’s Magic Mess airs live every Sunday at 9am CT on KZUM in Lincoln, NE. Murf’s been hosting the show for over 19 years, bringing you Pagan and new age music as well as other Pagan content. You can find the Mess on Facebook.

  1. Inkubus Sukkubus – Wytches’  Chant ’98 – Away with the Faeries
  2. Steven Halpern – Deep Theta 2.0 Pt 2 – Deep Theta
  3. Sherry Finzer & Darin Mahoney – Reflection – Transformation
  4. The Pure Heart Ensemble – The Bliss of Healing – The Bliss of Being
  5. Craig Urquhart – My Angel – First Light
  6. Meg Bowles – Beneath the Radiant Stars Pt 1 – The Shimmering Lands (radio edit)
  7. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Ancient Albatross – 600 Years in a Moment (radio edit)
  8. Dan Kennedy – Jade – Intuition
  9. Celtic Woman – Nil Se’n La – Songs from the Heart 
  10. Wendy Rule – Deity – Deity
  11. Beverly Frederick – Lugh Return – Through the Darkness website under construction at time of posting
  12. Triskele – Mabon and Lugh – Myth, Magic and Mystery
  13. Damh the Bard – Lughnasadh Dance – The Cauldron Born 
  14. Omnia – Lughnasadh – Pagan Folk
  15. Emerald Rose – Freya, Shakti – Bending Tradition
  16. Blackmore’s Night – Temple of the King – Dancer and the Moon
  17. Moonstruck – Harvest Song – Moonstruck
  18. Wendy Rule – Elemental Chant – Deity 
  19. Tuatha Dea – Bagabi – Kith & Kin
  20. Steven McDonald – The Harvest – Stone of Destiny
  21. Wendy Rule -Out of the Dry Summer – Deity

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Launched in July 2009, the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel has been growing and evolving to bring the Pagan community unique perspectives and views, interviews, music, and news from you average Pagans to well known Elders.

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