Musica Pagani #8: Music to Relax & Meditate To

With the 8th episode of Musica Pagani (the reboot), RevKess soothed your soul and your senses with a selection of soft vocals and new age instrumentals from nine artists. Each one with a unique style and sound.

Annette Cantor, The Pure Heart Ensemble, and Lia Scallon add their beautiful instruments of voice to a stunning array of instrumentation. Al Conti’s Japanese flare and Fiona Joy Hawkins’ piano moves are sure to relax the mind. Brian Henke’s guitar strumming and the African rhythms of Hennie Bekker’s Temba will help regulate your pulse and breathing,. Me Bowles will add relaxation while Paradiso & Rasamayi’s unique healing sounds blend wonderfully with the spiritual healing of Lia Scallon.


  1. Annette Cantor – Kuan Yin – Songs to the Goddess
  2. The Pure Heart Ensemble – Beginning the Journey – Bliss of Being
  3. The Pure Heart Ensemble – Remember the Goal – Bliss of Being
  4. The Pure Heart Ensemble – Divine Connection – Bliss of Being
  5. Meg Bowles – Venus Rising – The Shimmering Lands
  6. Meg Bowles – The Sweetness of Being – The Shimmering Lands
  7. Al Conti – Blue Sapphire – The Blue Rose
  8. Al Conti – Painted Vase – The Blue Rose
  9. Al Conti – Bamboo Night Garden – The Blue Rose
  10. Fiona Joy Hawkins – The Journey – 600 Years in a Moment
  11. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Gliding – 600 years in a Moment
  12. Fiona Joy Hawkins – Antarctica – 600 Years in a Moment
  13. Hennie Bekker – Mystical Mother – Temba: African Tapestries
  14. Hennie Bekker – Okavango – Temba: African Tapestries
  15. Hennie Bekker – Earthchild – Temba: African Tapestries
  16. Brian Henke – Magic Spell #1, 2, 3 – Seven Magic Spells
  17. Brian Henke – Seven Veils of Salome – Seven Magic Spells
  18. Brian Henke – Magic Spell #4, 5, 6, 7 – Seven Magic Spells
  19. Paradiso & Rasamayi – As Above, So Below – Attuning to Oneness
  20. Paradiso & Rasamayi – Divine Alignment – Attuning to Oneness
  21. Paradiso & Rasamayi – Harmonic Ascension – Attuning to Oneness
  22. Lia Scallon – Mystery of Life – The Luminous Pearl
  23. Lia Scallon – Light of Consciousness – The Luminous Pearl
  24. Lia Scallon – Grace of Gratitude – The Luminous Pearl
  25. Annette Cantor – Spider Woman – Songs to the Goddess

You can read a review of Annette Cantor’s Songs of the Goddess at RevKess’s Reviews. You can also find a review of Paradiso & Rasamayi’s Attuning to Oneness.

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