PMP: Sacrifice & Community Service

KaliSara and RevKess spoke at length on the dual topics of sacrifice and community service in the Pagan world. They were joined by Lady Rhiannon Dragcruin of the Covenant of Kernunnos Tradition, founding High Priestess. Rhiannon is RevKess’s tradition HPS and surrogate mother. She was gracious enough to step in and guest on the show at the last minute.

The topic of sacrifice is one that RevKess and Rhiannon have been discussing at length for about three years. This was an opportunity for Rhiannon to share her thoughts on the topic with a broader audience. This is also the second time that sacrifice has been the theme of a show on PMPChannel. The first being with Faith Hamilton in July 2011 – high time the topic was addressed again.

During the conversation KaliSara and RevKess both spoke about their articles in the forth-coming anthology Pagan Leadership from Immanion Press. Rhiannon spoke about her frequent musings on her own blog. They also mentioned in brief an article by Sable Aradia (Sable has been a guest on PMPChannel).


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