PMP: The Basics of Spellcraft

KaliSara and RevKess scrambled at the last minute to decide on a topic for this edition. Originally, Tuatha Dea was going to be joining them for a conversation about their music and other wonderful things. Unfortunately, a scheduling conflict came up. So, KaliSara suggested visiting the basics of spell work.

As most people, at least when they are starting out, focus on love and money… Prosperity was the topic to launch the discussion with. Later in the show they touched  on love magick.

KaliSara describes her method of spell casting as “the constipated grunt.” RevKess is more or less a ceremonialist. He self described in the show as a 50/50 ceremonialist/”constipated grunter”.

One of the most common forms of spell casting is candle magick. Candle magick is the use of candles when doing magick.  That is a basic definition. The process of candle magick can vary from person to person. Essentially, most practitioners of candle magick will use color correspondences, oils and/or herbs, as well as other objects associated with the intention of the spell being worked. Raymond Buckland has two books on candle magick that the listener might find useful. Practical Candle Burning Rituals and Advanced Candle Magick. These are just two of the many books and resources for candle magick.

spell casting in progress - cat plaqueDuring the show, RevKess used the example of using a green candle for casting a prosperity spell. In the outline for such a spell, he suggests that you choose a green candle as it represents money. (Gold, silver, or white can be used if a green candle is not available. Truly, any color candle will work if it feels right to the spell caster.) One would “dress” or anoint the candle with an appropriate oil and roll it in dried herbs that correspond to the intent of the spell. As this example is a prosperity spell, RevKess suggests olive oil and cinnamon. He also suggested placing a circle of shiny new dimes around the candle. Here is one site which lists herbal correspondences for prosperity and wealth.

Knot magick is another method one can use to bring prosperity into their life. KaliSara talked about a basic knot spell that she has used in the past with some measure of success. Take a string, cord, ribbon, or even a length of your own hair. Tie a knot in one end, this knot represents you. At the other end tie a second knot, this knot represents your desired goal. Loop the cord and tie a knot that brings the previous two knots together. This brings you and the object of your desire together. Burn away the remaining cord as if you were burning away that which keeps you from your goal.

A simple knot spell chant or rhyme that RevKess has known for over 20 years:

By this knot of one
The spell has begun.
By this knot of two
It comes true.
By this knot of three
It must be.
By this knot of four
It’s empowered more.
By this knot of five
The power thrives.
By this knot of six
This spell I fix.
By this knot of seven
‘Tis manna from heaven.
By this knot of eight
It is my fate.
By this knot of nine
My desire is mine.

Herb craft and kitchen witchery are very powerful ways to bring about the manifestation of your desires. Linked above is a site that has some correspondences for herbs useful in prosperity magick. Keeping in mind that not all herbs are edible, kitchen magick or witchery brings the essence of the herbs into your body and as you digest them you incorporate those energies into your being.

Love magick….Well, now. What most people expect when it comes to love magick is that they can cast a spell to bring a specific person into their life for love and sex. KaliSara and RevKess do not condone such magick. Instead, for love magick, they both recommend that any spells cast should be to “bring love into your life.” Sounds cliche, but it is not. One very good way to bring love into your life is to learn to love yourself – all your beauties and all your uglies. It is only when you are comfortable with yourself and love yourself that you can be open and ready to accept the love of another who might be waiting just around the corner or may already be in your life.


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PWN #94

Hello, listeners! Thank you for checking out the show notes for 21 May 2013, the 94th edition of the Pagan Weekly News.

Zaraccon and RevKess would like to thank the listener for tuning in, either live or in archive, and bringing them into your home, office or where ever it is you listen to PWN. Every week they strive to bring you the news from a Pagan perspective as well as talk about current issues in the global Pagan community. Often times you will hear one or both of them get up on their soap box on an issue, which you heard in this edition. You will also find them having fun, after all, if you are not having fun you are doing it wrong!


RevKess and Zaracon would like to take a moment hear to pay respect to those who have lost their lives during the tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma earlier this week. They are our in the hearts, thoughts, and prayers of many people across the United States and around the world. PMPChannel guest and musician, George Nicholas of Cernunnos Rising made a post to the official Facebook feed for Cernunnos Rising letting his fans know that the good people of Oklahoma are indeed in his thoughts and prayers. Faith Hamilton, a regular listener and sometimes guest on PMPChannel, a resident of Kentucky, has been keeping her FB peeps up to date on what is going on in her area as well as in the OKC area. To all the first responders, rescue personnel and everyone else who is working so very hard to make this tragedy easier for those who have suffered a loss of home, loved one, or propery: May the Gods bless you, each and everyone! You are truly heroes!


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