PMP: Old & New, the Year Past & the Year to Come

KaliSara and RevKess did a 2014 review in the first hour of the show followed by a look at 2015. Though you can find a 2014 review just about anywhere in the Pagan blogosphere, as well as in the mainstream, the hosts wanted to take a look at 2014 through the lens of the programming here on PMPChannel. In these notes you will also find links to previous shows in 2014 that pertained to the topics at hand.


  • Kenny Klein: Late in March, the author, musician, and teacher, a strong leader of the Blue Star Tradition, was arrested on multiple accounts of possession of child pornography with intent to distribute. After the rather fleeting mainstream media coverage, many young women (and some no longer so young) came forward to the Pagan press and on social media to share their stories of uncomfortable situations with Klein, up to and including coerced sexual encounters. This lead to his ex-wife and son breaking their silence and visiting with the host of Green Egg’s podcast, currently not in production.
  • PaganPro and other organizations launched throughout the year to help address and combat issues similar to those brought to the fore by Klein and others. The hosts of PMPChannel visited with one of the founding members of PaganPro in December to learn more about this site and similar proactive groups in the Pagan world.
  • Community rally to support: It is clear that the Pagan community can and will rally to support each other and certain projects within the Pagan community. Over the years of this podcast the hosts have spoken with community leaders, artists, musicians, and others involved in various projects that were seeking the support, both financially and spiritually, to make those projects a reality.


  • KaliSara and her husband Stormcrow moved into the new year by cleaning house, eliminating things they didn’t need, weeding out some of the toys their children had, creating more space within their home. Going with the idea of “less is more”.
  • The hosts discussed some off the future topics for the year, including a visit with author and historian Mike Nichols, a panel discussion on Racism in the Pagan community, and more.
  • KaliSara got personal with RevKess and asked him what his plans were for the year. RevKess revealed that he is looking for a better position in his employment and planning to spend more time writing. To that latter end, he will be writing a monthly article for – his articles will appear on the 3rd Thursday of each month starting with January 15.


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