PMP: Shamanic Astrology

RevKess and KaliSara were joined for this episode by Shamanic Astrology Mystery School founder Daniel Giamario and Shamanic Astrology Mystery School co-founder Cayelin Castell. With fifty some years experience with astrology, Daniel brings a unique perspective to astrology – a non-Sun Sign based perspective. Daniel and Cayelin have also written a handbook to go along with their mystery school, The Shamanic Astrology Handbook – Revised for 2014. Through the art work of Roy Purcell, Daniel has developed a 64 card astrology deck, Shamanic Astrology Divination Deck.

Daniel Giamario & Cayelin Castell

RevKess pretty much sat back and listened for the first half of the show.  As some of you may know, astrology goes right over his head. Could be a partial explanation for his pre-mature balding. As happens with most of our guests who are passionate about their topic or field of study, Daniel and Cayelin were wonderful guests. Open the floor to just about anything related to Shamanic Astrology and they just talk and talk. Clearly they are both passionate about this path.


  1. Omnia – Shamaniac – Wolf Love
  2. Telergy – Exoneration – Legend of  Goody Cole
  3. Spiral Dance – Boys of Bedlam – Notes of  Being