PMP: Rev Judith Laxer, Along the Wheel of Time

Rev. Judith Laxer joined KaliSara and RevKess in this week’s edition of Pagan-Musings Podcast to talk about Gaia’s Temple and her new book Along the Wheel of Time: Sacred Stories for Nature Lovers. No stranger to being interviewed or public speaking, Judith also has her own podcast available through iTunes and PodBean. These podcasts are recordings of her monthly worship services she presents at Gaia’s Temple.

Author Bio: Rev. Judith Laxer is a modern day mystic who believes that humor, beauty and the wonders of nature make life worth living. She is the founding Priestess of Gaia’s Temple, an inclusive, Earth-based Ministry where she has written delivered monthly worship services since 2000. Her writing has been featured in Spindleweed Magazine, The Women of Wisdom Anthology, Witches and Pagans Magazine, Living in Season and The Medulla Review. A teacher of the Mysteries, Judith is a keynote speaker and has offered classes and workshops on the return of the Divine Feminine in conferences nationally. She treasures her profession and dedicates her work to restoring the balance of female and male energies in our culture.

Judith left her home in New York in 1989 and found her way to the Pacific Northwest. She’s worked as a stage performer and a psychic. She now has a practice as a professional psychic in Seattle and serves her community as the Priestess at Gaia’s Temple for the last 14 years. Along the way she put pen to paper and wrote eight short stories, one for each point on the Wheel of the Year. In October 2013 she submitted her manuscript to BookTrope and signed her contract for Along the Wheel of the year on Yule 2013. Nine months after her submission the finished project was released. In her visit on PMPChannel she talks in great details about the writing process through to the publishing and marketing of her book.

You can find Judith’s book through her website, on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Even better, go to your local new age/metaphysical shop or bookstore and ask them to order it for you. That is one way to help promote Judith’s book – getting the word to the shop owners.


  1. Annette Cantor – Gaia – Songs to the Goddess
  2. Kellianna – She Is Crone – Elemental
  3. Chronilus – Brigid – Prologue
  4. Wendy Rule – Shine – Deity
  5. Bone Poets Orchestra – Seven Sisters – Ecstasy in the Ruins

Music note: Kellianna will be performing at Gaia’s Temple in November 2014. Judith is friends with one of the ladies of Chronilus.

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