PMP: Pagan Values Event 2013

Since 2009, the Pagan Values Event (under a few names) has been happening every June. Started by Geoffrey Stewart as a social experiment to allow Pagans of various paths to write about what they see as modern Pagan values, this event has taken on a life of its own.

From the 2012 description: “Started as a blog carnival in 2009 and expanded into an open event for bloggers and podcasters in 2010, this event lasts the month of June and provides a bully pulpit for Pagans and Polytheists and many others to speak about our Values. In a world where our many faiths and paths are often held up for ridicule or as straw dogs of evil for Fundamentalists, it would be easy to remain silent; especially as articulating our values and how we act upon them challenges the Fundamentalist’s claim of ownership over all Values and Virtues, and can attract unwanted attention from them

“However, in not articulating these things we also miss out on the friendships and connections that can arise with like-minded folks of many Faiths and Paths. We miss out on the opportunity to speak the Truth of who we are and what we do. We miss the chance to perhaps bring some much needed change and inspiration to a world in need.

“What are the Ethics, the Virtues, and Values that Contemporary Paganism has taught you to cherish, to live, to bring with you in your every interaction with the world? What do you do, inspired by these values? What adventures, or misadventures, has your Paganism and the Values and Virtues and Ethics it has inspired led you too? What and who have you encountered on your spiritual and moral journey as a Pagan? How have you acted upon these Values. What have you done inspired by these Virtues? What wrestling matches have you had when these Ethics encountered the real world?”

RevKess visited with Geoffrey last year about the event and again this year. This year’s conversation was recorded and aired on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel as part of the Saturday June 8th edition. This year David Dashifen Kees of Hail Columbia is acting as coordinator. He has created a Twitter account to help spread around the links from the various participants. You can also follow postings on the Facebook page.


  • Geoffrey’s own blog.
  • Geoffrey mentioned as one of his  memorable postings for the Event over the last five years a blog by Deborah Lipp. You can find that listing here.
  • The Pagan Values Event page on Facebook.
  • Pagan Values open group on Facebook.
  • Zephyrrine writes on Wondering Witchy Eye about the Values of a Witch.
  • Esotericresearch writes on her Book of Shadow and Light page about the Four Powers of the Sphinx.
    • T Thorn Coyle has written a book that addresses these four powers in detail. You can read about the book at her site or even purchase the book  through Amazon and other retailers.


  1. Acoustic Ocean – Under the Starlit Sky – Chimes of the Spirit
  2. Celia – Metta Prayer – For the Asking 
  3. Tuatha Dea – The Landing-Tuatha De Danaan (feat. Spiral Rhythm) – The Tribe

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Launched in July 2009, the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel has been growing and evolving to bring the Pagan community unique perspectives and views, interviews, music, and news from you average Pagans to well known Elders.

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