PWN #93

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Hello to all our listeners! Thank you for checking out the show notes for this 93rd edition of the Pagan Weekly News. Zaracon and RevKess do their best every week to bring you news, views, and interviews from the Global Pagan community.

Call for contributors:


There is a lot of news and information to cover and sometimes your hosts need your help. Today we are asking once again for volunteers from the larger Pagan community to help us cover the news that interests them. Z and  RevKess find lots of stories that interest them every week, sometimes more than they can cover in 2-3 hours, but they want to know what you, the listener, want to hear about. Contributions to the show can be either live or recorded (submit mp3s to us at, they can also be submitted in writing and read over the air by either Zaracon or RevKess. If you don’t want to contribute yourself, but know of something that you think we should be covering, email us or message us on Facebook with your suggestion. We want to hear from you!

On to the show:

If you are a regular listener of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel, then you know that on Tuesday 14 May 2013, RevKess and Zaracon did a Brief edition of PWN. For a change, Z was fully awake and coherent and RevKess was tired and scatter brained. Would be nice if both could be full alert and coherent, but that’s how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Rather than ramble on and be confusing, they decided to do a Briefs. From time to time there will be a Briefs put out, sometimes to fill when the show doesn’t air as it should, and sometimes to bring you up to date on something that is going on that the hosts think is very important.

That being said, PWN #93 is full of information from and about the Pagan community as well as a Pagan perspective on some of the mainstream news coverage you may have already seen, read or heard.



  1. Omnia – Fee Ra Huri – Musick Omnia will be at Faerie Worlds, their US debut.
  2. Wendy Rule – Evolution – The Wolf Sky
  3. Tricky Pixie – Creature of the Wood – Mythcreants
  4. Spiral Dance – Funky Faerie – Notes of Being
  5. Didges Christ Super Drum – Finding Our Way Back OM – Alien Technology 

What we didn’t have time for…

About pmpchannel

Launched in July 2009, the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel has been growing and evolving to bring the Pagan community unique perspectives and views, interviews, music, and news from you average Pagans to well known Elders.

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