PWN #59: Guest Host Deirdre Hebert

Pagan Weekly News #59, live air date 09/10/12, 7pm Central

Deirdre Hebert, host of PaganFM on WSCA-LP Community radio out of Portsmouth, NH, sat in for Zaracon on this week’s edition of the Pagan Weekly News. The theme of the show was especially intriguing to her and made her acceptance of RevKess’s invitation that much easier. What was the theme? “Politicians at War with Liberal America?”

Topics that were addressed during this edition included:

  • The War on Women
  • The War on Terrorism
  • The War on Drugs
  • The War on Religion
  • The Republican National Convention
  • The Democratic National Convention
  • The 2012 Paralympics in London, UK and the British  Druid Order’s involvement.
  • The novels and non-fiction works of Ellen Evert Hopman
  • and many other sub topics and points of interest

Listeners in the chat room brought up some interesting points, including the use of the phrase “war on…” being a misnomer and just adding confusion to the whole idea of handling these various issues in the political arena.


PWN #50: Zaracon is Back

After a nearly three week absence from the PMPChannel, Zaracon has returned. He was absent while spending time with his children. More than understandable there. And we at PMPC are very pleased he got to spend time with his family! <click the PWN banner to hear the show>

For his return to the Pagan Weekly News, Zaracon and RevKess dived right in and discussed many issues and events of note to the Pagan community, even though few of them had direct impact on the Pagan community specifically.  On PWN, Z and RevKess do their best to cover news from the Pagan community as well as talk about news and events covered by mainstream media but from a  Pagan perspective.  Whenever possible, RevKess does these show notes with links to the articles mentioned and further information on the issues athand. And of course, the music play list.

Tonight’s Topics (with Links):

  1. Wild Fires – We started the show off with a discussion of some of the issues related to the Wild Fires in many states across the western U.S. In particular, the conflict between Arizona’s indigenous population and the courts over a fire ban. We continued with a recorded segment from our friend Peter Beckley at That Witchy Place on Magick without forethought as related to the  Wild Fires.
  2. Scranton, PA has opposed a court order and reduced the pay of all city employees to the Federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The city is essential bankrupt. But is that a reason to make police, fire & rescue, and other city employees suffer? Many of these employees may well be unable to provide for their families at this significantly reduced pay rate. Don’t get us wrong, Z and RevKess are far from living high on the hog themselves, but Federal minimum wage has not been raised since 2006 and has less buying power than the minimum wage of 1968.
  3. A Rolling Stone’s article on the sharp and sudden decline of the middle class during this current recession prompted your hosts to go into a conversation about service organizations and how some of them that are religiously operated tend to enforce their religious beliefs onto their clients and exchange for the services offered.
  4. From there they talked about the Pagans with Disabilities or Developmental Differences Anthology being compiled by Immanion Press. They are still taken submissions for this anthology. In fact, they have extended the submission deadline to August 31, 2012. Check out the link or email for further information.
  5. July 9th was the 20th anniversary of the death of Herman Slater. Slater was a writer, publisher, Pagan shop owner, and variously a Pagan rogue, hero, and jokester. RevKess, not having met Slater, does have fond memories of encountering his writings and video productions in the mid ’90s, after Slater’s death. You can read a full bio of Herman Slater on
  6. A question of free speech, artistic license and the separation of church and state was addressed this past school year by the ACLJ. A source for information that we rarely use, but this article caught both Z and RevKess’s attention. An art project in a New York public school hit some controversy when the school administration required one of the contributors to alter her art to removed religious symbols. This after several other students had included apparent non-Christian symbols in their own contributions. Read and decide for yourself.

Pagan Weekly News is usually slated for three hours on BTR. That third hour being for any overflow discussion or major stories that need to be addressed. Z and RevKess usually wrap up around the top of the second hour. Tonight they ran out of time for the deep topic of the Higgs Boson (aka the God Particle). Tune in next week for a discussion of that topic and how it might effect science and religion in the very near future.

And now for the music:

  • Celia – Ground, Center, Shield – For the Asking
  • Cernnunos Rising – Heart Beat of Harvest – Wild Soul
  • Jenna Greene – Dance with Me – Crossroads
  • SJ Tucker – Cheshire Kitten (We’re All Mad Here) – Mischief

PWN #46: Murder, Transgender Hate Mongering, Books

The 46th edition of Pagan Weekly News was rather heated and some what disjointed. For the latter we apologize. Zaracon had to sign off early due to stomach ailments and KaliSara was not prepared for filling in on anything other than the Zsuzsanna Budapest story.

We started out with a follow-up to a story we were a little late in covering the first time. Over a year ago, Peter Lucas Moses was arrested and charged with the deaths of his 28 year old “wife” and her 4 year old son. Wife is in quotes, as the man had four wives and was the self proclaimed leader of the Black Hebrews, a religious group claiming to be the direct descendants of the ancient Israeli tribes. Moses has plead guilty to the killings, accepting a plea for two consecutive life sentences (rather than the death penalty) in exchange for his testimony against his sister, mother, and his three other “wives”. Read the full article here.

We then moved onto the upcoming (Tuesday, 12 June 2012) vote in North Dakota regarding an amendment that would allow religious law (Christian religious law) to trump the laws of North Dakota and by extension the United States. A Christian form of Sharia Law that few are crying out against. We are expecting to do a brief follow-up on the result of that vote in next week’s edition. Read an editorial article from Addicting Information on this amendment.

Our main story was about Zsuzsanna Budapest and her apparent continued attack on the transgender population, not just within the Pagan community, but as a portion of the global community. KaliSara chimed in on this discussion, as she has for our previous coverage about Z Budapest and her apparent hatred towards the trans community. (Hear those episodes here and here and most recently here.) KaliSara brought the current “rants” to our attention over the weekend, referring to two posts on Facebook by Budapest. Please read Budapest’s posts from Thursday and Friday, as well as the comments, for more information.

After the rather heated discussion about Budapest, RevKess felt it would be a good idea to insert the introductory episode or segment from That Witchy Place with Peter Beckley. That Witchy Place is a podcast segment provided to the podcast community by Peter and his wife.  The segments will cover topics of green living, Pagan homesteading, and other environmentally minded issues. Some of the segments may stray from that general theme, but all should be worth listening to. If you would like to hear those segments by themselves or are a podcaster who would like to include them in your own shows, please visit That Witchy Place for more information.

We wrapped up the show with a brief run down of the 27 Essential Books on Paganism from Huffington Post’s Religion section of their online newspaper. We are inviting our listeners to submit to us their own lists of essential books on Paganism and spirituality for a future show. You can list them in comments on this blog, at our Facebook page or email them to us at

Music heard during the show:

  1. 1. Emerald Rose – Fire in the Head – Bending Tradition
  2. . SJ Tucker – Cheshire Kitten – Mischief
  3. . SJ Tucker – Firebird’s Child – Solace and Sorrow
  4. . Cernunnos Rising – Greenman (Last Tree Falling) – Wild Soul
  5. . Damh the Bard – The Land of the Ever Young – The Hills They Are Hollow

PWN #44: RevKess and KaliSara at Heartland

Over Memorial Weekend, RevKess and KaliSara went to Heartland Pagan Festival outside McClouth, KS. For RevKess it was his first visit, for KaliSara it had been 15 years since had gone. On Tuesday, 29 May 2012, they discussed their experiences on PWN. Zaracon joined in on the line about 1.5 hours into the show. Both will be blogging and writing articles about their experiences over the next couple of weeks. Please check back with this posting for links to those articles and blog posts. In the meantime, visit the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel on BTR to hear their talk and listen to some great music.

Play List from PWN #44

  1. Wendy Rule – Deity – Deity
  2. Paradiso – Ancient Waterways – Shaman’s Trance
  3. Blackmore’s Night – Be Mine Tonight
  4. Wendy Rule – Shine
  5. Celia – Connected – For the Asking

Pagan Weekly News #39: Show Notes

The Pagan Weekly News is approaching a full year on the internet air waves. Hard to believe. 13 more episodes and Zaracon and RevKess can celebrate a full year of programming. A full year of bringing the listeners news, views, and interviews from and about the global Pagan community. The 39th edition was no exception to that.

Zaracon and RevKess were joined by fellow PMPC hosts KaliSara and Shauna Aura for a discussion of the latest public out cry by Z. Budapest, this time over the “unauthorized” use of her “We All Come From the Goddess.”

Listen to the show to get more details, or visit the Wild Hunt and read what Jason Pitzl-Waters wrote regarding the story.

They also talked about the untimely passing of Katrina Kessler, Earth Day, the Pope’s war on women in the United States, and the fifth anniversary of the Pentacle being approved for Veterans’ tombstones.

Check out the whole show and listen to the archives for all of Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel.

Music play list:

  • Lady Rhiannon – Ink Bah Tah, Horned Lover, 7-Fold God Chant – Covenant of Cernunnos Chants
  • Frank Ralls & Bill Wren – Beyond the Misty Veil – Journey Around the Sun: A Mayan Odyssey
  • Damh the Bard – Raggle Taggle Gypsies – Herne’s apprentice
  • Celia – Symbol Song – Red, Alabaster and Blue
  • Shauna Carol – Sacred Pleasure – Goddess Chant

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