MP: Mabon 2012, a celebration in music & song

On Friday, 21 September 2012, RevKess hosted an episode of Musica Pagani dedicated to music and songs about Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox and the season of Fall. The original scheduled date was Thursday the 20th. Minor conflicts came up and he mistakenly confused his dates. Thanks to a regular listener and fan of programming on Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel, he was reminded and made arrangements to produce the show on Friday the 21st.

Click on image to get the audio feed for the show.

Along with the music and songs, RevKess shared some mythology, folk lore and correspondences of the season. The play list is below followed by links to some of the information shared during the show.

  1. Please Bless This Space – Celia – Carry Me Home
  2. Come to the Dance – Emerald Rose – That Night in the Garden
  3. Fae Dance – Spiral Dance – Through a Sylvan Doorway
  4. The Coming and Going – Cernunnos Rising – Wild Soul
  5. Cloak of FeathersDamh the Bard – Herne’s Apprentice
  6. Dancing the Dragon – Dragon Ritual Drummers – Passage
  7. In Days  Gone By РElaine Silver РFaerie Goddess
  8. Interlude at Sunset – Bone Poets Orchestra – Belladonna Smiles
  9. Persephone – Kellianna – Lady Moon
  10. Open My Senses – Wendy Rule – Deity
  11. Winds of Change – Damh the Bard – Herne’s Apprentice
  12. Marooned on Venus – Spiral Dance – Magick (Had intended to play Shadow Wood, error in music upload.)
  13. Spring Maiden – Al Conti – Northern Sea
  14. Spring Rain – Hennie Bekker – Spectrum
  15. Spring Love – Jenna Greene – Crossroads
  16. Dead Gerbil Jam – Kenny Klein – Fairy Queen
  17. Anti-Gerbil Song – Dale Bacon (single, not released for mass market)
  18. Last Night I Dreamed of Dead People – Lon Milo Duquette – I’m Baba Lon
  19. Stardust + Energy = Me – Didges Christ Super Drum (single, available as video on YouTube)
  20. Heartbeat of the Earth – Heartbeat – Bloodmoon


RevKess would like to thank everyone for listening to Musica Pagani and invites you to listen to any and all programming available on the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. Questions, comments, suggestions and more can be sent to RevKess via the PMPC email or in comments on this post. Like Musica Pagani on FaceBook for sneak peaks at up coming episodes, information on artists, song lyrics and videos.

Murphy’s Magic Mess – Phil’s B-day Show 9/16/12

Wytch’s Chant ’98 – Inkubus Sukkubus – Away with the Faeries
Nocturne – Marc Enfroy – Dreams of the Forest
Speaker/Listenter – Lisa Downing – A Delicate Balance
Morgan le Fay – Celeste Alayne – Prtrait of the Goddess
Moon Dancing – Heidi Breyer – Beyond the Turning
Deep Alpha #8 – Steven Halpern – Deep Alpha
Charlie Kean – The Cundeez – Charlie Kean (single release)
Rhiannon of the Birds – Hugin the Bard – Bardic Tales of the Mabinogian
The Dagda’s Club – Isaac Boneiwts & Real MAgic – Avalon is Rising
Come to the Labyrinth – SJ Tucker – Blessings
Pagan Ways – Damh the Bard – The Cauldron Born
Cycle of the Seaons – Kiva – Finding the Balance Within
In the Belly of the Mother – Music for the Goddess – Goddess Mandala
The Queen of Argyll – Silly Wizard – Kiss the Tears Away
Duncarron – Saor Patrol – Duncarron
Children’s Totem Chant – Spiral Rhythm – Roll of Thunder
Maria’s Not a Catholic Anymore – Kenny Klein – Fairy Queen
What Shall We Do With A Catnipped Kitty – Marc Gunn – Whisker in the Jar
My Karma Broke Down – Three Weird Sisters – Hair of the Frog
Freya, Shakti – Emerald Rose – Bending Tradition
Rock and Roll Alchemy – Haze – Haze
Belladonna and Achonite – Inkubus Sukkubus – Belladonna and Achonite
Le Sorcerie – Gypsy Nomads – Eternal Summer
Divine – Kellee Maize – Integration
Avalon – Sully Erna – Avalon

RevKess Guests on PaganFM!

Phil, aka RevKess, guested on PaganFM!, one of the only Pagan themed radio programs out there. The show aired live on Thursday, 22 March 2012. PaganFM! is hosted by Deirdre Hebert and Jasper Salach on WSCA out of Portsmouth, NH. All threehad a blast on the show. Jasper was not feeling the best, so he was not very talkative. Dee and Phil discussed Pagan communities, taking care of the elders in our communities and a brief look at the history of Pagan broadcasting. Listen to the episode here and check out PaganFM!

Dee is also the author of The Pagan in Recovery: The Twelve Steps From a Pagan Perspective. She will be joining KaliSara and RevKess on Pagan-Musings Podcast this Saturday at 7pm Central. They will be discussing, along with her book, Addiction, Obsession and Possession and a lot of what those words mean in the context of Paganism. Please join them live or in archives.